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Little V

Iguess yourself at Little V in Vietnam and enjoy the delicious Asian scents and flavors. From street snacks to salads and one-pan dishes.

Ignore yourself in Vietnamese atmospheres and experience all Asian fragrances and flavors. At Little V, which stands for Little Vietnam and Surprise, you will discover the cuisine of Vietnam. On the menu are all kinds of dishes that will amaze you. Take one of the tasteful street snacks, soups or salads. There are also fish, meat and vegetable dishes that cause a taste sensation. Also tasty are the one-pan dishes or the stuffed coconut milk flanges that you can roll in a salad leaf and spices yourself. In short, enjoy!

Eat & drink - Lunch , Dining

Little V
Rabbijn Maarsenplein 21
2512HJ Den Haag
0703921230 0703921230
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