Step into this olive green property and relax in a fine atmosphere at Cornelis. Drink a delicious cup of coffee and enjoy a fresh lunch.

Behind the olive green façade was the shop of Cornelis de Ven where he sold groceries, coffee, tea and chocolate. Now, decades later, Cornelis is back in the form of a cozy, atmospheric coffee bar, delicatessen, lunchroom and one-room hotel. In the stately building you can drink a delicious cup of coffee or enjoy a nice breakfast or lunch. The dishes are prepared with sustainable, honest and healthy products. The cake comes from our own oven and lunch is fresh. Furthermore, you can wander around in the store and come across all kinds of handy and tasty products. Bas and Dave work passionately to keep Cornelis alive and to create a nice place for visitors.

Eat & drink - Coffee, tea & cakes , Lunch

Maliestraat 16
3581SL Utrecht
0302591711 0302591711
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