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Intelligentia ICE

At Intelligentia ICE you lick your fingers off with all the delicacies. Do you order a special ice cream? Or the delicious chocolates, macarons or patisserie.

From special ice cream and homemade chocolates to delicious macarons and lovingly brewed coffee and tea. At Intelligentia ICE in the Strijp-S district you'll find it all! Encouraging and surprising customers is an important core value. They work with themed months, creating innovative ice cream flavours every time, such as saffron, salty caramel, strawberry & mint and yogurt lemoncurd. The macarons and chocolates are beautiful and made with the best ingredients and unique flavors. Furthermore, Intelligentia ICE has won awards. This indicates that this nice spot is definitely worth a visit.

Eat & drink - Snack & inbetween

Intelligentia ICE
Leidingstraat 43
5617AJ Eindhoven
0402983303 0402983303
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