The 111 best places to visit during a city trip in Groningen

Groningen is a student city with a long, turbulent history. This is reflected in the many historic warehouses, courtyards and other monuments that the city is rich. Besides old ones, you can also enjoy modern architecture. Thus, the design of the Groninger Museum is a work of art in itself. For a day of shopping you are also at the right place in Groningen. The center is full of shops with special products. Experience it and experience this bustling student city.

blank Photo Verroest in Groningen, Shopping, Lifestyle & cooking


The listed 18th-century warehouse on the Donkersgang has been transformed into a shop full of unique furniture, lamps and accessories.

blank Photo Hoekje Design in Groningen, Shopping, Lifestyle & cooking

Hoekje Design

Affordable design, gifts, accessories, vintage and interior advice. Among the second-hand articles there is something for everyone.

blank Photo Hotel Prinsenhof in Groningen, Sleep, Hotels & accommodations

Hotel Prinsenhof

The beautiful historic 15th century Hotel Prinsenhof has 34 rooms, all of which are different in size, layout and historical details.

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blank Photo Hoge der A in Groningen, View, Walk around

Hoge der A

Between the Hoge der A and Low of the A, the A. Through this stream ships came in to load and unload. You will find 28 national monuments here.

blank Photo De Pijp - Wine & Dine in Groningen, Eat & drink, Enjoy lovely diner

De Pijp - Wine & Dine

In the heart of the city, on the most beautiful canal in Groningen, you will find this restaurant where you can taste honest food prepared with seasonal produce.

blank Photo Droppie in Groningen, Shopping, Delicacies & specialties


They specialize in licorice here. Choose from more than 300 different species. Try the Arabic gum from Senegal.

blank Photo B&B Pakhuis Emden in Groningen, Sleep, Spending the night

B&B Pakhuis Emden

Ideal place to discover Groningen close to the Martinitoren and the Grote Markt. The attractively decorated rooms offer views of the city garden.

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Follow this city guide through 10 artistic places in Groningen

blank Photo Grote Markt in Groningen, View, Coffee, Drink, Neighborhood

Grote Markt

The centre of Groningen where the view is beautiful thanks to the Martinitoren and the town hall that borders the square.

blank Photo Kattencafé Op z'n Kop in Groningen, Eat & drink, Coffee, tea & cakes, Lunch

Kattencafé Op z'n Kop

The perfect place for a cup of coffee and a lot of cat love! Sit there and the next thing you know, there's a kitten on your lap.

blank Photo Pelstergasthuis in Groningen, View, Sights & landmarks


Enjoy the peace and quiet in this largest and oldest guest house in Groningen. Founded in the 12th century to care for the poor, sick and pilgrims.

blank Photo BLACK & BLOOM in Groningen, Eat & drink, Coffee, tea & cakes


Coffee fanatics step into heaven here. The complexity and quality of Black & Bloom coffees is unmatched.

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Find an apartment in the center of Groningen

blank Photo Sint-Jozefkathedraal in Groningen, View, Sights & landmarks


Built from 1885 to 1887, this neo-Gothic church features a beautiful organ and a special hexagonal spire made of cast iron.

blank Photo Universiteitsmuseum in Groningen, View, Museums & galleries


The academic heart of Groningen. This museum has a diverse collection. Nature, culture and science are central.

blank Photo Café de Sleutel in Groningen, Eat & drink, Enjoy nice drink

Café de Sleutel

This café has a rich history and has been expanded with love and attention over the centuries. Enjoy a dish or drink in the atmosphere of 1659.

blank Photo Prinsentuin in Groningen, View, Neighborhood, square, park


In this beautiful, hundreds of years old garden you will find a rose garden, herb garden and a tea shop that is open in fine weather.

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Cheap hostels in downtown Groningen

blank Photo The Pool in Groningen, Eat & drink, Drink, Dining

The Pool

A Mediterranean restaurant and cocktail bar with a cosy atmosphere. Share and taste tasteful, small dishes with your company.

blank Photo TOET in Groningen, Eat & drink, Coffee, tea & cakes, Lunch


Indulge yourself in a dessert paradise with passion for pure & nature and let the delicious coffee, tea, desserts and cake taste you good.

blank Photo Het Feithhuis in Groningen, Eat & drink, Coffee, Lunch, Drink, Diner

Het Feithhuis

In the shadow of the Martinikerk you will find't Feithhuis, the meeting place of Groningen. Here you can relax, eat and drink.

blank Photo Heerlijk chocolade in Groningen, Shopping, Buy gifts, Buy delicacies

Heerlijk chocolade

True chocolate lovers can really enjoy themselves here. This delicious shop is full of handmade chocolates and chocolate gifts.

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blank Photo Ultra in Groningen, View, Sights & landmarks


This lady, at first glance, seems to satisfy all the beauty ideals. But look better, so you can notice some weird things.

blank Photo Pictura in Groningen, View, Museums & galleries


In a beautiful, monumental building at the Martinikerkhof you will find Pictura. Here artists from various directions and disciplines exhibit.

blank Photo DOT in Groningen, Eat & drink, Drink


At the futuristic looking DOT everyone who loves good food and drinks, film, culture and in fine weather, the city beach is welcome.

blank Photo Martinitoren in Groningen, View, Sightseeing, Experience


For more than 500 years, this tower has determined the view of the city. The ascent is rewarded with a beautiful view over the city.

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blank Photo Rooftop 31 in Groningen, Sleep, Stay

Rooftop 31

This luxurious penthouse has a balcony and a fantastic roof terrace. It is located on the second floor of a renovated stately mansion.

blank Photo Eetcafé Ugly Duck in Groningen, Eat & drink, Coffee, Lunch, Drink, Diner

Eetcafé Ugly Duck

Enjoy a delicious lunch, dinner or one of the beer dishes at Ugly Duck. Grabbing a terrace is also great at this tasting room.

blank Photo Klinkhamer antiek en curiosa in Groningen, Shopping, Buy home accessories, Buy hobby stuff

Klinkhamer antiek en curiosa

You're not tired of this. Stroll around this large antique, curiosa and record store of no less than 200 square meters.

blank Photo Openbaar toilet Reitemakersrijge in Groningen, View, Sights & landmarks

Openbaar toilet Reitemakersrijge

With a public toilet, you don't immediately think of a nice spot. However, the toilet created by Koolhaas and Olaf is a picture to see.

blank Photo Leuk en Lekker in Groningen, Shopping, Buy delicacies

Leuk en Lekker

How they got the name of the store? Quite simply... they're the two most commonly used words in the store. Look around and taste.

blank Photo Loft 6 in Groningen, Sleep, Appartments

Loft 6

This loft is located near the station near the city centre and features a seating area, fully equipped kitchen, bathroom and balcony.

blank Photo Witting in Groningen, Shopping, Fun shopping


Thanks to the old store bell, the ceiling-high shelving cabinets and oak counters, time seems to have stood still in this hat shop.

blank Photo KOKOTOKO in Groningen, Shopping, Fun shopping


At Koko Toko is versatile. From clothes to books, from furniture to chocolate. Everything you find here is made as fair and sustainable as possible.

blank Photo Wereldburgers in Groningen, Eat & drink, Dining


At Wereldburgers you can taste good, responsible and affordable food in a relaxed atmosphere. Everything is homemade with pure ingredients.

blank Photo Brussels Lof in Groningen, Eat & drink, Dining

Brussels Lof

Every day they work here with the most beautiful indigenous products. This has given them a lot of joy, fun and inspiration at Brussels Lof for 30 years.

blank Photo Synagoge in Groningen, View, Sights & landmarks


Since its restoration in 1981, the Synagoge has been visited for exhibitions, concerts, lectures and guided tours.

blank Photo Stationsgebouw in Groningen, View, Sights & landmarks


On arrival or departure, do not walk around but through the station building. Look your eyes out thanks to the special ceilings and beautiful windows.

blank Photo Academiegebouw in Groningen, View, Sightseeing


The building is of historical value due to the history of scientific education in Groningen and its neo-Renaissance design.

blank Photo Loge 10 in Groningen, Sleep, Appartments

Loge 10

Modern furnished self-catering accommodation in the centre of Groningen with bathroom, parking, glass dormer and roof terrace.

blank Photo Korenbeurs in Groningen, View, Sightseeing


The Korenbeurs has long been the centre of grain trade. The unique building and techniques is a mix of styles and now houses an Albert Heijn.

blank Photo Laif & Nuver in Groningen, Shopping, Lifestyle & cooking

Laif & Nuver

Experience the unique atmosphere of Laif & Nuver and be inspired by the unique range of home accessories. Discover the store in the Rode Weeshuisstraat.

blank Photo Suite 30 in Groningen, Sleep, Stay

Suite 30

At 1 km from the centre you will find this spacious apartment with garden. The bathroom is fitted with a rain shower. Furthermore, there are 2 folding bikes waiting for you.

blank Photo Tekinev in Groningen, Eat & drink, Enjoy lovely diner


Here you will find a traditional and modern cuisine with a Turkish heart. Sample the wide variety of flavors of Turkish cuisine.

blank Photo Croissanterie Pigalle in Groningen, Eat & drink, Lunch

Croissanterie Pigalle

If you walk in the Stoeldraaierstraat after your nose, chances are you'll end up in here. The freshly baked croissants smell delicious.

blank Photo Martinikerkhof in Groningen, View, Neighborhood, square, park


Enjoy this green oasis of peace and leave the hustle and bustle of the city centre behind. The square exudes the atmosphere of a small park.

blank Photo GRID Grafisch Museum Groningen in Groningen, View, Museums & galleries

GRID Grafisch Museum Groningen

Museum of graphic crafts, graphic art and design. In addition to historical presses that can be viewed, craftsmen will be happy to explain everything to you.

blank Photo De Pintelier in Groningen, Eat & drink, Drink

De Pintelier

Enjoy a special beer together with a mix of students, teachers and townjers. During the summer you can sit here in the sun.

blank Photo Broodje van eigen deeg in Groningen, Shopping, Delicacies & specialties, Snack & inbetween

Broodje van eigen deeg

Delicious bread, viennoiserie and patisserie of French quality, it's like you made it in France.

blank Photo Oude Boteringenstraat in Groningen, View, Walk around

Oude Boteringenstraat

In this street are some of the oldest buildings in Groningen. You will look special monumental buildings like large mansions.

blank Photo Florentin Groningen in Groningen, Eat & drink, Lunch, Drink, Diner

Florentin Groningen

Enjoy a drink and delicious food in a casual atmosphere. The cuisine is inspired by Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and North African flavours.

blank Photo Hotel Asgard in Groningen, Sleep, Hotels & accommodations

Hotel Asgard

This unique hotel concept combines ecological materials and an exhibition of modern art in luxurious rooms including an organic breakfast.

blank Photo Roezen in Groningen, Shopping, Fun shopping, Buy home accessories


Specialty store with atmospheric, modern look for all your bedding, pillows, luxury bathrobes, bath linen and pajamas, but also sauna products.

blank Photo Stay 19 in Groningen, Sleep, Stay

Stay 19

This fully equipped accommodation with modern designer furniture has a balcony, roof terrace and garden terrace! Two bikes are ready for use.

blank Photo Der Aa-kerk in Groningen, View, Sights & landmarks

Der Aa-kerk

The light falls nicely into this church, recognizable by its striking yellow tower. There's nothing to see, but the tower collapsed twice.

blank Photo Coffee Break in Groningen, Eat & drink, Drink coffee tea, Enjoy delicious lunch

Coffee Break

Enjoy the best coffee in a modern setting. Delicious blends that remind you of the coffee from the best Italian coffee bars.

blank Photo Envogue in Groningen, Shopping, Fashion & clothing


Known for its trendy, feminine and luxurious collections, Envogue focuses on today's fashion-conscious, charming and confident woman.

blank Photo Skipper 4 in Groningen, Sleep, Appartments

Skipper 4

Authentic modern bridge guard house suitable for 6 persons with sitting area, 3 bedrooms, kitchen, garden and terrace. Located on the Eemskanaal.

blank Photo Hofje Sint Anthony Gasthuis in Groningen, View, Neighborhood, square, park

Hofje Sint Anthony Gasthuis

Originally, the guesthouse was against the city wall. This is because it used to serve as a pesthouse. Nowadays, it's a peaceful place in the city.

blank Photo Groninger Museum in Groningen, View, Visit museum

Groninger Museum

Let this colourful, versatile museum surprise you. There are extensive collections in the field of art and antiquities.

blank Photo Sieraden Atelier Willem Tredge in Groningen, Shopping, Fashion & clothing

Sieraden Atelier Willem Tredge

In one of the most beautiful shopping streets of the city you will find this jewellery workshop. Here Willem Tredgett works on unique jewellery and utensils.

blank Photo Noorderplantsoen in Groningen, View, Walk around


Nature and history come together on this green spot. The park is located on the site where the defensive walls of the city were built in the 17th century.

blank Photo Stadhuis in Groningen, View, Sights & landmarks


The city hall of Groningen stands on the Grote Markt on the site where a town hall stood since the thirteenth century.

blank Photo Vismarkt in Groningen, View, Walk around


The Vismarkt is centrally located and is a backdrop for various markets but also for the fair, outdoor performances and concerts.

blank Photo Bellucci in Groningen, Shopping, Fashion & clothing


The collection you will find here has been carefully compiled with labels from Barcelona to London and from Brussels to Copenhagen.

blank Photo Goudkantoor in Groningen, View, Coffee, Lunch, Sight


Enjoy a good cup of coffee, extensive lunch or delicious dinner in a rustic setting at this almost 400 year old listed building.

blank Photo De Kade in Groningen, Sleep, Bed & breakfast

De Kade

B&B just a stone's throw from the lively centre of Groningen. Unique location on the Eemskanaal. From the room you can see the boats passing by.

blank Photo NS Station Groningen in Groningen, Info, Public transport

NS Station Groningen

This beautiful train station is located on the south side of the city centre. Take the north exit at the front and walk to the city centre in over 10 minutes.


City Hotel Groningen

Stay in the city centre at this modern hotel with comfortable rooms, lounge, free sauna, Turkish bath, solarium, fitness and bike rental.


Original gifts with a nice design or color. Practical or just very beautiful, real things. That's what you find with Ascoli.



Here you can browse in peace between the many books. The experience is complete if you can also drink a delicious cup of coffee in the store.


Suite aan de A

Two accommodations for a wonderful stay in the heart of the city. The apartments are fully equipped and suitable for 3 or 4 people.

Ariola Delicatessen

The most delicious Italian delicacies are prepared in Ariola's open kitchen. The atmosphere is warm and cozy and you will be greeted kindly.


Het Paleis Groningen

The dream of every art lover. The ten rooms of this unique design hotel are all decorated according to different art movements.

Martini Hotel

Set in a monumental building in the bustling centre of Groningen, Martini Hotel has an excellent restaurant and cosy bar.

Hotel NH Groningen

This large hotel has a sleek, modern design. The view from many rooms is fantastic. Within walking distance of the city and with private parking.

Hotel Miss Blanche

In a monumental building in a beautiful location, this fine hotel is located where you will spend the night in modern, luxurious apartments and suites.

De Belg Waterloo

Let the fresh Flemish fries taste you good on the Grote Markt during a cozy day shopping in the center of Groningen.


Gelkingehof Apartments

The spacious apartments, some with balcony or terrace, are set around a quiet courtyard near the famous Martini Church in the centre.


Almost everything in the store is made by members of the Heksenketel. You will find a unique collection of women's clothing, jewellery and accessories.


Best Western Hotel Groningen Centre

Located a stone's throw from the city center, the Oosterpoort and the main train station. Ideal location to explore lively Groningen.

Bud Gett Hostels

This comfortable budget hostel is inspired by Mondriaan and is just 500 metres from the Grote Markt and other cosy squares and highlights.

Best Western Plus Hotel Groningen Plaza

Located directly on Hoornsemeer Lake, this design hotel with modern rooms features indoor pool and spacious garden. Free shuttle service on weekends.

Mercure Hotel Groningen Martiniplaza

The 157 rooms and suites of this 4-star hotel with its own restaurant and bar can be found in the southwest of Groningen near the city park.

The Student Hotel Groningen

Close to the Martinitoren, The Student Hotel is wrapped in an impressive décor where you can play table tennis and rent bicycles.

Galerie Erik Zwezerijnen

Let the work of Erik Zwezerijnen grab you in this atmospheric gallery. The style of the works is colourful, full of energy and cheerful.



Source of inspiration, oasis of peace. A specialty store in the field of spirituality, meditation (mindfulness), yoga and conscious living.


Apollo Hotel Groningen

Characteristic building in the skyline of Groningen. This 4-star hotel by the city park has a hotel bar, gym, parking and bicycle rental.


In this exclusive men's fashion store you will find a very diverse and extremely caring collection of more than 20 exclusive brands.


Beans & Grapes

Wine lovers to enjoy quality wines optimally. This is what Beans & Grapes is for. The assortment is unique, the advice personal.


Het Pakhuis

Het Pakhuis started as an artists' café. You can still feel this back in the ambience of today. Taste delicious dishes and drinks.


Mulder Feestartikelen

From Saint Nicholas to Halloween and from Carnival to Tyrol but also for disco, Orange, the Toppers, Oktoberfest, themed parties, birthdays and birthdays.


Bastion Hotel Groningen

This hotel is located on the A7 with good access to the city centre. You are always welcome in the lounge, cosy bar or à la carte restaurant.


For a nicely set table you are here at the right place. Thanks to the beautiful crockery, cutlery and table linen, your dinner will be unforgettable.



In this Japanese shop you will find all kinds of pottery, in beautiful bright colours, small works of art, rice wines and translated books.


Het Bakkerscafé

Passion for the craft and love for pure and natural ingredients are 'swaddle' here. Taste of original, mostly organic, flavors.


Hotel de Doelen

At the foot of the Martinitoren in a listed building, this beautiful hotel offers modern facilities and characteristically furnished rooms.

Noordelijk Scheepvaartmuseum

Learn all about the maritime history of the North through a beautiful collection. You will find the museum in two medieval buildings.


Lily & Rose

Stop by Lily & Rose for a mix of cosmetics, crockery and gifts. The range consists of beautiful brands and the staff are happy to give advice.


Reisboekwinkel de Zwerver

For many, this is the beginning of the holiday. Stroll along the bookshelves full of travel guides and the card trays in search of the right map.



Dine here according to the French table d'hôte principle. Voilà serves a daily changing five-course menu based on French cuisine.


Grand-café De Betere Tijden

In this Grand-café you can go for a cup of coffee or a drink from four o'clock. The varied menu will then come to the table.



The curves are inspired by Gaudi's Parc Guell. With the coffee they serve homemade cakes and chocolates.


NH Hotel de Ville

You can stay in one of the most beautiful streets of Groningen and explore the lively city centre. Daily breakfast in the garden room or in the city garden.

De Kaaskop

For cheese, dairy products, nuts, tapas and wine. At the Cheese Head they love honest food, beautiful products from the region and unexpected taste combinations.


Hotel Schimmelpenninck Huys

This hotel with its own brasserie and beautiful fenced garden can be found in a beautiful mansion in the heart of Groningen. Breakfast with delicious homemade bread.

Hotel Corps de Garde

This quirky hotel offers all the comforts you may have in a personal atmosphere where the rooms are enveloped in a modern-classical style.

B&B De Oude Nadorst

Relax in this B&B north of Groningen and spend the night in the suite or caravan. From the traditional farm you have a beautiful view.


The eye-catching shop window promises something: a shop full of special clothes, toys, books and lots of things for children from zero to eight.


Parking UMG Zuid

On the west side of the city near the hospital. You walk via the Nieuwe Sint Jansstraat in about 10 minutes to the Grote Markt.


P+R Euroborg P3

You can park for free at the parking location at the Euroborg Station Groningen. The city centre is cheap and quick to reach by Citybus.


P+R Station Groningen

Near the Station Groningen located parking garage on the southwest side of the city center. The city centre is a short walk from the station.



At the VVV on the Grote Markt you will find all kinds of useful information for your city visit. This is also the right address for guided tours and tickets.


Parkeergarage Centrum

In the heart of the city center opposite the Korenbeurs located some narrow parking garage. The entire city centre is quickly accessible from here.

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