The 69 best places to visit during a city trip in Deventer

This lively city on the IJssel is a good place to stay. Dive into historic streets, stroll through beautiful city squares and taste the atmosphere. In the centre full of character, let yourself be surprised by the multifaceted shopping offer and visit unique shops that you must have seen. Take a look around and discover the centuries-old monuments that the city houses. For a delicious lunch, dinner or drinks, you don't have to look far in Deventer, there is something for everyone!

blank Photo Hanze Museum de Leeuw in Deventer, View, Delicacy, Coffee, Museum

Hanze Museum de Leeuw

The Hanze Museum de Leeuw is a hotel, museum, candy shop and coffee and tea shop in one. For a new experience, go here!

blank Photo No11 in Deventer, Eat & drink, Drink coffee tea, Enjoy delicious lunch


At No11 it is wonderful to stay in a nice decor and a menu full of good food. Everyone has been taken into account, as well as allergies!

blank Photo Microhotel Lucy in the Sky in Deventer, Sleep, Sleep

Microhotel Lucy in the Sky

Go to the Havenkwartier in Deventer for a unique overnight stay in one of the three special buildings that resembles spaceships.

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The best deals on hotels and B&Bs in the heart of Deventer

blank Photo Holy Cow in Deventer, Shopping, Fashion, Gift, Hobby

Holy Cow

At Holy Cow, you'll look out for all the original, colourful gifts, clothes and decorations. You will find lots of fun here for young and old.

blank Photo FREEK! in Deventer, Shopping, Fun shopping


FREEK! knows how to offer a combination of cool, hip and feminine clothing that is suitable for all kinds of occasions.

blank Photo Waag in Deventer, View, Museums & galleries, Sights & landmarks


One of the oldest daring buildings in the Netherlands. Admire this icon of the city and dive into the eponymous museum for exhibitions on Deventer.

blank Photo De Vrije Vogel in Deventer, Shopping, Gifts & presents, Lifestyle & cooking

De Vrije Vogel

When you enter De Vrije Vogel it feels like a surprising living room where you will find a combination of special, beautiful products.

blank Photo De Hip in Deventer, View, Hobby, Coffee, Drink, Activity, Event

De Hip

The Hip cannot be summarized in one sentence. To experience it and enjoy all the fun you can experience, a visit is definitely in place.

blank Photo Banketbakkerij Lentelink in Deventer, Shopping, Delicacies & specialties

Banketbakkerij Lentelink

Are you hungry for a pastry, delicious chocolates or a savory sandwich? Then pay a visit to the confectionery Lentelink.

blank Photo Burgerweeshuis in Deventer, Activity, Events


In this characteristic monumental building you can enjoy dance evenings and concerts to live music and an evening of good food.

blank Photo Grand Boutique Hotel Huis Vermeer in Deventer, Sleep, Sleep

Grand Boutique Hotel Huis Vermeer

For a nice night's stay in individually decorated rooms and culinary delights, go to this hotel located opposite the Lebuïnuskerk.

blank Photo A Taste of Honey in Deventer, Eat & drink, Coffee, tea & cakes, Lunch

A Taste of Honey

At A Taste of Honey you can enjoy the special 'taste champagne brunch' or delicious freshly prepared cakes, bagels and drinks.

blank Photo Happerij Tapperij de Expeditie in Deventer, Eat & drink, Dining

Happerij Tapperij de Expeditie

Choose a dish from the menu with influences from all over the world, will it be a Swiss cheese fondue or the Egyptian stuffed paprika?

blank Photo Glaswerk uit Bohemen in Deventer, Shopping, Lifestyle & cooking

Glaswerk uit Bohemen

Be amazed by beautiful Bohemian glassware and crystal in the most beautiful shapes. Handmade by Czech glass artists.

blank Photo RARE & MORE in Deventer, Shopping, Lifestyle & cooking


RARE & MORE sells items with character. Especially in the field of interior, lamps and vintage hifi. But also discover vinyl, fashion and more.

blank Photo Bloomstyle in Deventer, Shopping, Buy gifts, Buy hobby stuff


When you walk into Bloomstyle, the delicious floral scents meet you. You will find beautiful bouquets, plants and flowers here.

blank Photo Appel & Ei in Deventer, Shopping, Fashion & clothing

Appel & Ei

The second-hand store Appel & Ei sells tough and feminine clothing from various top brands that are carefully selected.

blank Photo Paviljoen Vogeleiland in Deventer, View, Neighborhood, square, park, Activities

Paviljoen Vogeleiland

Pavilion Vogeliland you will visit for both relaxation and fun activities. The animals, the cozy restaurant and all the greenery complete it.

blank Photo Vrienden van Vroeger in Deventer, Eat & drink, Lunch, Drink

Vrienden van Vroeger

At Vrienden van Vrienden you will not only come for a delicious lunch, but also for a nice drink in combination with a beautiful performance.

blank Photo Marregien in Deventer, Shopping, Buy gifts


Visit this small, atmospheric lifestyle & gift shop in downtown for beautiful bags, lamps, pillows and... Italian chocolate balls.

blank Photo Bij Peet in Deventer, Eat & drink, Drink coffee tea, Enjoy delicious lunch

Bij Peet

At Peet you can enjoy a good cup of coffee, a point cake or a sandwich in nostalgic atmospheres. Inside or on the cozy terrace outside.

blank Photo Aldino Moda in Deventer, Shopping, Fashion & clothing

Aldino Moda

The Aldino Moda store features beautiful exclusive men's and women's garments. The style varies from qualitative and very chic to more casual.

blank Photo Museum Geert Groote Huis in Deventer, View, Museums & galleries

Museum Geert Groote Huis

For an educational day, visit the Museum Geert Groote Huis. Here you will discover everything about the life and the renewal movement of Geert Groote.

blank Photo Hotel Hanzestadslogement de Leeuw in Deventer, Sleep, Sleep

Hotel Hanzestadslogement de Leeuw

This small-scale 'charm' hotel dating back to 1645 is a special, fun combination of b&b, tea and coffee shop, Hanze Museum and candy shop

blank Photo Lebuïnuskerk in Deventer, View, Sightseeing


The beautiful, imposing Lebuin Church is built in a Gothic style. The church itself is owned by the Protestant church and the tower belongs to the municipality.

blank Photo Tearose in Deventer, Eat & drink, Lunch


With a friendly atmosphere and creativity in the kitchen, The Wallstreet Tea-Rose lets every customer enjoy all the goodies they offer.

blank Photo Hoge Ramen in Deventer, Shopping, Fashion, Gift, Lifestyle

Hoge Ramen

Are you looking for a surprising home accessory, an original gift or a nice wardrobe item? At the shop High Windows they have it all.

blank Photo Hemelse Hebbedingen in Deventer, Shopping, Fashion & clothing, Lifestyle & cooking

Hemelse Hebbedingen

Both women and men can go to Heavenly Hebbedingen for a new look. Look around and you'll find some really nice clothes and shoes.

blank Photo Fooddock in Deventer, Eat & drink, Lunch, Snack, Drink, Diner


Fooddock is a cool, atmospheric food hall where different idiosyncratic entrepreneurs with a passion for food offer their specialties.

blank Photo Restaurant Jackies in Deventer, Eat & drink, Dining

Restaurant Jackies

For special dishes you're good at Restaurant Jackies. There are delights such as lobster, duck breast, steak and champagne on the menu.

blank Photo De Hipshop in Deventer, Shopping, Fashion, Gift, Lifestyle

De Hipshop

The Hipshop is a gift shop and gallery with exhibitions, Dutch Design articles, trendy gadgets and attention to Fairtrade products.

blank Photo Rijsterborgherpark in Deventer, View, Neighborhood, square, park


Do you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city? Then visit the Rijsterborgherpark and enjoy the peace and all the beautiful images that are there.

blank Photo Coffee Together in Deventer, Eat & drink, Coffee, tea & cakes, Lunch

Coffee Together

At Coffee Together you can go for a good cup of coffee with a tip cake or a delicious fresh smoothie with a delicious sandwich.

blank Photo Kaashandel de Brink in Deventer, Shopping, Delicacies & specialties

Kaashandel de Brink

Cheese trade de Brink has been appointed no less than 6 times as Dutch Best Cheese Specialty. So you go here for delicious cheese!

blank Photo Brink in Deventer, View, Walk around


De Brink is the central square in the city centre of Deventer and is surrounded by cozy terraces, a nice cookie shop and you will find the Tourist Office.

blank Photo Deventer Koekwinkel in Deventer, Shopping, Gift, Delicacy, Coffee

Deventer Koekwinkel

For a typical delicacy from Deventer, step into the cookie shop and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, tea and the real herb cake!

blank Photo Ot & Sien in Deventer, Eat & drink, Enjoy lovley diner

Ot & Sien

Ot & Sien is a cozy restaurant with an old Dutch decor and delicious pancakes in all kinds of special combinations.

blank Photo 't Arsenaal in Deventer, Eat & drink, Dining

't Arsenaal

You can enjoy a culinary evening at restaurant't Arsenaal. The dishes are French/Mediterranean oriented and prepared with beautiful products.

blank Photo WAAR Deventer in Deventer, Shopping, Gift, Lifestyle, Delicacy

WAAR Deventer

Gift shop where you come for beautiful gifts with a special story, from home accessories, jewelry and books, to delicious food and drinks.

blank Photo Groote Poot in Deventer, Eat & drink, Coffee, Lunch, Snack

Groote Poot

At Groote Poot you are at the right place for a whole loaves but also for a delicious, organic sandwich with a cup of coffee!

blank Photo Deventer Borstelwinkel in Deventer, Shopping, Buy home accessories, Buy hobby stuff

Deventer Borstelwinkel

Step into the Brush Shop and taste the atmosphere of the past. With an extensive collection of brushes and brooms, this is a very special store.

blank Photo Engel & Bengel Eetkaffee in Deventer, Eat & drink, Coffee, Lunch, Drink, Diner

Engel & Bengel Eetkaffee

Engel & Bengel is a friendly dining kaffee where it is pleasant to stay. Whether you come to enjoy a tasty dinner, lunch or a good drink.

blank Photo Senses of Living in Deventer, Shopping, Lifestyle & cooking

Senses of Living

After a visit to Senses of Living you will walk out the door with a nice product, such as a nice apron, a good pan or nice tableware.

blank Photo Speelgoedmuseum Deventer in Deventer, View, Visit museum

Speelgoedmuseum Deventer

For a special experience, go to the Toy Museum. The collection and interaction make the museum a very nice place for young and old!

blank Photo Dol-op-Wol in Deventer, Shopping, Hobby & leisure


Let yourself be inspired by all books, magazines, wool and materials in the Dol-op-Wool store and get creative!

blank Photo Bierencafé De Heks in Deventer, Eat & drink, Enjoy nice drink

Bierencafé De Heks

Would you like to have a drink somewhere and sip a delicious specialty beer? Visit Beer Café De Witch and enjoy!

blank Photo Havana Bay in Deventer, Eat & drink, Dining

Havana Bay

At Havana Bay you can enjoy an evening full of delicious Cuban specialities, delicious cocktails and a cosy atmosphere.

blank Photo Hotel de Vischpoorte in Deventer, Sleep, Hotels & accommodations

Hotel de Vischpoorte

Affordable luxury is available in this hotel where rooms and apartments are located in the historic building and 600 metres from the Brink River.

blank Photo Lales Mode in Deventer, Shopping, Fashion & clothing

Lales Mode

For the trendy woman who loves colorful and cheerful clothes, Lales Mode is a fun fashion store. From beautiful dresses to nice accessories!

blank Photo Bergkerk in Deventer, View, Sightseeing


The beautiful Bergkerk is located in the centre of Deventer and has a long history. Nowadays you can admire exhibitions and concerts.

blank Photo Charles Dickens Museum in Deventer, View, Visit museum, Sightseeing

Charles Dickens Museum

Unique Charles Dickens museum and library.

blank Photo Goesting in Deventer, Eat & drink, Lunch, Dining


Enjoy an extensive lunch or dinner on the sun-drenched terrace next to the characteristic Wilhelminafontein and overlooking the Waag.

blank Photo Bibett in Deventer, Shopping, Fun shopping


For a beautiful stylish outfit, visit Bibett. Whether you're looking for a Moschino bag or a dress by Jean Paul.

blank Photo De Bonte Klipper in Deventer, Shopping, Gift, Delicacy, Coffee

De Bonte Klipper

De Bonte Klipper is an authentic shop where the customer can enjoy the ultimate coffee and tea experience with delicious chocolates.

blank Photo St. Tropez in Deventer, Eat & drink, Coffee, Lunch, Drink, Diner

St. Tropez

At St. Tropez you can enjoy delicious lunch dishes, a tasty dinner or a drink all day long. It's a suitable place for everyone.

blank Photo Koning Willem in Deventer, Shopping, Hobby & leisure

Koning Willem

King Willem, with a collection consisting of 2800 games and 8000 Lps, is a paradise for the game enthusiast and music lover.

blank Photo Sandton IJsselhotel in Deventer, Sleep, Sleep

Sandton IJsselhotel

Located on the IJssel with a beautiful view over Deventer you will find this luxury design hotel where you relax and settle on the lovely terrace.

blank Photo Frietmeester in Deventer, Eat & drink, Enjoy delicious


For delicious artisanal fries made from the best fries potatoes, baked in their skins and combined with tasty sauces.

blank Photo Sjokolaa in Deventer, Shopping, Buy gifts, Buy delicacies


At Chocolaterie Sjokolaa you are at the right place for delicious chocolate and you can see how the products are made in an artisanal way.

blank Photo Roemar koffie & thee in Deventer, Shopping, Gift, Delicacy, Coffee

Roemar koffie & thee

Roemar coffee & tea is a unique concept in Deventer where the coffee beans are freshly roasted and where you can create and mix tea yourself.

blank Photo Tantilly in Deventer, Shopping, Fashion, Gift, Hobby


You get cheerful right away when you step over the threshold at Tantilly. The beautiful colourful collection is very nice for young and old.

blank Photo Restaurant Boas in Deventer, Eat & drink, Enjoy lovley diner

Restaurant Boas

For an evening of culinary enjoyment, the atmospheric Restaurant Boas is a suitable place. On the menu you will find beautiful French dishes.

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Parkeergarage Brink

This car park is located in the southern part of the city centre near the Wilhelminabrug. Good location to walk directly into the city.

blank Photo Parkeerterrein Beestenmarkt in Deventer, Info, Park

Parkeerterrein Beestenmarkt

At the Beestenmarkt you can park right behind the station for convenient hourly and day rates. Please note limited opening hours.

blank Photo Centrum Garage in Deventer, Info, Parking places

Centrum Garage

This large parking garage behind the HEMA is centrally located in the city centre of Deventer. Ideal location with fairly favorable parking rates.

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Parkeerterrein Van Twickelostraat

This car park on the northwest side of the city centre has a cheap hourly and daily rate. The city centre can be reached quickly from here.

blank Photo Parkeerterrein Melksterweide in Deventer, Info, Parking places

Parkeerterrein Melksterweide

On the other side of the IJssel it is possible to park free of charge. The crossing with the ferry is cheap and a nice side.

blank Photo NS Station Deventer in Deventer, Info, Public transport

NS Station Deventer

This train station is located on the north side of the city centre. Take the exit at the front and walk to the city centre in more than 5 minutes.

blank Photo VVV in Deventer, Info, Tourist office


A visit to the Tourist Office in the Penninckshuis is a good start to discover Deventer. They will be happy to help you with useful tips, information and routes.

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