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Galerie Bart

Podium for young and new talent with exhibitions by ambitious artists, photographers and designers, as well as cultural events and workshops.

Quality, originality, guts, professionalism and ambition. These words characterize Galerie Bart and the artists that the gallery represents. The painters, photographers, sculptors, performance, installation and video artists have mostly graduated in the Netherlands and are characterized by a fresh look at the world. The work of emerging talent and established artists is promoted by Galerie Bart on the national and international art market. In the two locations in Amsterdam and Nijmegen, solo, duo and group exhibitions alternate and collaborative projects are organized. Galerie Bart always surprises with high-quality exhibitions and a wide range, presented in an open, accessible environment.

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Galerie Bart
Waalbandijk 14C
6541AJ Nijmegen
0243600577 0243600577
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