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Afghani & Zo

Taste a surprising Afghani & Zo weekly menu and take a seat in the beautiful space where you feel yourself in a Thousand and One Night atmosphere.

As the name suggests, you can enjoy delicious Afghani & Zo cuisine with many influences from surrounding areas. The owner wants to introduce the Netherlands to delicious herbs and spices from Iran and Uzbekistan, among others. Here you can taste unique, contemporary flavors with a special twist. Not only tasty flavors, but also sustainability is of paramount importance. With respect for people, animals and the environment, a surprising weekly menu has been chosen so that dishes are freshly prepared every day and as little as possible discarded. The restaurant consists of four rooms, each with its own theme. Choose the Afghan living room with high Thousand and One Night content, the warm atmosphere in the central room with long sofa and colorful pillows or the family dining room where larger groups can be welcomed.

Eat & drink - Dining

Afghani & Zo
Bleekstraat 23
5611VB Eindhoven
0622131248 0622131248
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