The 116 best places to visit during a city trip in Den Haag

Visit the compact city centre of this political heart of the Netherlands. The Hague is a cultural treasury full of history and impressive art. Also impressive are monuments such as the Binnenhof and the many palaces that the city is rich. In addition to looking around, you can also enjoy delicious drinks and culinary delights in the center of The Hague. For a day of shopping you are also good. In the beautiful streets you will find everything from trendy fashion boutique to surprising concept store.

blank Photo Bleyenburg in Den Haag, Eat & drink, Coffee, Lunch, Drink


Discover an amazing rooftop bar (first of The Hague), an intimate club in the basement and the feel good restaurant of Bleyenberg: De Kantine.

blank Photo Mauritshuis in Den Haag, View, Museums & galleries


The Mauritshuis and the Prins Willem V Gallery are pearls in The Hague. See world-famous works by masters such as Vermeer, Rembrandt and Jan Steen.

blank Photo Muziekcafé de Paap in Den Haag, View, Drink, Events

Muziekcafé de Paap

Take your feet off the floor during a live performance in Muziekcafé de Paap. Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday artists perform live!

blank Photo B&B Valkenbos in Den Haag, Sleep, Spending the night

B&B Valkenbos

Nice place something from the center. All rooms have access to a nice roof terrace with nice views of the city. Rental bicycles available.

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The best spots for a perfect coffee and cake

blank Photo Gemeentemuseum Den Haag in Den Haag, View, Museums & galleries

Gemeentemuseum Den Haag

For a unique, artistic experience, visit the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag where beautiful works by the greatest artists in the world hang.

blank Photo Stanley & Livingstone in Den Haag, Shopping, Gifts & presents, Hobby & leisure

Stanley & Livingstone

When you enter Stanley & Livingstone you will feel the travel jitters through all the inspiring books and beautiful globes that are there.

blank Photo De Twee Heeren in Den Haag, Eat & drink, Drink, Dining

De Twee Heeren

In the always cozy Oude Molstraat you enter De Twee Heeren and enjoy tasty drinks and delicious, tasty dishes.

blank Photo Michael Barnaart van Bergen Boutique in Den Haag, Shopping, Fashion & clothing

Michael Barnaart van Bergen Boutique

Step into the domain of designer Michael Barnaart van Bergen. His creations are worn both on the street and exhibited in various museums.

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Nice B&B's in the city center of Den Haag

blank Photo Bar en Zo in Den Haag, Eat & drink, Buy home accessories, Drink coffee tea

Bar en Zo

For hip plants, nice gifts, a nice piece of banana cake and a nice chat with Barro and Zoë you are at the right place at Bar en Zo.

blank Photo Bij Lotje in Den Haag, Eat & drink, Coffee, tea & cakes, Snack & inbetween

Bij Lotje

On a warm summer day, BijBij Lotje is the place to enjoy delicious artisan ice cream. Or choose tasty coffees, cakes, sweets or waffles.

blank Photo Little V in Den Haag, Eat & drink, Lunch, Dining

Little V

Iguess yourself at Little V in Vietnam and enjoy the delicious Asian scents and flavors. From street snacks to salads and one-pan dishes.

blank Photo Haagse Harry in Den Haag, View, Sights & landmarks

Haagse Harry

Haagse Harry, a cartoon character drawn by Marnix Rueb, can be found as a statue in the middle of The Hague.

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10 places in The Hague you must have seen

blank Photo Frites Atelier in Den Haag, Eat & drink, Enjoy delicious

Frites Atelier

Step into the chic Frites Atelier and order at the beautiful counter a delicious French fries with one of the five sauces conceived by Sergio Herman.

blank Photo Zusjes Vintage Boetiek in Den Haag, Shopping, Fun shopping

Zusjes Vintage Boetiek

Everything they sell here is hand-picked in this ladies vintage business. Stroll around between special clothes, accessories and more.

blank Photo Hoftrammm in Den Haag, Eat & drink, Enjoy lovely diner


For a unique experience, step on the Hoftrammm and enjoy the best views and delicious culinary dishes while driving through The Hague.

blank Photo Restaurant Milú in Den Haag, Eat & drink, Lunch, Drink, Diner

Restaurant Milú

Tasting and enjoying is central to the robustly decorated Restaurant Milú. You'll enjoy delicious international dishes and tasty drinks here

blank Photo Haagse Bos in Den Haag, View, Sightseeing, Walk around

Haagse Bos

Take a leisurely stroll through the historic Haagse Bos and see Paleis Huis ten Bosch where Princess Beatrix lived for a long time.

blank Photo MaMa Kelly in Den Haag, Eat & drink, Lunch, Dining

MaMa Kelly

No complicated menu but just delicious food prepared on the two meter long charcoal grill and served in an old, industrial boiler house.

blank Photo Achtung Baby in Den Haag, Shopping, Fun shopping, Buy home accessories

Achtung Baby

At Achtung Baby you score beautiful second-hand children's clothing from the most beautiful brands but also vintage toys and children's furniture.

blank Photo Haags Historisch Museum in Den Haag, View, Museums & galleries

Haags Historisch Museum

In Haags Historisch Museum you will experience how the city of The Hague has developed, see beautiful cityscapes and special objects.

blank Photo Wauw in Den Haag, Shopping, Fashion, Gift, Lifestyle


Wauw is a gathering place for all original, unique products that have a lifetime behind them. And the perfect place for a unique gift.

blank Photo Berry Rutjes in Den Haag, Shopping, Fashion & clothing

Berry Rutjes

During a day in The Hague, a visit to Berry Rutjes cannot be missed. Here you will find beautiful hats in all shapes and colors.

blank Photo Binnenhof in Den Haag, View, Sightseeing, Experience


During a day in The Hague, visiting the Binnenhof is definitely part of it. For a nice view, take a look at the Hofvijver.

blank Photo Escher in Het Paleis in Den Haag, View, Museums & galleries

Escher in Het Paleis

Escher in the Palace marvels young and old with all kinds of special, insanely beautiful works of art that amaze you.

blank Photo Gamestate in Den Haag, Activity, Experience


Step inside, upload your playing card and start gaming! Over 60 arcade games await your top score. From VR to Pac-Man and air hockey.

blank Photo Koffiebranderij BOON in Den Haag, Shopping, Delicacies & specialties, Coffee, tea & cakes

Koffiebranderij BOON

Taste, smell and enjoy the delicious coffee roasted at Coffee Roast Boon. The aromas and character come into its own here!

blank Photo Uptown in Den Haag, Shopping, Fun shopping


For a new, fashionable outfit, Uptown is the right place. The assortment consists of nice sweaters, pants and shoes for the man.

blank Photo Hotel 't Goude Hooft in Den Haag, Sleep, Hotels & accommodations

Hotel 't Goude Hooft

In this fine hotel you can not only stay overnight in luxurious suites, but also enjoy dinner in the restaurant and relax in the lovely garden.

blank Photo The Penthouse in Den Haag, Eat & drink, Lunch, Drink, Diner

The Penthouse

Enjoy a breathtaking view of The Hague in height and taste the delicious flavours of lunch or dinner with international influences.

blank Photo Vredespaleis in Den Haag, View, Sights & landmarks


The beautiful Vredespaleis is the beating heart of The Hague as a city of peace and justice. Events are organised regularly.

blank Photo Literatuurmuseum in Den Haag, View, Museums & galleries


Do you want to get to know the greatest Dutch literary heroes? The Literatuurmuseum is a treasure trove full of important writers documents.

blank Photo Museon in Den Haag, View, Museums & galleries, Activities


Feel like a scientist at the Museon, discover sizzling exhibitions, touch everything with your hands and don't sit still!

blank Photo bijClarence in Den Haag, Eat & drink, Coffee, tea & cakes, Lunch


In a casual atmosphere everyone knows how to feel at home at Calerance thanks to the warm atmosphere, the good coffee, delicious sandwiches and pastries.

blank Photo Paleis Huis ten Bosch in Den Haag, View, Sights & landmarks

Paleis Huis ten Bosch

During a walk through the Haagse Bos, see the Paleis Huis ten Bosch where King Willem-Alexander and his family will eventually live.

blank Photo Boutique Hotel Corona in Den Haag, Sleep, Hotels & accommodations

Boutique Hotel Corona

The 72 modern rooms of this boutique hotel and restaurant can be found in three 17th-century buildings in a perfect location at the Buitenhof.

blank Photo Cedante Antiek & Brocante in Den Haag, Shopping, Buy home accessories

Cedante Antiek & Brocante

Can your living room or nursery use a boost? At Cedante you score the most beautiful, sometimes antique furniture in a tough, country style.

blank Photo Fotomuseum Den Haag in Den Haag, View, Visit museum

Fotomuseum Den Haag

In the Fotomuseum Den Haag, let yourself be surprised by insanely beautiful photo art that comes from all kinds of disciplines, periods and genres.

blank Photo Museum de Gevangenpoort in Den Haag, View, Museums & galleries

Museum de Gevangenpoort

Discover what the cells used to look like and what criminals went through at the Museum de Gevangenpoort, located on the beautiful Hofvijver.

blank Photo Happy Tosti in Den Haag, Eat & drink, Lunch

Happy Tosti

Visit this unique spot and enjoy an original, delightful sandwich made and served by people with disabilities.

blank Photo Grote Kerk Den Haag in Den Haag, View, Sights & landmarks

Grote Kerk Den Haag

In the centre of The Hague you can see the beautiful Grote Kerk. Where it used to serve as a church, today events are organized.

blank Photo WNKL in Den Haag, Shopping, Gifts & presents


Are you looking for an original gift? Or do you just want to buy yourself something fun? Then stop by this trendy shop in the Zeeheldenkwartier.

blank Photo Boutique Hotel La Paulowna in Den Haag, Sleep, Sleep

Boutique Hotel La Paulowna

In the Mesdagkwartier in The Hague, this hotel offers 5 beautiful suites and relax with a cup of coffee overlooking the garden and the city.

blank Photo Museum Meermanno in Den Haag, View, Museums & galleries

Museum Meermanno

Explore Museum Meermanno and see the impressive collection of books by Baron Van Westreenen van Tiellandt and Johan Meerman.

blank Photo Minglemush in Den Haag, Eat & drink, Lunch, Snack, Drink


This food hall with 15 food stands can be found next to the train station. Taste some of the world's food, have a drink and go for a game in the arcade hall.

blank Photo Chinatown in Den Haag, View, Walk around


Discover the scents, flavors and colours of Asian cultures in Chinatown. You will find plenty of nice eateries, restaurants and tokos.

blank Photo Paleis Noordeinde in Den Haag, View, Sightseeing

Paleis Noordeinde

See the impressive Paleis Noordeinde, which is the centre of The Hague and serves as the work palace of King Willem-Alexander.

blank Photo Cross & Woods in Den Haag, Shopping, Buy hobby stuff

Cross & Woods

The craft freak can make his move at Cross & Woods. Here you will find everything you need to make your own creation a beautiful work of art.

blank Photo Vinyl Grove in Den Haag, Shopping, Buy gifts, Buy hobby stuff

Vinyl Grove

Step into Vinyl Grove, give your eyes a living and listen to different genres in the store while enjoying a cup of coffee.

blank Photo Betjeman & Barton in Den Haag, Shopping, Gift, Lifestyle, Delicacy

Betjeman & Barton

Betjeman & Barton is a true walhalla for tea lovers. With no less than 180 types of tea and tasty sweets you will always find something delicious.

blank Photo Oude Stadhuis in Den Haag, View, Sightseeing

Oude Stadhuis

The striking, beautiful Oude Stadhuis is built in Renaissance style. Because houses used to be built close to each other, there is no square to see.

blank Photo Pistache Café in Den Haag, Eat & drink, Enjoy delicious lunch

Pistache Café

Make yourself comfortable, admire the interior and enjoy delicious food and drinks in a casual atmosphere at the Pistache Café.

blank Photo Wicked Wines in Den Haag, Eat & drink, Drink, Dining

Wicked Wines

The surprising French/Asian cuisine and carefully selected wines at Wicked Wines will introduce you to new flavors and fragrances.

blank Photo Namasté Café in Den Haag, Eat & drink, Coffee, tea & cakes, Lunch

Namasté Café

Escape the chaos of everyday life and enjoy the tranquillity, spirituality and the delicious food and drink served in the Namasté Café.

blank Photo Café Blossom in Den Haag, Eat & drink, Lunch

Café Blossom

Enjoy all kinds of goodies in this blooming, cheerful place! From delicious drinks to good breakfast and lunch dishes and freshly baked cakes.

blank Photo Panorama Mesdag in Den Haag, View, Sights & landmarks

Panorama Mesdag

Discover new details in the cylindrical painting of 14 meters high and a circumference of 120 meters made by Hendrik Willem Mesdag.

blank Photo OH DEAR in Den Haag, Shopping, Fashion & clothing, Gifts & presents


At OH DEAR, you will score brilliant jewellery from four creative goldsmiths that work closely together and create inspiring products.

blank Photo Nieuwe Kerk in Den Haag, View, Sights & landmarks

Nieuwe Kerk

This beautiful National Monument belongs to one of the oldest buildings in The Hague and enjoys a beautiful location in the city centre.

blank Photo De Sushimeisjes in Den Haag, Eat & drink, Enjoy lovely diner

De Sushimeisjes

Like De Sushimeisjes, do you love freshly rolled sushi? Then this case is par excellence the place to fill your stomach with Japanese delicacies.

blank Photo IJssalon Luciano in Den Haag, Eat & drink, Enjoy delicious

IJssalon Luciano

Cool down and choose from one of the delicious flavors at IJssalon Luciano our. Even the special interior is a feast for the eye.

blank Photo Vavoom Tiki Room in Den Haag, Eat & drink, Drink

Vavoom Tiki Room

The cocktail lover can indulge in Vavoom Tiki Room. The bar is completely tiki style with great decor and delicious drinks

blank Photo The Fine Store in Den Haag, Shopping, Buy gifts, Buy home accessories

The Fine Store

Do you want to boost your house? Then take a look at The Fine Store. Here you will find the most beautiful interior and lifestyle products.

blank Photo Kali Tengah in Den Haag, Shopping, Buy gifts, Buy delicacies

Kali Tengah

In this specialty store they also have delicious tea and coffee as well as chocolate, crockery, teapots, coffee tools, accessories and gift packages.

blank Photo Lekker Brood in Den Haag, Shopping, Delicacies & specialties, Snack & inbetween

Lekker Brood

For delicious sandwiches made with honest, organic products, Lekker Brood is good. It is the first green bakery in The Hague.

blank Photo Museum Bredius in Den Haag, View, Museums & galleries

Museum Bredius

Discover the beautiful private collection of Abraham Bredius in this 18th century mansion. You can see art by Rembrandt van Rijn and Jan Steen.

blank Photo Plein in Den Haag, View, Neighborhood, square, park


The Plein is the centre for events and demonstrations. You will see important buildings and the well-known statue of William of Orange.

blank Photo Hop & Stork in Den Haag, Shopping, Gift, Delicacy, Coffee

Hop & Stork

Step into the sweet sky, watch the truffles and chocolate bars made by hand and taste all the delightful delicacies.

blank Photo Hotel Pistache in Den Haag, Sleep, Sleep

Hotel Pistache

Small hotel in the centre of The Hague with communal lobby and 9 stylishly decorated boutique suites, suitable for 2 to 6 people.

blank Photo Cheesecake Company in Den Haag, Eat & drink, Coffee, tea & cakes

Cheesecake Company

At the Cheesecake Company you end up in a cake heaven. There are so many delicious flavours and combinations that choosing is going to be very difficult!

blank Photo Restaurant Hagedis in Den Haag, Eat & drink, Dining

Restaurant Hagedis

Visit Restaurant Hagedis, located in a beautiful listed building, for delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes.


Marriott Hotel

Conveniently located between the well-known beach of Scheveningen and the city centre of The Hague. Higher rooms and suites have spectacular views.

Lola bikes & coffee

A unique combination of good coffee and bicycles displayed as works of art. At Lola you will experience a sense of pleasure, passion and sincerity.


Staybridge Suites

Perfect base for visiting all the popular sights in The Hague. Fitness centre is open all day. Breakfast included.

Babylon Hotel Den Haag

This eye-catcher overlooking the Haagsche Bos park is located next to the NS station. In addition to elegant rooms, homelike restaurant and stylish bar.

Mini-hotel Floris IV

Choice of beautifully furnished double room or apartment in a perfect location close to the center. B&B with shared lounge.


The hotspot for parents and young children. While you have lunch, they experience adventures in tree houses and tap their own lemonade.


Café de Oude Mol

In the always atmospheric Oude Molstraat you will find the café of the same name where you can have a cosy and cosy drink and enjoy tasty tapas dishes.


Hotel Stadsvilla Mozaic

Set in two monumental buildings you will find this modern, luxurious hotel where each room has a different layout and offers free fresh coffee.

IJssalon Florencia

What could be better than artisanal ice cream or a delicious ice cream sundae? At IJssalon Florencia they make the delicious flavors in their own ice cream factory.


The Hague Teleport Hotel

The 55 modern studios and 3 large maisonettes on the top floor offer stunning views of the city. Fitness is open all day.

Hotel Residenz Stadslogement

Set in a restored house from 1896, this hotel has the feel of a cosy B&B with luxuriously furnished apartments and suites.


The stylish woman who loves luxury will feel right at home at DonnaTienda. The collection is exclusive and contains beautiful items.


Marius Jouw Wijnvriend

The wine lover can indulge his heart and become friends with Marius Jouw Wijnvriend. You come here for good advice and the best range of wines.


Hotel Des Indes

Famous luxury 5-star hotel on the fancy Lange Voorhout with exclusive Health Club and swimming pool. Elegant rooms with seating area and comfortable bed.

The Student Hotel Den Haag

The decor is modern and the fresh colours make you happy. In addition to a restaurant, the hotel also has an on-site fitness and games room.


De Pakkenfabriek helps the Dutch man to find an elegant, trendy outfit of high quality and affordable price.


Collectiv. by Swan

Give your eyes a living in this unique concept store where you will find interior and lifestyle products from creative entrepreneurs and drink delicious coffee.


We Are Labels

We Are Labels The Hague sells women and men's clothing. Innovative collections they sell are not only fashionable, but also affordable!


Paleis Hotel Den Haag

Conveniently located luxury boutique hotel with first-class comfortable rooms. The elegant 17th-century building exudes a classic grandeur.

Novotel Suites Den Haag City

Strikingly designed hotel with spacious suites, fitness and bar. The main train station and city centre are easily accessible. Free massages on Wednesday evening.

Court Garden Hotel

Sustainability is paramount at this modern 3-star eco-designed hotel with daily 100% organic breakfast and fair trade products.

Haringkraam Buitenhof

For the very best squabbling and delicious Dutch new ones you are at the right place at this herring stand. But watch out for the seagulls!


HanTing Cuisine

Chef Han uses French-Oriental cuisine and serves refined dishes and fine wines. And he's in possession of a Michelin star!


Mercure Hotel Den Haag Central

Stay in this hotel with modern restaurant, informal bar and sunny terrace close to the city centre and the main train station. Lovely quiet rooms.

Van Kleef

Van Kleef breathes the atmosphere of a 19th century gin and liqueurs house. The quality, craftsmanship and history make The Hague Levenswater special and unique.


Paleis Hotel

Park Hotel is a luxury boutique hotel offering top quality rooms in a royal setting in a 17th century building with beautiful classic interiors.

Hotel Ibis Styles Den Haag City Centre

The special architecture of this hotel with lounge bar comes from H.P. Berlage. The interior and the rooms are stylishly decorated in a modern style.

Restaurant La Liguria

Enjoy authentic Italy at Restaurant La Liguria with delicious lunch and dinner dishes, fine wines and Italian hospitality.


Best Western Hotel Den Haag

This hotel in the embassy district has a small bar and cosy terrace. The rooms have unique themed décor. Daily buffet breakfast in the lounge.

Mövenpick Hotel The Hague

Stay in the heart of The Hague at this hotel that is fully equipped, including an on-site restaurant, coffee and wine lounge and gym.

Lifestyle Hotel Carlton Ambassador

A warm welcome, the elegant restaurant, the lounge with fireplace and a bathrobe with slippers in the room, all this gives you a luxurious feeling.

Parkhotel Den Haag

At the gardens of Paleis Noordeinde you will find this 4-star hotel with tastefully furnished rooms in a beautiful Art Deco atmosphere in an oasis of tranquility.

Holiday Inn Express

Stay at this modern hotel in the heart of The Hague on the corner of the Binnenhof and explore the city centre. Rooms with nice views.


BLOEM UR likes to put the customer at ease. And you can do it! Thanks to the homely atmosphere and tasteful delicacies, you will quickly feel at home.


Hotel Indigo

This 4-star boutique hotel is housed in a former bank building with unique decor elements. Design rooms with spa inspired bathroom.

Hilton The Hague

Hotel in embassy district of The Hague just a stone's throw from the interior with spacious suites, restaurant, bar, live music and terrace by the water.

The Penthouse Hotel

Are you looking for the best view of the city? Then this is the place. Above the apartments you will also find the highest restaurant in the city.

Bierspeciaalcafé Hoppzak

Are you a fan of specialty beer or whisky? Then Hoppzak is the perfect place for you. They have a lot of beers and 80 kinds of whiskies.


NH Den Haag

Located on the east side of the city centre, this hotel features elegant rooms, an on-site fitness centre and restaurant serving international cuisine.

Noordeinde City Apartments

The 2 beautiful fully self-sufficient apartments are located in a monumental building close to the Binnenhof and other attractions.

NS Station Den Haag Centraal

This train station is located east of the city centre. Take the main exit and walk to the city centre in almost 15 minutes.


Parkeergarage Malieveld

From the underground car park at the Malieveld you walk right into the centre of The Hague. Garage itself is also easily accessible from the A12 and A44.



Visit the VVV for useful information and tips about The Hague. Also for entrance tickets, excursions and guided tours you are at the right place.


Parkeergarage Turfmarkt

At this car park under the Ministry of the Interior you can park right in the center. Perfect place to walk into the city.


Parking Megastores

At the somewhat southern Megastores can be parked cheap. The walk to the city centre via Chinatown takes about 25 minutes.


P+R Laan van NOI

At this busy P+R location at station Laan van NOI you can park cheap. The city centre can be reached on foot in less than half an hour or catch public transport.


AH XL Elandstraat

On the west side parking garage. The first two hours of free parking, then quite favorable rates. Please note the more limited opening hours.

Check the source via the in each photo.


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