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Imagine: you are on a city trip in a city where you have never been before, but still you exactly know where you need to go. You stare in wonder at a beautiful historic courtyard, head into a small alleyway because you know that there is a unique shop located and end your day with dinner in the best kept secret of the city center. This is what you experience with LeukeTip! Together with locals we collect the best places for both large and medium-sized Dutch cities. We also make sure discovering these places is easy. This way you won't miss out on the most memorable experience and get the most out of your city trip.

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With LeukeTip we want to show as many people as possible the best places in Dutch cities. We focus on showing you the way to authentic places where enthusiastic entrepreneurs make you feel welcome. Places that give cities their true character! By listing these places, we want to make sure they stand out and are able to inspire you. We make our selection based on a number of criteria.

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Our success stands or falls with the help of locals, local entrepreneurs and enthusiastic discoverers. So let us know if you feel inspired by our mission and want to join LeukeTip.

Will we hear from you soon? Together with you we like to think about a mutually strengthening cooperation. The well-visited LeukeTip website and city guides offer many options to also share your message.

Do you have ideas or questions about a collaboration? Then do not hesitate to contact us.

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To experience the best of Rotterdam.

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To visit the special museums in Amsterdam.

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With this guide you discover places for a special drink in Haarlem.


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