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Berry Rutjes

During a day in The Hague, a visit to Berry Rutjes cannot be missed. Here you will find beautiful hats in all shapes and colors.

The Hague and classic hats go hand in hand thanks to the residence of the Royal House and the accompanying hats worn on important events. Berry Rutjes specializes in the classic, craft techniques of hats making. In the shop you will find the most beautiful occasional hats, but also cheerful everyday hats are included in the collection. Berry Rutjes is there for every woman, from a hat for Maxima to an everyday hat for a student. From bowler hat to beret and from flaphat to fascinator. Creativity, craftsmanship and appearance are of paramount importance and ensure that every woman walks out of the store radiantly. Do you want a custom hat? Please walk in on Thursday, Friday or Saturday from 11:00 - 17:00 for customized pass advice.

Shopping - Fashion & clothing

Berry Rutjes
Noordeinde 182
2514GR Den Haag
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