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Aldino Moda

The Aldino Moda store features beautiful exclusive men's and women's garments. The style varies from qualitative and very chic to more casual.

Aldino Moda is a household name in Deventer when it comes to exclusive men's and women's clothing. For over 35 years, Aldino has made sure that men look tip top on special occasions or holidays. You can have a custom costume made with a matching tie and perfect shoes. There is also plenty of fun for the men who love casual. For the women, the store hangs a combination of chic clothes and more casual items. The staff are always ready to help the customer with the fitting and offer a delicious cup of coffee.

Shopping - Fashion & clothing

Aldino Moda
Smedenstraat 38-44
7411RD Deventer
0570618194 0570618194
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Opening hours
Monday   13:00–18:00
Tuesday   10:00–18:00
Wednesday   10:00–18:00
Thursday   10:00–21:00
Friday   10:00–18:00
Saturday   09:30–17:00
Sunday   12:00–17:00
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