The 32 best shops to visit during a day of shopping in Groningen

For a wonderful day of shopping you are good in Groningen. In the Herestraat and around the Grote Markt and the A-Kerkhof you will often discover the famous shops. But especially visit the Folkingestraat, a street that has sometimes called itself the nicest shopping street in the Netherlands and is full of fun specialty shops. From fashion to chocolate and unique living items. Furthermore, there is much more to do in Groningen on the shopping area. Discover gems hidden behind the facades of historic warehouses. Don't miss anything by saving your favorite spots on your own city guide.

blank Photo Wijsneus in Groningen, Shopping, Fun shopping


The eye-catching shop window promises something: a shop full of unusual clothes, toys, books and lots of items for children from zero to eight.

blank Photo Yantra in Groningen, Shopping, Hobby & leisure


Source of inspiration, oasis of tranquility. A specialty store in the field of spirituality, meditation (mindfulness), yoga and conscious life.

blank Photo Bellucci in Groningen, Shopping, Fashion & clothing


The collection you will find here has been carefully compiled with labels from Barcelona to London and from Brussels to Copenhagen.

blank Photo Mulder Feestartikelen in Groningen, Shopping, Buy hobby stuff

Mulder Feestartikelen

From Saint Nicholas to Halloween and from Carnival to Tirol but also for disco, Orange, the Toppers, Oktoberfest, theme parties, birthdays and births.

blank Photo Roezen in Groningen, Shopping, Fun shopping, Buy home accessories


Specialty store with atmospheric, modern look for all your bedding, pillows, luxury bathrobes, bath linen and pajamas, but also sauna products.

blank Photo Beans & Grapes in Groningen, Shopping, Gifts & presents, Delicacies & specialties

Beans & Grapes

Wine lovers to optimally enjoy quality wines. This is what Beans & Grapes goes for. The assortment is unique, the advice is personal.

blank Photo Sieraden Atelier Willem Tredge in Groningen, Shopping, Fashion & clothing

Sieraden Atelier Willem Tredge

In one of the most beautiful shopping streets of the city you will find this jewellery workshop. Here, Willem Tredgett works on unique jewellery and utensils.

blank Photo Broodje van eigen deeg in Groningen, Shopping, Delicacies & specialties, Snack & inbetween

Broodje van eigen deeg

Delicious bread, viennoiserie and patisserie of french quality, it's like you made it in France.

blank Photo Tafelgoud in Groningen, Shopping, Lifestyle & cooking


For a nicely set table you are here at the right place. Thanks to the beautiful tableware, cutlery and table linen, your dinner will be unforgettable.

blank Photo Riemer in Groningen, Shopping, Hobby & leisure	, Coffee, tea & cakes


Here you can quietly sniff among the many books. The experience is complete if you can also have a delicious cup of coffee in the shop.

blank Photo Androesja in Groningen, Shopping, Fun shopping


In this exclusive men's fashion store you will find a very diverse and very carefully composed collection of more than 20 exclusive brands.

blank Photo Heerlijk chocolade in Groningen, Shopping, Buy gifts, Buy delicacies

Heerlijk chocolade

Real chocolate lovers can enjoy themselves here. This delicious shop is full of handmade chocolates and chocolate gifts.

blank Photo DiCapolavori in Groningen, Shopping, Fun shopping


Enjoy the craftsmanship, style and trends in this shoe store. Resident in the high-profile and unique collections of women's and men's shoes.

blank Photo Lily & Rose in Groningen, Shopping, Gifts & presents, Lifestyle & cooking

Lily & Rose

Visit Lily & Rose for a mix of cosmetics, crockery and gifts. The assortment consists of beautiful brands and the staff are happy to give advice.

blank Photo Laif & Nuver in Groningen, Shopping, Lifestyle & cooking

Laif & Nuver

Experience the unique atmosphere of Laif & Nuver and be inspired by the unique range of home accessories. You will find this shop at the Fish Market.

blank Photo De Kaaskop in Groningen, Shopping, Delicacies & specialties

De Kaaskop

For cheese, dairy, nuts, tapas and wine. At the Cheesecap they love honest food, beautiful products from the region and unexpected taste combinations.

blank Photo Ascoli in Groningen, Shopping, Gifts & presents, Lifestyle & cooking


Original gifts with a nice design or color. Practical or just very beautiful, real haunts. That's what you find in Ascoli.

blank Photo Bakkerij Blanche in Groningen, Shopping, Delicacy, Coffee, Lunch, Snack

Bakkerij Blanche

Everything here is freshly prepared, the staff is customer friendly and the ambience is beautiful. Breakfast and lunch here in luxury.

blank Photo Heksenketel in Groningen, Shopping, Fashion & clothing


Virtually everything in the store is made by members of the Witch Cauldron. You will find a unique collection of women's clothing, jewellery and accessories.

blank Photo Galerie Erik Zwezerijnen in Groningen, Shopping, Lifestyle & cooking, Museums & galleries

Galerie Erik Zwezerijnen

Let the work of Erik Zwezerijnen grab you in this atmospheric gallery. The style of the works is colourful, full of energy and cheerful.

blank Photo Klinkhamer antiek en curiosa in Groningen, Shopping, Buy home accessories, Buy hobby stuff

Klinkhamer antiek en curiosa

You are not bored here soon. Stroll around in this large antique, curiosa and record store of no less than 200 square meters.

blank Photo Leuk en Lekker in Groningen, Shopping, Buy delicacies

Leuk en Lekker

How did they get to the name of the store? Very simple... it's the two most commonly used words in the store. Look around and taste.

blank Photo PS! in Groningen, Eat & drink, Delicacies & specialties, Coffee, tea & cakes


The curves are inspired by Gaudi's Parc Guell. With the coffee they serve homemade cakes and chocolates.

blank Photo Batsu in Groningen, Shopping, Lifestyle & cooking


In this Japanese shop you will find all kinds of pottery, in beautiful bright colours, small works of art, rice wines and translated books.

blank Photo Verroest in Groningen, Shopping, Lifestyle & cooking


The monumental 18th century warehouse on the Donkersgang has been transformed into a shop full of unique furniture, lamps and accessories.

blank Photo KOKOTOKO in Groningen, Shopping, Fun shopping


At Koko Toko is versatile. From clothing to book, from furniture to chocolate. Everything you find here is made as fair and sustainable as possible.

blank Photo Ariola Delicatessen in Groningen, Shopping, Delicacies & specialties

Ariola Delicatessen

In Ariola's open kitchen, the most delicious Italian delicacies are prepared. The atmosphere is warm and cozy and you will be greeted kindly.

blank Photo Envogue in Groningen, Shopping, Fashion & clothing


Known for its trendy, feminine and luxurious collections, Envogue focuses on today's fashion-conscious, charming and self-confident woman.

blank Photo Witting in Groningen, Shopping, Fun shopping


Thanks to the old shopping bell, the ceiling high shelving cabinets and oak counters, time seems to have stood still in this hat shop.

blank Photo Droppie in Groningen, Shopping, Delicacies & specialties


They specialize in licorice here. Choose from more than 300 different species. Taste the gum arabic from Senegal.

blank Photo Reisboekwinkel de Zwerver in Groningen, Shopping, Gifts & presents, Hobby & leisure

Reisboekwinkel de Zwerver

For many, this is the beginning of the holiday. Stroll past the bookcases full of travel guides and the card boxes in search of the right map.

blank Photo Hoekje Design in Groningen, Shopping, Lifestyle & cooking

Hoekje Design

Affordable design, gifts, accessories, vintage and interior advice. Among the second-hand articles there is something for everyone to find.

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