Photo De Gouden Bock in Middelburg, Eat & drink, Dining - #1
Photo De Gouden Bock in Middelburg, Eat & drink, Dining - #2

De Gouden Bock

Enjoy here with fresh fish and a good glass of wine. With only one meat dish on the menu, the fish take the lead on the menu.

De Gouden Bock is the place to eat fresh fish. This can be done during a tasty dinner or a delicious lunch. The emphasis is on fresh North Sea fish and game season. This year they celebrate their 15th anniversary with an extra nice dinner menu consisting of all small dishes; the 15 favorite dishes of the past 15 years. Recommended!

Eat & drink - Dining

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De Gouden Bock
Damplein 17
4331GC Middelburg
0118617484 0118617484
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Opening hours
Monday   12:00–21:00
Tuesday   11:00–21:00
Wednesday   11:00–21:00
Thursday   11:00–21:00
Friday   11:00–21:00
Saturday   11:00–21:00
Sunday   Closed
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