Photo Engel & Bengel Eetkaffee in Deventer, Eat & drink, Coffee, Lunch, Drink, Diner - #1
Photo Engel & Bengel Eetkaffee in Deventer, Eat & drink, Coffee, Lunch, Drink, Diner - #2

Engel & Bengel Eetkaffee

Engel & Bengel is a friendly food kaffee where it is pleasant to stay. Whether you come to enjoy a tasty dinner, lunch or a good drink.

At Engel & Bengel you can enjoy a delicious dinner in a homely, friendly atmosphere. There is a choice of meat, fish and vegetarian dishes. And for a tasteful dessert you can choose from one of the sweet treats such as a homemade strawberry parfait. Also for a nice lunch or a drink you can go here well.

Eat & drink - Coffee, tea & cakes , Lunch , Drink , Dining

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Engel & Bengel Eetkaffee
Grote Overstraat 55-57
7411JB Deventer
0570614754 0570614754
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Opening hours
Monday   10:00–00:00
Tuesday   10:00–00:00
Wednesday   10:00–00:00
Thursday   10:00–00:00
Friday   10:00–00:00
Saturday   10:00–00:00
Sunday   10:00–00:00
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