Everything about property rights and copyright on LeukTip. Read more about copyright of the photos, the use of photos on the LeukTip website and the reporting of copyright infringement.

Property rights of LeukTip

All (intellectual) property rights with regard to LeukTip and the LeukTip logo, including in any case the brand rights, are exclusively vested in De Graaf Software Engineering.

Format and content of LeukTip

The (copyright) rights with regard to the format of the website, the city guides and the content (including photos, texts) made by the editors of LeukTip rest exclusively with De Graaf Software Engineering. The content of the website is only available for personal use. In addition, sharing the content of the website and city guides via social media is permitted.

Copyright of photos

The photos on LeukTip are either made by the LeukTip editors themselves or from the internet. For photos whose copyright is known, a © copyright symbol is shown in the lower right corner of the photo. Clicking on this will open a popup with the relevant copyright information.

Use of LeukeTip photos

Entrepreneurs can freely use the visual material made on location by the editors of LeukTip for the promotion of their company on their own website and via social media. The material may be adapted and used to your own wishes, provided that the image of LeukTip is not harmed. For other uses, the editorial staff of LeukTip must first be contacted via

Photos from internet

In addition to your own photos, the editors of LeukTip also use photos from the internet. As much attention as possible is paid to the fact that the photos may be used for commercial applications. For photos of places on LeukTip use is made of the websites and social media pages of the relevant companies. Permission is requested for the use of the photos in question. The editors will remove photos as quickly as possible if the entitled owner indicates that the use of certain photos to promote the company on LeukTip is undesirable or not permitted.

Use of map

The maps on LeukTip are made with © MapBox and © Openstreetmap. See for more information about the use of the map material.

Copyright infringement

The rightful owner can let us know via that (a part of) a page has been used unlawfully or infringes the rights of third parties. The editors of LeukTip will process the relevant complaint as quickly as possible and if necessary remove the relevant part of the website.


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