The 11 best activities and events to experience in Arnhem

There is plenty to do in Arnhem! Make your city trip unforgettable by visiting the city during a well-known event. Or get to know Arnhem better by taking part in an activity that lets you experience a completely different side of the city. We have made a selection of activities, tours and tours that will ensure that your day in Arnhem will stay in your memory forever. Check out our tips and recommendations.

blank Photo De Groene Vos in Arnhem, Shopping, Gift, Hobby, Activity

De Groene Vos

The meeting point for sustainable lifestyle in Arnhem. The base is the well-stocked store with sustainable products.

blank Photo Sonsbeek Theater Avenue in Arnhem, Activity, Experience

Sonsbeek Theater Avenue

In August, the four-day theatre festival Sonsbeek Avenue takes place in Arnhem. The extraordinary acts and performances are beautiful to see.

blank Photo Grote- of Eusebiuskerk in Arnhem, View, Sights & landmarks, Activities

Grote- of Eusebiuskerk

This church towers high above the city. Rise through the unique glass panoramic lift to a height of no less than 73 meters and enjoy.

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blank Photo The Barberstation in Arnhem, Activity, Activities

The Barberstation

Imagine yourself in the past in this nostalgic, old school barbershop. Too bad for the ladies, because only men are cut and shaved here.

blank Photo World Streetpainting Festival in Arnhem, Activity, Events

World Streetpainting Festival

Visit this fascinating event in July. It is dedicated to great street art. Every year, enchanting drawings are made.

blank Photo Robbers & van den Hoogen in Arnhem, Shopping, Delicacy, Drink, Activity

Robbers & van den Hoogen

This winery has existed for more than 170 years. If you are in Arnhem you can visit the old wine cellars and enjoy a glass of wine.

blank Photo Molen De Kroon in Arnhem, Shopping, Delicacy, Sight, Activity

Molen De Kroon

This round stone shelving mill is on display and has a nice assortment of artisanally ground products.

blank Photo Nederlands Watermuseum in Arnhem, View, Visit museum, Experience

Nederlands Watermuseum

In this interactive museum you will learn about all aspects of water. Take a trip through the sewer in this DIY museum or perform exciting experiments.

blank Photo Historische Kelders in Arnhem, Activity, Activities

Historische Kelders

For years, thirty centuries-old cellars have been unused underground. After a restoration, this mysterious place can now be visited.

blank Photo World Living Statues Festival in Arnhem, Activity, Events

World Living Statues Festival

During this festival you will encounter living statues throughout the city centre. Who's going home this year with the title?

blank Photo Arnhems keramiek atelier in Arnhem, Shopping, Gift, Lifestyle, Activity

Arnhems keramiek atelier

Here, unique utensils from pottery and porcelain are made. Want to get started yourself? The oven and turntable are ready.

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