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First Things First

Where animal feeders used to be, you can now drink coffee of superior quality in a nice atmosphere. Experience First Things First coffee shop.

A little further outside the center of Nijmegen you will find the cozy coffee shop First Things First in an old Honigfabriek. Here you will experience the whole process: from roasting to drinking coffee. On the menu you will find a number of local delicacies for your cup of coffee. The open burner and dynamic place ensure that the customer can relax optimally, because at First Things First, the most important thing has to be done first. Namely, drink good coffee. Personal attention and superior quality should also not be lacking in these core values.

Eat & drink - Coffee, tea & cakes , Lunch

First Things First
Waalbandijk 14B
6541AJ Nijmegen
0620293471 0620293471
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