The 28 best shops to visit during a day of shopping in Amersfoort

You can shop in the charming city centre of Amersfoort! You walk through the center without any problems. Dive next to the Langestraat, the large shopping street full of chains, especially streets such as De Krommestraat and De Kamp. These are places full of store hotspots that you are not bored with. From trendy shops to fashionable boutiques and from bookstore to delicious chocolates. Discover beautiful shopping streets full of fashion, gifts, treats, home accessories and much more.

blank Photo VelvetMusic in Amersfoort, Shopping, Hobby & leisure


VelvetMusic focuses on the real music lover and you can see that. The store is full of CDs and LPs. Enjoy music and a cup of coffee and look around.

blank Photo Hadaya in Amersfoort, Shopping, Gifts & presents, Lifestyle & cooking


In this cozy, cultural shop you can buy numerous interior accessories from India, Mexico, Senegal, Egypt, Morocco and Ghana.

blank Photo Tara-Boeddha in Amersfoort, Shopping, Buy gifts, Buy hobby stuff


This atmospheric store bridges the gap between Oriental articles and the everyday life in our culture.

blank Photo Sober & Stoer wonen in Amersfoort, Shopping, Buy home accessories

Sober & Stoer wonen

Originated from a hobby. A home store for anyone who loves a sober, robust and tough, yet warm and rural atmosphere.

blank Photo VINT AMERSFOORT in Amersfoort, Shopping, Fashion & clothing, Lifestyle & cooking


A 1500 square metre gathering place of enthusiastic entrepreneurs with a love for vintage, design and industrial. Discover unique items and more.

blank Photo Jans Pakhuys in Amersfoort, Shopping, Buy gifts, Buy home accessories

Jans Pakhuys

The artworks you will find at Jans Pakhuys are made by people with intellectual disabilities and each unique.

blank Photo Boekhandel Veenendaal in Amersfoort, Shopping, Hobby & leisure

Boekhandel Veenendaal

For a century you can find a good book here. Take a look around and be inspired by the offer and the reading tips of the employees.

blank Photo VANILIA in Amersfoort, Shopping, Fashion & clothing


Vanilia has a unique self-produced women's collection, created by real craftsmen. For a complete look.

blank Photo Sweet Sisters in Amersfoort, Shopping, Gifts & presents, Delicacies & specialties

Sweet Sisters

Here you can go for chocolates, fudge, nougat, tea and wine. While being hypnotized by the smell of chocolate. Should we say more?

blank Photo Corazon Bakery in Amersfoort, Shopping, Delicacies & specialties, Snack & inbetween

Corazon Bakery

This is about the good things in life. Delicious coffee, fantastic tea, nice bread and authentic cakes. Enjoy and taste.

blank Photo Theefeestje in Amersfoort, Shopping, Gift, Hobby, Delicacy


Here you will find everything you need to dress up your Tea party. From ingredients to decorations, but also crockery. Experience this store and be inspired.

blank Photo KLOOS in Amersfoort, Shopping, Fashion & clothing


In this women's and men's fashion store, they sell clothes from new and existing brands, also jewellery and some home accessories.

blank Photo Glitter en Glas in Amersfoort, Shopping, Lifestyle & cooking

Glitter en Glas

Thanks to the diverse collection of stained glass you can enjoy a beautiful play of colors here. You will also find other artistic products here.

blank Photo Reuring in Amersfoort, Shopping, Fashion & clothing


Step into the cosiness at Ruring and see all cool fashion and lifestyle items for men and women.

blank Photo Bierwinkel Hop in Amersfoort, Shopping, Gifts & presents, Delicacies & specialties

Bierwinkel Hop

From lager to local heroes. A specialty beer shop with more than 500 different beers where lovers can indulge themselves.

blank Photo Mechanieker in Amersfoort, Shopping, Hobby & leisure


Craftsmen. Mechanics. Here they do things a little differently. Because every cyclist is unique, they help you find the perfect bike here.

blank Photo Exposa in Amersfoort, Shopping, Fun shopping


In Exposa you will find racks full of special clothes and a diverse collection of fashion accessories. But also for a nice gift you certainly succeed here.

blank Photo H.W. Mur in Amersfoort, Shopping, Buy hobby stuff

H.W. Mur

Specialty store in the field of knitting wool, needlework and quilting fabrics. But also a place where you can participate in crochet and knitting courses.

blank Photo Schwitzner in Amersfoort, Shopping, Hobby & leisure


Since 1900 you can visit Schwitzner for fabrics, an extensive collection of lace and band, closures, cords and thousands of buttons.

blank Photo Blur your life in Amersfoort, Eat & drink, Buy gifts, Drink coffee tea

Blur your life

Eat, drink and buy here the products that make you happy and that make the world a little more beautiful! From coffee to beautiful clothes and unique gifts.

blank Photo Las Lunas in Amersfoort, Shopping, Fashion & clothing

Las Lunas

A trendy boutique for the modern woman. You will find brands in the changing collection that are not available anywhere in Amersfoort and surroundings.

blank Photo Liefde & Ambacht in Amersfoort, Shopping, Delicacies & specialties

Liefde & Ambacht

In the heart of Amersfoort you will find Love & Craft. This is the place where lovers can choose from delicious pieces of artisanal cheese.

blank Photo Skitzo Sieraden in Amersfoort, Shopping, Fashion & clothing

Skitzo Sieraden

In the beautiful historic building you will find a varied collection of jewellery: modern, classic and timeless.

blank Photo Liberty Lifestyle in Amersfoort, Shopping, Fashion & clothing, Lifestyle & cooking

Liberty Lifestyle

Put together a beautiful outfit here in peace. In addition to clothing you will also find interior items and accessories. From a tough sofa to tea lights.

blank Photo HIP Jewels & Watches in Amersfoort, Shopping, Fashion & clothing

HIP Jewels & Watches

Here you will find showcases full of beautiful watches and jewelry. HiP also has its own workshop and goldsmith.

blank Photo Terre des Hommes Amersfoort in Amersfoort, Shopping, Fashion, Lifestyle, Hobby

Terre des Hommes Amersfoort

Go in search of bargains among the second-hand items of good quality. You support the fight against child exploitation in all kinds of countries.

blank Photo The Little Shop of Colours in Amersfoort, Shopping, Fashion & clothing

The Little Shop of Colours

The sweetest boutique of Amersfoort with colourful dresses, unusual shoes, accessories and a collection of cheerful items.

blank Photo Stark in Kunst in Amersfoort, Shopping, Fashion & clothing

Stark in Kunst

Thursday through Sunday you can walk into this special shopping gallery. Admire the unique collection of exclusive bags, scarves and ceramics.

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