Discover 10 shops and eateries in the bustling Modekwartier in Arnhem

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Just outside the beautiful historic centre of Arnhem is the bustling Modekwartier in the district of Klarendal. This creative neighbourhood is full of fun shops, galleries, workshops and cosy eateries. In this city guide we have listed 10 nice places that are located in the Modekwartier.
Top 10 best shops and eateries Modekwartier Arnhem

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blank Photo CASPAR in Arnhem, Eat & drink, Coffee, Lunch, Drink


A lovely spot. CASPAR is known for its large cups of coffee and cappuccino and a wide selection of specialty beers (of which twelve are on tap).

blank Photo Bakbar winkel in Arnhem, Shopping, Gift, Lifestyle, Hobby

Bakbar winkel

At the Bakbar you get the most convenient baking tools and make the tastiest cakes and biscuits in no time. You can come and taste it!

blank Photo Nikki Giling in Arnhem, Shopping, Fashion & clothing

Nikki Giling

Are you looking for something virtually no one else has? Then you've come to the right place for hats, bags and accessories made of beautiful materials.

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blank Photo Sweet Sugar Hill in Arnhem, Shopping, Buy delicacies, Enjoy delicious

Sweet Sugar Hill

Here Margo van Lierop conjures up the best cakes from her secret recipes. In the shop where craft is central, you imagine yourself in grandmother's time.

blank Photo Plotz in Arnhem, Shopping, Fashion & clothing


Shirts with beautiful prints, that's what Plotz is all about. Not a mass product but small editions. A print is only used 50 times.

blank Photo Okimono in Arnhem, Shopping, Fashion & clothing


Okimono collaborates with now 30 artists. Their designs are printed on eco-friendly, honest t-shirts or embroidered on sweaters.

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blank Photo Molen De Kroon in Arnhem, Shopping, Delicacy, Sight, Activity

Molen De Kroon

This round stone rack mill is on display and has a nice assortment of artisanal ground products.

blank Photo The Barberstation in Arnhem, Activity, Activities

The Barberstation

IMAZE yourself in the past in this nostalgic, old school barbershop. Too bad for the ladies, because only men are cut and shaved here.


Atelier 12hoven

This place is unfortunately closed and no longer available on LeukeTip.


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Helder Eetcafé

This place is unfortunately closed and no longer available on LeukeTip.

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