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Lokaal 1650

In the old building where Lokaal 1650 is located you can taste all kinds of delicious dishes and beautiful wines with the shared dining concept.

Lokaal 1650 is located in one of the nicest streets of Den Bosch. Here you can enjoy the shared dining concept. Sharing dishes, products from all over the world and Bossche hospitality are central here. The menu includes delicacies such as tuna, carpaccio, scallops and Wonton beef. All special dishes that are worth tasting in combination with a good glass of wine. The restaurant is located in an old building and has a cosy atmosphere and a nice terrace where you can relax in the summer.

Eat & drink - Drink , Dining

Lokaal 1650
Korte Putstraat 27
5211KP Den Bosch
0732020020 0732020020
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