The 26 best shops to visit during a day of shopping in Eindhoven

You may not think about it right away, but in the city of light Eindhoven it's good shopping! In the Rechtestraat and De Demer, the major shopping streets, you will find the famous shops. On a drizzling day, the Heuvel and Piazza are good options, both shopping malls are covered. Really nice shopping is in the Kleine Berg, the Grote Berg and the Bergstraat. There you will find artistic shops and special specialty shops. The same goes for the Strijp-S district, a place full of artistic, fashionable and sensory things. Save all your favorite spot on your city guide and experience an unforgettable day of shopping.

blank Photo FeelGood Market in Eindhoven, View, Delicacy, Drink, Event

FeelGood Market

Visit the FeelGood Market, enjoy good food and drinks, listen to live music and see all the beautiful products made by unique designers.

blank Photo Onder de Leidingstraat in Eindhoven, Eat & drink, Delicacy, Coffee, Lunch

Onder de Leidingstraat

At Strijp-S you do your daily shopping at Onder de Leidingstraat, eat a delicious breakfast or lunch and get delicious meals.

blank Photo Vershal het Veem in Eindhoven, Eat & drink, Delicacy, Lunch, Snack, Diner

Vershal het Veem

Let your senses excite at Vershal het Veem. An indoor fresh market full of special products, inspiration for recipes and delicious food.

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What is your recommendation in Eindhoven?

blank Photo Jogg-jeans in Eindhoven, Shopping, Fun shopping


For comfortable trousers of high quality and with a contemporary style, go to Jogg-jeans for both men and women and children.

blank Photo Can Gallery in Eindhoven, Shopping, Buy home accessories, Experience

Can Gallery

See and score cool graffiti artworks at Can Gallery or take part in a fun, creative workshop in a relaxed atmosphere.

blank Photo Bottle Distillery in Eindhoven, View, Delicacy, Sight, Activity

Bottle Distillery

Ignine yourself at Bottle Distillery in the world of gin, liqueur, beer fire and vodka. The small-scale approach and artisanal method make the place unique

blank Photo Rambam in Eindhoven, Shopping, Fashion & clothing


At Rambam, a lot of passion and blue blood flows through the veins of the staff. The store is full of cool denim from various beautiful brands.

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7 hotspots in Eindhoven that make lunch and coffee special

blank Photo BeanBrothers in Eindhoven, Shopping, Buy delicacies, Drink coffee tea


Is coffee a vital necessity for you? Then try a cup of coffee at this city roasting plant and immediately stock up delicious freshly roasted beans.

blank Photo Eppo Strip Eindhoven in Eindhoven, Shopping, Gifts & presents, Hobby & leisure

Eppo Strip Eindhoven

A valhalla for every comic book reader or comic book collector. Here you will find a wide range of comic books, manga, comics, board and card games.

blank Photo Deense Kroon in Eindhoven, Shopping, Fashion & clothing, Lifestyle & cooking

Deense Kroon

Visit the Deense Kroon for the latest Scandinavian trends for men and women. Check out the beautiful selection of fashion, living and lifestyle.

blank Photo Hutspot in Eindhoven, Shopping, Fashion & clothing, Gifts & presents


700 m2 full of groundbreaking fashion, lifestyle and interior. The minimalist room clusters items designed by local designers and artists.

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Now is the time to support your favorite restaurant

blank Photo Velo d'Anvers in Eindhoven, Shopping, Buy hobby stuff

Velo d'Anvers

Let Velo d'Anvers restore and pimp your bike in a cool color or look out at the old-fashioned display cabinets and fun bike books.

blank Photo Down Town Gourmet Market in Eindhoven, Eat & drink, Delicacy, Lunch, Snack

Down Town Gourmet Market

In this indoor food market you will find in addition to a central bar twenty mini restaurants each with its own specialty from fish to salads and pizza.

blank Photo Urban Shopper in Eindhoven, View, Fashion, Gift, Lifestyle, Hobby, Delicacy, Lunch, Neighborhood

Urban Shopper

Step into the creative Urban Shopper and see all 20 stores where entrepreneurs offer products such as clothing, interior, lifestyle and food.

blank Photo Citydwellers in Eindhoven, Shopping, Lifestyle & cooking


Citydwellers focuses on social design, fair production and sustainable quality. You will find a creative mix of living and fashion products.

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The best spots for a cozy drink

blank Photo De Steenarend in Eindhoven, View, Buy gifts, Visit museum

De Steenarend

This is a gemstone cutting plant, shop and museum in one. Admire the collection of rough stones, fossils, shells and silver jewelry with precious stones.


Kinderboekwinkel de Boekenberg

At Kinderboekenwinkel De Boekenberg you step into the world of audiobooks, poetry and reading books for children of different ages.


Home Stock

Stroll around at Home Stock between surprising accessories, industrial furniture and handy kitchen utensils. The team is always there for you!



Step into 2Balou and experience the atmosphere of a Parisian boutique where affordable, beautiful clothing items and accessories lie for the fashionable woman.


Kriz interior & lifestyle

Walk inside Kriz interior & lifestyle and buy a beautiful candle, lamp or bowl made of recycled materials, such as recycled Tupperware.


Velvet Music

Score new and second-hand CDs, vinyl and DVDs in all kinds of genres at Velvet Music. From dance and rock to jazz and classical.



MLY makes every woman feel the best version of herself with her beautiful fashion collection made mainly with eco-friendly materials.


Design Daily's

From umbrellas and lamps to watches and side tables. At Desgin Daily's you look your eyes out at all beautiful design items.



Women and men at Vielgut can poke around trendy clothing and interior items from brands like Nudie Jeans, Converse and Lee 101.



At the Pastryclub you enter a world of delicious delicacies, beautiful creations, stimulating senses and pleasant surprises.


Kunst van het Kleden

Score a cool, colourful item as a man or woman in the Kunst van het Kleden and let yourself be advised in a characteristic building where a nice atmosphere hangs.

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