The 35 best restaurants, lunchrooms and bars in Utrecht

In the lively city centre of Utrecht there is plenty of food and drinks to do. Cosy lunchrooms, coffee shops, burger bars and restaurants to eat a delicious snack, nice pubs, cafes and cocktail bars to have a drink and cozy terraces to relax together. Especially the fantastic terraces at the wharf cellars along the Oudegracht are a must to visit during a day trip to Utrecht. Another unique terrace can be found at WT Urban on the top floor of the water tower. Save all your favorite spots on your city guide and experience the flavors of the cathedral city.

blank Photo SLA in Utrecht, Eat & drink, Lunch


At SLA you can enjoy delicious salads, juices and soups. Prepared with tasteful and pure ingredients that give the customer a long power peak.

blank Photo Zies Utrecht in Utrecht, Eat & drink, Dining, Hotels & accommodations

Zies Utrecht

Zies is a boutique hotel, wine bar and bistro. On the map you will find only the best from Southern Europe. As a guest, you are also in the center of the city.

blank Photo Rabarber in Utrecht, Eat & drink, Lunch


Do you fancy a hearty breakfast with a double espresso at four o'clock in the afternoon? At Rhubarb you can enjoy breakfast or lunch all day.

blank Photo American Steakhouse Broadway in Utrecht, Eat & drink, Dining

American Steakhouse Broadway

Located in two cellars, you'll find American Steakhouse Broadway. Taste the delicious spare ribs and drink a delicious cocktail.

blank Photo KEEK in Utrecht, Eat & drink, Coffee, tea & cakes, Lunch


Who does not like the smell of freshly baked delicacies? In this lunchroom you are at the right place for scones, cakes, juices and coffee.

blank Photo Koffie75 in Utrecht, Eat & drink, Coffee, tea & cakes


At Koffie75 you can go for good coffee! And pure tea, juices, smoothies, homemade cakes and craft sandwiches. Just recharge!

blank Photo De keuken van Thijs in Utrecht, Eat & drink, Enjoy delicious lunch

De keuken van Thijs

The Kitchen of Thijs is a nice place where you will feel right at home. For a nice cup of coffee and a freshly topped sandwich, you're good here.

blank Photo De Zwarte Vosch in Utrecht, Eat & drink, Dining

De Zwarte Vosch

You can enjoy Spanish tapas and drinks at De Zwarte Vosch. The cosy atmosphere completes the evening.

blank Photo Talud9 in Utrecht, Eat & drink, Drink coffee tea, Enjoy nice drink


Talud9 is the perfect place for lovers of quality wines and coffee. The matching snacks complete the picture.

blank Photo STAN&CO in Utrecht, Eat & drink, Dining


You can go to Stan & Co for a nice lunch, dinner or a drink. The open kitchen and stylish decor complete the picture.

blank Photo Café Olivier in Utrecht, Eat & drink, Enjoy nice drink

Café Olivier

Café Olivier is the place for the special beer lover. From beers from Belgium and Utrecht to America and the well-known Jupiler beer. Enjoying!

blank Photo 30ml in Utrecht, Eat & drink, Coffee, tea & cakes


Taste the delicious coffee made with beans from our own roasting house and choose for a nice breakfast or lunch at this cozy coffee bar.

blank Photo 't Oude Pothuys in Utrecht, Eat & drink, Enjoy nice drink, Experience

't Oude Pothuys

't Oude Pothuys is perfect for a wonderful evening with live music while enjoying good food and drinks.

blank Photo Le Jardin Utrecht in Utrecht, Eat & drink, Buy home accessories, Enjoy lovley diner

Le Jardin Utrecht

Dinner among the greenery. A combination of a restaurant and florist. Taste dishes with vegetables as a starting point and discover beautiful plants.

blank Photo Dapp Frietwinkel in Utrecht, Eat & drink, Snack & inbetween

Dapp Frietwinkel

During a day trip to Utrecht you go to the Frietwinkel for the tastiest, fresh fries you could wish for. Baked with pleasure every day!

blank Photo IJssalon Vorst in Utrecht, Eat & drink, Snack & inbetween

IJssalon Vorst

For tasty cooling, go to Ice cream parlor Vorst. Here you can taste delicious homemade ice cream and sorbets made with tasty fruits.

blank Photo Meneer Smakers in Utrecht, Eat & drink, Lunch, Dining

Meneer Smakers

For a delicious, artisanally prepared burger and homemade fries, visit one of three locations of Mr. Smakers in Utrecht.

blank Photo Blackbird coffee & vintage in Utrecht, Eat & drink, Coffee, tea & cakes

Blackbird coffee & vintage

Relax and have a cup of coffee? That is possible at Blackbird coffee & vintage where the decor is full of nice vintage furniture.

blank Photo 't Koffieboontje - espressobar in Utrecht, Eat & drink, Coffee, tea & cakes

't Koffieboontje - espressobar

At't Koffieboontje, the atmospheric decor immediately stands out when you walk inside. The good coffee and delicacies will make you enjoy.

blank Photo Vin Vin in Utrecht, Eat & drink, Drink

Vin Vin

For fine wines from all over the world go to Vin. Take a seat on the lounge sofa and relax while enjoying a good glass of wine.

blank Photo Bigoli in Utrecht, Shopping, Buy delicacies, Enjoy delicious


Imagine yourself on vacation. Here you will find everything that is delicious from the area around the Mediterranean. Sample plenty of delicious specialties.

blank Photo BROEI in Utrecht, Eat & drink, Lunch, Drink, Diner


BROEI is a place where creativity, sociability and food come together. No tight frameworks, but a relaxed atmosphere where you can be yourself.

blank Photo Yoghurt Barn in Utrecht, Eat & drink, Lunch, Snack & inbetween

Yoghurt Barn

Loy good! That's what you can expect at the Yogurt Barn. Create your own yogurt and choose the toppings you like best.

blank Photo Cornelis in Utrecht, Eat & drink, Coffee, tea & cakes, Lunch


Step into this olive green building and relax in a fine ambience at Cornelis. Drink a delicious cup of coffee and enjoy a fresh lunch.

blank Photo De Klub in Utrecht, Eat & drink, Dining

De Klub

You can enjoy an evening of good food and conviviality at De Klub. You can also have breakfast or lunch and taste delicious dishes.

blank Photo Restaurant De Markt in Utrecht, Eat & drink, Dining

Restaurant De Markt

Enjoy classic Italian dishes such as pizza and pasta in an atmospheric atmosphere. And of course there is a nice glass of wine.

blank Photo De Keuken van KEEK in Utrecht, Shopping, Delicacies & specialties, Snack & inbetween

De Keuken van KEEK

Freshly baked loaves, scones, cakes, freshly squeezed juices and so on. At this takeaway shop you will end up in a Valhalla of delicacies.

blank Photo Koffie Leute in Utrecht, Eat & drink, Coffee, tea & cakes

Koffie Leute

For the real taste experience of coffee, go to Koffie Leute. Experience this together with the enthusiastic team and enjoy in a casual atmosphere.

blank Photo De Ontdekking in Utrecht, Eat & drink, Lunch

De Ontdekking

Stroke down at De Discovery and relax in one of cozy, cosy corners. Opt for a tasty juice, a dot cake or an extensive high tea.

blank Photo Luc. in Utrecht, Eat & drink, Enjoy delicious lunch, Enjoy lovley diner


Luc. is a homely restaurant that features original, stylish décor and serves delicious dishes for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

blank Photo Behind Bars Cocktailbar in Utrecht, Eat & drink, Drink

Behind Bars Cocktailbar

At Behind Bars Cocktailbar you can enjoy delicious classic and modern cocktails made with a combination of fine drinks.

blank Photo Brewpub De Kromme Haring in Utrecht, Eat & drink, Drink

Brewpub De Kromme Haring

Taste the unique beers from our own brewery in a relaxed environment or choose from a selection of the best beers from the Netherlands.

blank Photo Roberto Gelato in Utrecht, Eat & drink, Snack & inbetween

Roberto Gelato

The artisan ice cream is freshly made every day in the ice kitchen of the ingredients chosen with great care and you can taste that.

blank Photo WT Urban Kitchen in Utrecht, Eat & drink, Drink, Dining

WT Urban Kitchen

At WT Urban in Utrecht you enjoy at a high level. Divided over four levels you enjoy a beautiful view and a delicious dinner or drink.

blank Photo De Koekfabriek in Utrecht, Eat & drink, Delicacies & specialties, Coffee, tea & cakes

De Koekfabriek

For delicious cookies, go to the Cookie Factory. Made in an artisanal way by master bakers with an intellectual disability.

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