The 19 most beautiful sights and museums to visit in Utrecht

Utrecht was one of the first cities in the Netherlands with city rights and has a long history. After Amsterdam and Maastricht, Utrecht has the largest number of national monuments. Characteristic of the city is the Dom Tower, which is why Utrecht is called the Cathedral City. The 112 meter high church tower is the highest in the Netherlands. The historic centre is surrounded by a single and the Oudegracht and Nieuwegracht pass through the city. Along the Oudegracht you will find the characteristic shipyards and cellars with nice hotspots and terraces along the water. Create your own city guide and experience the beautiful sides of Utrecht.

blank Photo Museum Catharijneconvent in Utrecht, View, Visit museum

Museum Catharijneconvent

In the Museum Catharijneconvent you will learn more about Christianity in the Netherlands and discover the beautiful treasury and works of art.

blank Photo Willibrordkerk Utrecht in Utrecht, View, Sightseeing

Willibrordkerk Utrecht

The beautifully decorated Neo-Gothic Willibrordkerk is a real landmark in Utrecht and open to the public all year round.

blank Photo Sint Augustinuskerk in Utrecht, View, Sights & landmarks

Sint Augustinuskerk

The imposing St. Augustinuskerk is located on the Oudegracht in the centre of Utrecht. The large columns give you a special welcome.

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blank Photo Centraal Museum in Utrecht, View, Museums & galleries

Centraal Museum

The Centraal Museum introduces you to both beautiful old art and new design by big names such as Dick Bruna and Gerrit Rietveld.

blank Photo Zeven Steegjes in Utrecht, View, Sights & landmarks

Zeven Steegjes

Small nicely restored folk neighbourhood in the city centre with a cosy character. Wander through the narrow streets and alleys along the workers' homes.

blank Photo Domtoren in Utrecht, View, Sightseeing, Experience


Come into higher atmospheres and climb the Dom Tower on a guided tour. With a height of no less than 112 meters, it is the highest tower in the Netherlands.

blank Photo Museum voor het Kruideniersbedrijf in Utrecht, View, Museums & galleries

Museum voor het Kruideniersbedrijf

Imagine yourself in the time of Betje Boerhave, a grocery from the 19th century and don't forget to visit the atmospheric (candy) shop.

blank Photo Het Spoorwegmuseum in Utrecht, View, Visit museum

Het Spoorwegmuseum

Let yourself be surprised at Het Spoorwegmuseum and admire all the fascinating stories about trains, inventions and other special transports.

blank Photo nijntje museum in Utrecht, View, Museums & galleries

nijntje museum

During a day in Utrecht, go with the family to the miffy museum where little ones go on discovery, together with Miffy and her friends.

blank Photo GrachtenGalerie in Utrecht, View, Museums & galleries


At the Oudegracht above the historic wharf cellars, you can see beautiful works of art by young and established artists at the Canal Gallery.

blank Photo Museum Speelklok in Utrecht, View, Museums & galleries

Museum Speelklok

The Speelklok Museum is a true musical experience for young and old. During the tour you will learn all about the self-playing musical instruments.

blank Photo Domkerk in Utrecht, View, Sights & landmarks


The beautiful Gothic church in the bustling city centre is called the Cathedral Church. This striking landmark is not to be missed in Utrecht.

blank Photo Nederlands Volksbuurtmuseum in Utrecht, View, Visit museum

Nederlands Volksbuurtmuseum

A museum about Dutch people's neighbourhoods. Experience the interactive alley, historical stories, the bakery shop, listen to street music and more.

blank Photo Het Utrechts Archief in Utrecht, View, Museums & galleries

Het Utrechts Archief

During a visit to the Utrecht Archive, both children and adults learn everything about the history of the city.

blank Photo Kunstruimte KuuB in Utrecht, View, Museum, Activity, Event

Kunstruimte KuuB

Art and culture lovers can indulge in KuUb. Beautiful works of art are exhibited in the beautiful space.

blank Photo Universiteitsmuseum Utrecht in Utrecht, View, Museums & galleries, Activities

Universiteitsmuseum Utrecht

The University Museum Utrecht is extremely interesting for young and old. Discover the researcher in yourself and learn everything about animals and experiments.

blank Photo Werfkelders in Utrecht, View, Sightseeing, Walk around


When you visit Utrecht you cannot miss the cellars. There are no less than 732 and used to be a storage space or a passage.

blank Photo Sonnenborgh museum in Utrecht, View, Museums & galleries, Activities

Sonnenborgh museum

How does wind actually occur? And how do you decipher the secrets of the sun? Learn and discover all this in the Sonnenborgh museum.

blank Photo DOMunder in Utrecht, Activity, Sights & landmarks, Activities


For a unique experience during your day in Utrecht visit DOMunder. Explore the 2000 years of history of the Dom Square.

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