Photo BLOEM in Den Haag, Eat & drink, Coffee, tea & cakes - #1
Photo BLOEM in Den Haag, Eat & drink, Coffee, tea & cakes - #2


FLOWER likes to put the customer at ease. And it works! Thanks to the homely atmosphere and tasteful delights you will quickly feel at home.

At WLOOL it feels like you're stepping into your grandmother's house and you immediately experience a feeling of coming home. The vintage furniture, cute flower paintings and the delicious food make FLOWER a place you shouldn't miss. Don't miss the Italian coffee, delicious tea and high tea with delicious tartlets. Aren't you such a sweet tooth? Then you can choose a tasty club sandwich or homemade quiche.

Eat & drink - Coffee, tea & cakes

Korte Houtstraat 6
2511CD Den Haag
0707370589 0707370589
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Opening hours
Monday   Closed
Tuesday   11:00–16:00
Wednesday   11:00–18:00
Thursday   11:00–18:00
Friday   11:00–18:00
Saturday   11:00–18:00
Sunday   11:00–18:00
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