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De Oldehove

This leaning, unfinished tower has a long history and, despite its special, unique appearance, is an important symbol in Leeuwarden.

De Oldehove is a special tower with a long history. The brick building was built in 1529 and should once have become the status symbol of the Frisian city of Leeuwarden. Eventually, it became a building that was not finished and left crooked when it subsided. The tower was supposed to be 120 meters high at that time, but they did not reach more than 48 meters. All the stories about its history can be experienced during a fun tour or during a cool climb to the top of the tower. The tower is open from April to October. The entrance ticket to the tower is also valid at the Pier Pander Museum in the Prinsentuin.

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De Oldehove
8911 Leeuwarden
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