The 30 best restaurants, lunchrooms and bars in Nijmegen

The Grote Markt, with the Waag and a number of other historical buildings, is a cozy square in the city centre of Nijmegen where you can eat, drink or grab a terrace. Visit the nice pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants at the back of the Stevenskerk and enjoy the cosy atmosphere in the sun. While shopping you will find at Lange Hezelstraat several nice lunchrooms and places for a delicious ice cream, fries or other snacks. But also during a round through the in the Betouwstraat, Van Welderenstraat and Van Broekhuysstraat you will find nice places to have lunch, drink coffee or relax. Save your favourite spot for a tasty round of Nijmegen.

blank Photo The Fuzz Coffee & Tunes in Nijmegen, Eat & drink, Coffee, tea & cakes, Lunch

The Fuzz Coffee & Tunes

At The Fuzz Coffee & Tunes you will feel right at home thanks to the cozy atmosphere, the good food and drinks and not to mention thanks to cat Bert.

blank Photo Café Daen in Nijmegen, Eat & drink, Drink

Café Daen

Prachtig brown Café in a monumental building (the old Laeckenhal) on the Grote Markt of Nijmegen with extensive specialty beers menu.

blank Photo 512 Nijmegen & Bleshyou in Nijmegen, Shopping, Fashion, Hobby, Coffee

512 Nijmegen & Bleshyou

512 Nijmegen is a unique combination of fashion, design, plants and tea. Relax in 'Our Tea Bar' and wander around among the beautiful items.

blank Photo Stadsbrouwerij de Hemel in Nijmegen, View, Enjoy nice drink, Visit museum

Stadsbrouwerij de Hemel

During the weekend, visit this city brewery and learn all about the process of distilling and brewing. Tasting is of course part of this.

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Best hotels in the center of Nijmegen

blank Photo Ristorante Merano in Nijmegen, Eat & drink, Dining

Ristorante Merano

Feel at Ristorante Merano in Italian atmosphere and choose one of the delicious authentic dishes prepared with organic products.

blank Photo Bistro Flores in Nijmegen, Eat & drink, Dining

Bistro Flores

With beautiful dishes on the menu, fine wines and a fine ambience, Bistro Flores is guaranteed to enjoy an evening of culinary.

blank Photo Bairro Alto in Nijmegen, Eat & drink, Coffee, tea & cakes, Lunch

Bairro Alto

At Bairro Alto you feel the peace when you step over the threshold. In the creative decor you can eat delicious lunch dishes or choose for a picnic.

blank Photo Kattencafé Balthazar in Nijmegen, Eat & drink, Drink coffee tea

Kattencafé Balthazar

The cats (naked) at Balthazar live permanently in the café. Enjoy their company over a nice cup of coffee or tea with delicious pastries.

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10 hotspots in Nijmegen for a delicious lunch - from lunchroom to salad bar

blank Photo Restaurant Ivory in Nijmegen, Eat & drink, Dining

Restaurant Ivory

Fancy an evening enjoying delicious culinary dishes, fine wines and your company? At Restaurant Ivory this is guaranteed!

blank Photo Fresca in Nijmegen, Eat & drink, Lunch, Snack & inbetween


Do you choose a delicious tip cake, a salad or a sandwich? At Fresca the choice is huge and you are good for a breakfast and good lunch.

blank Photo Stadsbakkerij De Bie in Nijmegen, Eat & drink, Enjoy delicious

Stadsbakkerij De Bie

During a fun day in Nijmegen, make a stop at Stadsbakkerij De Bie and buy a delicious traditional sandwich or pastry for the go.

blank Photo De Fabriek in Nijmegen, Eat & drink, Lifestyle, Coffee, Lunch

De Fabriek

Hidden behind large industrial gates you will find De Fabriek. Formerly a storage place for wood, now a very nice lunchroom and concept store.

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Recommended for an overnight stay in Nijmegen

blank Photo Nibbles in Nijmegen, Eat & drink, Enjoy delicious lunch, Enjoy lovely diner


The trendy Nibbles has a menu full of delicious snacks and tapas from the Mediterranean cuisine. Taste and share the many different dishes.

blank Photo CALI in Nijmegen, Eat & drink, Coffee, Lunch, Drink, Diner


Pat down at CALI, sack down and enjoy delicious homemade snacks and tasty drinks. The nice thing is that all the food is shared together.

blank Photo De Meesterproef in Nijmegen, Eat & drink, Lunch, Drink, Diner

De Meesterproef

Where bags with E-numbers used to come from, nowadays De Meesterproef is where delicious, fresh dishes are prepared with passion.

blank Photo Nostra Lunch Winebar in Nijmegen, Eat & drink, Enjoy delicious lunch, Enjoy nice drink

Nostra Lunch Winebar

They have a large collection of wines that are almost all served by the glass. You are also good for lunch, high tea and high wine.

blank Photo Restaurant Wally in Nijmegen, Eat & drink, Dining

Restaurant Wally

Enjoy an evening with your company at Wally. Here you will eat the most delicious burgers made with a lot of love and respect.

blank Photo De Kaaij in Nijmegen, Eat & drink, Enjoy nice drink

De Kaaij

What started with a truck and fold-out bar has become De Kaaij. Relax during the summer on this cultural city beach at the Waalbrug.

blank Photo Patathuisje Piccolino in Nijmegen, Eat & drink, Enjoy delicious

Patathuisje Piccolino

Did you get hungry during your day in town? At Patathuisje Piccolino you can enjoy delicious fries made from the best raw potatoes.

blank Photo First Things First in Nijmegen, Eat & drink, Coffee, tea & cakes, Lunch

First Things First

Where animal feeders used to be, you can now drink coffee of superior quality in a nice atmosphere. Experience First Things First coffee shop.

blank Photo Grote Markt in Nijmegen, View, Enjoy nice drink, Walk around

Grote Markt

Sit down on one of the many terraces on the Grote Markt and see the beautiful buildings and national monuments while enjoying lunch or drinks.

blank Photo Fika in Nijmegen, Eat & drink, Enjoy delicious lunch


Iike yourself in Scandinavia at the always cozy Fika and go for a nice breakfast, lunch or evening snack inspired by the Northern cuisine.

blank Photo Blonde Pater in Nijmegen, Eat & drink, Coffee, Lunch, Drink

Blonde Pater

They have already won many awards with their coffee, many topbarista learned the trade here and the coffee is prepared with love and passion. You can taste that!

blank Photo Arsenaal 1824 in Nijmegen, Eat & drink, Enjoy nice drink, Enjoy lovely diner

Arsenaal 1824

Right in the center of Nijmegen you will find Arsenaal 1824, a beautiful catering company consisting of a modern hip Grand Café and atmospheric restaurant.



Artisan, pure and rich in taste, so you can describe lunchroom Smaakrijk. Sit down and taste a delicious, pure lunch and fresh coffee.


Philipse Koffie & Brocante

Looking for a nice base in Nijmegen? Philipse Koffie & Brocante is the perfect place to recover, eat and score brocante.


Stadscafé Jan

Plunge down at Stadscafé Jan and drink a delicious specialty beer or enjoy delicious lunch dishes and a good cup of coffee on the beautiful terrace.


Bistro de Bok

Bistro de Bok is world famous in Nijmegen for their meat. What is high and is prepared with love. Taste it in a nice, cosy atmosphere.


Strik Patisserie

At Strik Patisserie you enter the world of delicious pastries, creamy chocolates and fresh bread. Everything is top quality!


MUNT Saladebar

Enjoy delicious, healthy meal salads, soups, snacks and juices made with pure and organic products in the cozy lunchroom MUNT.

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