The 13 most beautiful sights and museums to visit in Middelburg

When you walk into the centuries-old Middelburg, the Abbey Tower, the Lange Jan, will stand out. This tower shows up everywhere and it is a real experience to climb it. Middelburg is one of the trading cities of the VOC. You can still feel the city's prosperous past when you walk through the city centre. Visit the Zeeuwse Museum or walk past the 15th century Town Hall, the Hofje under the Tower and the 17th century Kuiper Gateway. Or go on a cruise and see the glorious past from a different angle. Save your favorite spots on your city guide and explore.

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This is the first church in Middelburg to be built specifically for Protestant worship. Because of his appearance, he is prominent in the city.

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Zeeuws Museum

Immerse yourself in the history of Zeeland and give your eyes a living in the Zeeuwse museum. You are in a treasure trove full of history and art.

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The Spijkerbrug has very special details. The richly decorated bridge has a lifting mechanism. This allows boats to enter the harbour.

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Lange Jan

Located in the middle of the historic centre of Middelburg stands the Abbey Tower de Lange Jan. You can climb the 90.5 meter high tower yourself.

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Formerly a shooting range, inn and hospital, nowadays a grand-café and cinema with a beautiful view over the city centre from the tower.

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This former town hall is home to Middelburg's most admirable museum. The art collections are innovative and constantly changing.

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Hofje Onder den Toren

This courtyard is very appropriate to be found at the foot of the Abbey Tower Lange Jan and was created during the Reconstruction of Middelburg.

blank Photo Koepoort in Middelburg, View, Sightseeing


The last remaining city gate in Middelburg is a nice starting point for a walk along the stronghold.

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In the past, the authentic abbey was used as a monastery and the monks lived here. Counterwoodig there is a museum and office located.

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Visit the Markt and see this beautiful town hall built in a Gothic style by a Flemish architect family.

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Molen De Hoop

This round shelving mill from 1735 at the Vlissings Bolwerk in Middelburg is run by a group of voluntary mills.

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Admire the beautiful town houses and warehouses from the VOC era and look for a cosy restaurant or terrace in the harbour of Middelburg.

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Imagine yourself in the 17th century and walk through the narrow street of the Kuiper Gate. In the past, barrels and vats were made in this street.

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