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Broodje Bewust

Broodje Bewust Bewarden has an atmospheric interior, a cozy small terrace and the most delicious sandwiches, fruit juices, biscuits and whole loaves.

Honest, pure, local and delicious are the key words of Broodje Bewust. Here you can as the name suggests, go for a delicious sandwich. All sandwiches are carefully composed and topped with natural products. Furthermore, in the store you will find tasty fruit juices, whole loaves, cakes and much more. The owners work with local suppliers and strive to incorporate sustainability throughout the company. For an honest and delicious lunch you are definitely good here.

Eat & drink - Lunch , Snack & inbetween

Broodje Bewust
Groentemarkt 1-3
8911JB Leeuwarden
0582030020 0582030020
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