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Betjeman & Barton

Betjeman & Barton is a true walhalla for tea lovers. With no less than 180 types of tea and tasty sweets you will always find something delicious.

The first Betjeman & Barton store has been around since 1992 and was the first exclusive tea shop in the Netherlands. From all over the country, people came to the store to buy tea. The choice is huge with no less than 180 types of tea that are all available in the store. There are also beautiful tableware from Emma Bridgewater, Bredemeijer and Zero Japan. Of course, the tea comes with something delicious and you will find that in the store. Choose for example the delicious sweets from Van der Burgh Chocolaad, Sophie M. and Tony Chocolonely. You are always welcome to have a steaming cup of tea at Betjeman & Barton.

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Betjeman & Barton
Denneweg 25C
2514CC Den Haag
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