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Hostel Delft

Hostel Delft is there for everyone. From families to backpackers and groups. The hostel is not only advantageous but also comfortable and cozy.

A home away from home they say here. Hostel Delft is located in the heart of the city. Fun for families, backpackers, students and groups! Economical, clean and comfortable. With 4 sunny roof terraces, surprising rooms and cosy lounge with kitchen. You will find the cosy and small-scale hostel in a historic canal house just behind the Markt. In the middle of beautiful Delft!

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Hostel Delft
Voldersgracht 17
2611EV Delft
0616496621 0616496621
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Opening hours
Monday   16:00–19:00
Tuesday   16:00–19:00
Wednesday   16:00–19:00
Thursday   16:00–19:00
Friday   16:00–19:00
Saturday   16:00–19:00
Sunday   16:00–19:00
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