10 tips for a lunch in Alkmaar - from lunch to salad bar

City guide with 10 spots

What makes your lunch heart beat faster? A piece of delicious pastry, a homemade salad, bowl of pure soup, sandwich or extensive High Tea? Luckily enough is possible in Alkmaar. Take a look at this city guide and find among the 10 hotspots your favorite!
10 best spots of coffee and lunch Alkmaar center soup salad

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blank Photo ECHT in Alkmaar, Eat & drink, Lunch


Here they pay attention to everything that grows and blooms and cook as much as possible with the seasons. Delicious, pure food and drink.

blank Photo Sencha Lunchstore in Alkmaar, Eat & drink, Coffee, tea & cakes, Lunch

Sencha Lunchstore

A home store where you get a second living room feeling. Here you can also enjoy breakfast, lunch and homemade cakes.

blank Photo Anne&Max in Alkmaar, Eat & drink, Coffee, tea & cakes, Lunch


Enjoy a good breakfast, coffee, homemade cakes, a healthy lunch, extensive High Tea or a High Wine at Anne&Max.

blank Photo Saladebar Oogst in Alkmaar, Eat & drink, Lunch

Saladebar Oogst

Walk into Harvest for healthy, organic meal salads, a soup, juice, smoothie or coffee with something delicious. Delicious and responsible.

blank Photo De Binnenkomer in Alkmaar, Eat & drink, Enjoy delicious lunch, Enjoy nice drink

De Binnenkomer

A cosy eatery with a casual and personal atmosphere. The dishes are fresh and affordable. From the Bigbanger burger to changing dishes.

blank Photo SOEPP in Alkmaar, Eat & drink, Coffee, tea & cakes, Lunch


Organic soups, honest coffee, vintage furniture and sugar-free pastries. SouPP is 100% vegetarian and always offers vegan options.

blank Photo De Koffiemolen in Alkmaar, Eat & drink, Coffee, tea & cakes

De Koffiemolen

Here passionate coffee makers make the most delicious coffee with great love. For breakfast, lunch, delicious cakes and pastries you're also good here.

blank Photo IJssalon Laan in Alkmaar, Eat & drink, Snack & inbetween

IJssalon Laan

Taste the famous Laan ice cream. They've been selling one type of ice cream for almost 70 years: vanilla ice cream. Delicious with fruit, nougat or chocolate on top.


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blank Photo Friethuis De Vlaminck in Alkmaar, Eat & drink, Snack & inbetween

Friethuis De Vlaminck

The best artisan fries of Alkmaar can be found at the Vlaminck. Delicious with mayonnaise, joppie, samurai or one of the other sauces.

blank Photo Kowalski comfort store in Alkmaar, Eat & drink, Coffee, tea & cakes, Lunch

Kowalski comfort store

At Kowalski you can go for a good cup of coffee, delicious lunch but also for contemporary art and design. A place full of winks and humor.

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