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Saffraan restaurant

At Saffraan restaurant Eindhoven you can taste and experience all the good that Afghanistan and Iran have to offer in a nice entourage.

Let yourself be surprised by the Persian cuisine! The menu of Saffron shows an unprecedented variety of unique specialties. The beauty of that is that the often spicy dishes from Afghanistan are well thought out combined with the freshness of Iranian cuisine. How about the Persian mantu, stewed dough, stuffed with seasoned minced meat? Or the joojeh, a Persian chicken breast, marinated in saffron and baked on a stone grill? ''We have something for everyone, from meat and fish to vegetarian. And also in terms of desserts, we serve our guests at their beckons with the most exotic desserts or a delicious Oriental tea.” Good to know is that you park at Saffron on the doorstep, they have a vegetarian/vegan menu, you can choose glucose and lactose free food, as well as halal dishes.

Eat & drink - Dining

Saffraan restaurant
Tongelresestraat 321
5642NB Eindhoven
0408457470 0408457470
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