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Klein Parijs in Haarlem

Besides lunch you can also go to Klein Paris for homemade cakes, beautiful brocante and enjoy French music.

On the window you can see the words: sandwiches, coffee & cake, lunch, delicacies, high tea and brocante. Nothing was said too much about that either. In Klein Paris you can enjoy a cup of coffee with a delicious snack, a brie sandwich but also the special interior. Because there's plenty to discover. You'll see ceramics and suitcases lying around and walls lined with plates by artists like Edith Piaf and Charles Aznavour. The nice thing is that you can buy a lot of these items and take them home.

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Klein Parijs in Haarlem
Kleine Houtstraat 18
2011DM Haarlem
0235769270 0235769270
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