The 16 most beautiful sights and museums to visit in Nijmegen

The oldest city in the Netherlands has a long history, which goes back more than 2000 years and that can be seen in the beautiful historic part of the city. Around the Grote Markt you will find beautiful buildings such as the Waag, Stevenskerk and the Town Hall. Don't forget to visit a museum so you can learn more about the city of Nijmegen. Due to its location on the south bank of the Waal it is highly recommended to take a walk along the Waalkade. Around the center you can find several parks such as the Kronenburgerpark, Valkhofpark and Hunnerpark where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Discover all your favorite spots and add them to your own city guide.

blank Photo Nationaal Fietsmuseum Velorama in Nijmegen, View, Museums & galleries

Nationaal Fietsmuseum Velorama

Admire a large number of unique bikes in this only bicycle museum in the Netherlands. From original balance bikes to royal two-wheelers.

blank Photo Grote Markt in Nijmegen, View, Enjoy nice drink, Walk around

Grote Markt

Stroke down on one of the many terraces on the Grote Markt and take a look at the beautiful buildings and Rijksmonumenten while enjoying lunch or drinks.

blank Photo Petrus Canisiuskerk in Nijmegen, View, Sightseeing

Petrus Canisiuskerk

After a number of devastations, including the bombardment of 1944, this church now consists of a combination of neo-Gothic old and new buildings.

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blank Photo Lange Hezelstraat in Nijmegen, View, Walk around

Lange Hezelstraat

The Lange Hezelstraat in the center of Nijmegen is the oldest shopping street in the Netherlands and always cozy and beautiful thanks to its historic buildings.

blank Photo Boterwaag in Nijmegen, View, Sights & landmarks


Visit the Grote Markt and admire the beautiful Boterwaag in the middle of the square, shrouded in Renaissance shapes.

blank Photo Valkhof in Nijmegen, View, Walk around


Stroll around the Valkhof, see the Saint Nicholas Chapel and the Barbarossa ruins and enjoy the peace and nature.

blank Photo muZIEum in Nijmegen, View, Visit museum, Experience


Imagine that you do not see cars driving or do not know where the exit is. How does that affect you? Discover it for yourself in the MuSum.

blank Photo Mariënburgkapel in Nijmegen, View, Sights & landmarks


Learn about the history oldest city in the Netherlands, Nijmegen, through the exhibitions in the Mariënburgkapel.

blank Photo Stadsbrouwerij de Hemel in Nijmegen, View, Enjoy nice drink, Visit museum

Stadsbrouwerij de Hemel

During the weekend, visit this city brewery and learn all about the process of distillation and brewing. Tasting is of course part of this.

blank Photo Stevenskerk in Nijmegen, View, Sights & landmarks


Behold this largest church in the city during a day trip to Nijmegen. The 13th century building is shrouded in a Romanesque Gothic style.

blank Photo Galerie Bart in Nijmegen, View, Museum, Activity, Event

Galerie Bart

Podium for young and new talent with exhibitions by ambitious artists, photographers and designers, as well as cultural events and workshops.

blank Photo Hunnerpark in Nijmegen, View, Walk around


Escape the hustle and bustle of town and take a nice walk through the Hunnerpark. You will see historical objects, parts of the old city wall and statues.

blank Photo Museum het Valkhof in Nijmegen, View, Museums & galleries

Museum het Valkhof

Visitors of all ages can admire a mix of archaeological finds, Old and Modern art at the Valkhof Museum.

blank Photo Stadhuis in Nijmegen, View, Sightseeing


During a day trip in Nijmegen, walk along the Town Hall and see all the beautiful details that the building is rich, such as the sculptures on the façade.

blank Photo Waalkade in Nijmegen, View, Neighborhood, square, park


Enjoy a nice drink, some food and enjoy a beautiful view over the Waal. An area with historic buildings and plenty of restaurants and cafés.

blank Photo Kronenburgerpark in Nijmegen, View, Walk around


Find relaxation in the Kronenburgerpark and see the Kronenburg Tower, St. Jacobsmolen and special historical parts of the city wall.

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