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From a path through the swampy grounds to a city full of hidden gems. Alkmaar has not stood still and you can see that! A major city fire, mysterious bloodstains, attacks by a Frisian rebel army and Spaniards. The history of Alkmaar is not boring. Discover places that were the backdrop of all this with this city guide and be surprised by the stories.
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blank Photo Grote Kerk in Alkmaar, View, Sights & landmarks

Grote Kerk

This church from the 15th century can be visited. The beautiful interior is also a regular stage for exhibitions, conventions and concerts.

blank Photo d'Oude Stad in Alkmaar, View, Sights & landmarks, Neighborhood, square, park

d'Oude Stad

Let yourself be surprised by the unique character of the streets in this district. The old merchant and warehouses now offer space for creative shops.

blank Photo Stadhuis in Alkmaar, View, Sightseeing


In the Langestraat it is difficult to get around this national monument. You can regularly see newly-married bridal couples coming down the stairs.

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blank Photo Het Kruithuisje in Alkmaar, Eat & drink, Coffee, Museum, Sight

Het Kruithuisje

Hidden under large chestnut trees is the Kruithuisje. Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in this small 5-metre gallery.

blank Photo Hof van Sonoy in Alkmaar, View, Sights & landmarks

Hof van Sonoy

This building has had many functions over time. From monastery to restaurant. A place where the rich history can still be felt.

blank Photo Wildemanshofje in Alkmaar, View, Sightseeing


The entrance on the Oudegracht is not to be missed thanks to the 'wild Hercules'. Behind the door you will find a beautiful, symmetrically landscaped courtyard.

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blank Photo Hofje van Splinter in Alkmaar, View, Sightseeing

Hofje van Splinter

Away from the busy and noisy city centre? Then step into this hidden courtyard and enjoy the tranquility of this historic courtyard garden

blank Photo Grachtenrondvaart Alkmaar in Alkmaar, Activity, Experience

Grachtenrondvaart Alkmaar

Hop on a sightseeing boat and explore Alkmaar from the water. Beware! During the trek you have to bend down 22 times for low bridges.

blank Photo Stedelijk Museum in Alkmaar, View, Museums & galleries

Stedelijk Museum

Historical photo collections, toys from ancient times, painting and modern art. Get to know the history and culture of Alkmaar.

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blank Photo Kooltuin in Alkmaar, View, Sightseeing, Walk around


Where used to be the vegetable garden of a castle, you can now find the cabbage garden. One of Alkmaar's most beautiful streets with a few nice shops and a pub.

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