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Deventer is one of the five oldest cities in the Netherlands. It's a place where Romans and Vikings have walked around. Are you going to discover it, too? Experience different places in this old Hanseatic city with this city guide. From historic buildings to relaxing parks and some very special museums.
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blank Photo Waag in Deventer, View, Museums & galleries, Sights & landmarks


One of the oldest venture buildings in the Netherlands. Admire this icon of the city and dive into the museum of the same name for exhibitions about Deventer.

blank Photo Bergkerk in Deventer, View, Sightseeing


The beautiful Bergkerk is located in the centre of Deventer and has a long history. Nowadays you can admire exhibitions and concerts.

blank Photo Lebuïnuskerk in Deventer, View, Sightseeing


The beautiful, imposing Lebuinus Church is built in a Gothic style. The church itself is owned by the Protestant church and the tower belongs to the municipality.

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Our recommendations for a delicious lunch in Deventer

blank Photo Rijsterborgherpark in Deventer, View, Neighborhood, square, park


Do you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city? Then visit the Rijsterborgherpark and enjoy the peace and all the beautiful statues that stand there.

blank Photo Museum Geert Groote Huis in Deventer, View, Museums & galleries

Museum Geert Groote Huis

For an educational day, visit the Museum Geert Groote Huis. Here you will discover everything about the life and innovation movement of Geert Groote.

blank Photo Speelgoedmuseum Deventer in Deventer, View, Visit museum

Speelgoedmuseum Deventer

For a special experience, go to the Toy Museum. The collection and interaction make the museum a very nice place for young and old!

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5 places in Deventer where you can have lunch, drink coffee and relax

blank Photo Hanze Museum de Leeuw in Deventer, View, Delicacy, Coffee, Museum

Hanze Museum de Leeuw

The Hanze Museum de Leeuw is a hotel, museum, candy shop and coffee and tea service in one. For a new experience, go here!


Paviljoen Vogeleiland

This place is unfortunately closed and no longer available on LeukeTip.


St. Tropez

At St. Tropez you can enjoy delicious lunch dishes, a tasty dinner or a drink all day long. It's a suitable place for everyone.


Best hotels in the center of Deventer

Wereldwinkel Deventer

For an original fair trade product or a special gift, go to the Wereldwinkel Deventer that sells products from all kinds of countries.

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