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American Steakhouse Broadway

Located in two yard cellars, you'll find American Steakhouse Broadway. Taste the mouth-watering spareribs and drink a delicious cocktail.

American Steakhouse Broadway is located in the unique basements that make Utrecht so special. The restaurant consists of two yard cellars that are authentically decorated in New York style, Broadway. In summer you can enjoy on the terrace, watching all the boats that sail along. The menu includes delicious fish and meat dishes. From steaks and ribs to lamb chops, tenderloin and grilled fish. The dishes include typical American beers and six unique cocktails with fun, original names. Keep a hole, because the desserts are delicious too. Choose for example the cheesecake, oreo cookie bash or chocolate mousse

Eat & drink - Dining

American Steakhouse Broadway
Oudegracht aan de werf 139
3511AL Utrecht
0302312643 0302312643
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