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Arsenaal 1824

Right in the center of Nijmegen you will find Arsenaal 1824, a beautiful catering company consisting of a modern hip Grand Café and atmospheric restaurant.

In Arsenaal 1824 you can experience everything! You are welcome daily from 10.00 am and Sunday from 11.00 am in the Grand Café, where you can have a delicious cup of coffee at the reading table. The chefs also make delicious sandwiches, sandwiches, flammkuchen, soups, salads and more. You can also choose hot lunch/main dishes and shareable Fingerfood. Do you fancy a drink? Then you can choose from 50 different specialty beers, cocktails, and wines. From 12.00 hours you can also visit the cosy restaurant of Arsenaal 1824. From the open kitchen they serve fine lunch dishes and at 17.00 they start dinner. Let yourself be surprised by dishes of French and Mediterranean cuisine. Taste delicious appetizers, hot and cold appetizers, salads and no less than 12 main courses. Is the sun shining? Then there are 2 space terraces on the sheltered courtyard of Arsenaal 1824 where you can take a seat. All in all, this is a place where you sit all day long!

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Arsenaal 1824
Arsenaalpoort 1
6511PN Nijmegen
0243244833 0243244833
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