The 36 best restaurants, lunchrooms and bars in Delft

The centre of Delft guarantees numerous culinary experiences. The city centre is full of pearls of catering establishments! From cosy lunchroom to starred restaurant and from healthy salad bar to pure coffee shop. You can also have a nice drink in places like the Beestenmarkt and the Markt. It's just what you feel like during your day trip Delft. Save your favorite places for breakfast, lunch, dinner or drinks on your own city guide and taste the passion they have for food in Delft.

blank Photo De Visbanken in Delft, Eat & drink, Snack & inbetween

De Visbanken

Remarkable is the building where this fish shop can be found. Thanks to its central location, you never have to walk far for a portion of bickering.

blank Photo Hills & Mills in Delft, Eat & drink, Lunch, Dining

Hills & Mills

Chef Papa Kazmi combines authentic Indian cuisine with Western. Sincere, healthy and tasty. A special experience in taste.

blank Photo Bij Best Breakfast, Lunch & Coffee in Delft, Eat & drink, Drink coffee tea, Enjoy delicious lunch

Bij Best Breakfast, Lunch & Coffee

Enjoy surprising sandwiches, international breakfasts, street food dishes, high bites, salads and delicious juices inside or on terrace boat.

blank Photo Otelli Gelateria and Caffee in Delft, Eat & drink, Enjoy delicious

Otelli Gelateria and Caffee

This luxury ice cream shop is open all year round. In addition to the many cream and sorbet flavours, you also have a wide choice of coffee, pastries and other delicacies.

blank Photo Delfts Brouwhuis in Delft, Eat & drink, Drink

Delfts Brouwhuis

Three connoisseurs, a mug and a boys' dream. That's how it started. Now you're welcome for a beer. Inside or outside in the atmospheric beer garden.

blank Photo Uit de Kunst in Delft, Shopping, Fashion, Lifestyle, Coffee

Uit de Kunst

Oit de Kunst has both old furniture and a cozy coffee house. Enjoy a delicious lunch or coffee with homemade apple pie.

blank Photo De Pelicaan in Delft, Eat & drink, Drink, Dining

De Pelicaan

Delicious dining and cosy dining, indoors or during the summer on the beautiful terrace boat. Here they cook with passion with fresh products.

blank Photo Chocolaterie Gelaterie de Lelie in Delft, Shopping, Gift, Delicacy, Snack

Chocolaterie Gelaterie de Lelie

You can walk into De Lelie for handmade chocolates and delicious ice cream. Belongs to the top ten chocolate series. You can see that. You can taste it.

blank Photo Koffie & Zo in Delft, Eat & drink, Coffee, tea & cakes

Koffie & Zo

Besides coffee, pastries or lunch, you can also find vintage furniture and original gifts and gifts with a nice story.

blank Photo Hummus in Delft, Shopping, Enjoy delicious lunch, Enjoy lovley diner


As the name suggests, you can eat delicious Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes with hummus and much more!

blank Photo Miss Morrison Koffiebranderij Delft in Delft, Shopping, Delicacies & specialties, Coffee, tea & cakes

Miss Morrison Koffiebranderij Delft

Dream away from the scent of artisanally roasted coffee. Discover that coffee is so much more than just a good drink. Also for tea and something delicious.

blank Photo Stadscafé De Waag in Delft, Eat & drink, Lunch, Drink, Diner

Stadscafé De Waag

A historic, atmospheric café where you can have a drink. But also for a nice lunch or dinner outside on the terrace you will be fine here.

blank Photo Biercafé Doerak in Delft, Eat & drink, Drink

Biercafé Doerak

12 beers from tap and 170 from bottle. From traditional Belgian to new styles. Every day you can taste on the terrace or inside in this brown café.

blank Photo Sevenhills in Delft, Eat & drink, Lunch, Dining


Immerse yourself in the cool atmosphere of New York and enjoy the refined cuisine with a contemporary touch served here.

blank Photo Markt in Delft, View, Enjoy nice drink, Walk around


A large and historic market square where you can enjoy on a terrace with the beautiful view of the Nieuwe Kerk and the town hall.

blank Photo Huszár in Delft, Eat & drink, Enjoy nice drink, Enjoy lovley diner


You will find Huszár in a beautiful location. A place where you feel at home and where honest products, quality and service are of paramount importance.

blank Photo Malee in Delft, Eat & drink, Dining


Enjoy a delicious Thai experience at Malee. Each meal is prepared with fresh products from Thailand. Taste and experience the oriental flavors.

blank Photo Pleck in Delft, Eat & drink, Lifestyle & cooking, Coffee, tea & cakes


On the beautiful Voldersgracht you will find Pock. Lifestyle, fashion and food are central to the beautiful, open building. Discover what there is to do.

blank Photo Boulangerie Michel in Delft, Shopping, Buy delicacies, Enjoy delicious lunch

Boulangerie Michel

Enjoy traditional French artisanal products here. Here they believe in local products that go with the seasons.

blank Photo Jans Lunch Koek & Gebak in Delft, Eat & drink, Coffee, tea & cakes

Jans Lunch Koek & Gebak

Experience the pastry cream they cook in the sunny terrace garden, the airy whipped cream and the mouth-watering mocha acrème.

blank Photo Restaurant van der Dussen in Delft, Eat & drink, Enjoy lovley diner

Restaurant van der Dussen

This restaurant is nicely situated in the corner of the old Bagijnhof. The competent kitchen brigade will gladly provide you with delicious dishes.

blank Photo Beestenmarkt in Delft, View, Drink, Diner, Neighborhood


After many functions, this square is nowadays mainly a cozy place where you can eat and drink. Plenty of terraces and restaurants.

blank Photo KEK in Delft, Eat & drink, Drink coffee tea, Enjoy delicious lunch


This is where art and coffee come together. Besides coffee, sandwiches and cake, you can also find lifestyle items from talented entrepreneurs.

blank Photo Café Zondag in Delft, Eat & drink, Coffee, tea & cakes, Drink

Café Zondag

Walk into Café Zondag for perfect coffee, delicious cakes, farmland sandwiches, specialty beers and the real Delfste feeling.

blank Photo Neef Rob in Delft, Shopping, Gift, Delicacy, Coffee

Neef Rob

Nice place where they sell fine coffee and tea but where you can also sit in a kind of big living room. Don't forget to buy/taste the chocolates

blank Photo Barbaar in Delft, Eat & drink, Coffee, Lunch, Drink, Diner


De Barbarian connects, is innovative and has a fresh look at themes such as art, culture and technology and combines them with good food and drinks.

blank Photo Rossio in Delft, Eat & drink, Lunch, Dining


You can go here all day long. For a fresh cup of coffee to a simple and pure dinner or a luxurious and extensive dinner.

blank Photo Il Tartufo in Delft, Shopping, Delicacies & specialties, Lunch

Il Tartufo

Located in the historic center of Delft, on one of the most beautiful canals, behind the old church you will find a piece of authentic Italy.

blank Photo Kobus & Saartje in Delft, Eat & drink, Lunch, Snack & inbetween

Kobus & Saartje

If you walk along the Beestenmarkt you might already smell the freshly baked apple pie at Kobus & Saartje. Time for a stopover!

blank Photo De Centrale in Delft, Eat & drink, Enjoy lovley diner

De Centrale

In the Koornbeurs, a historic building that once used to be a meat hall, you can now find De Centrale. Where they serve a varied 4-or 5-course menu daily.

blank Photo Belgisch Bier Café Belvédère in Delft, Eat & drink, Drink

Belgisch Bier Café Belvédère

In a striking monument on the Beestenmarkt you will find this cozy café. The ideal place for a drink, a snack in between or a nice dinner.

blank Photo Moodz eten & drinken in Delft, Eat & drink, Lunch, Drink, Diner

Moodz eten & drinken

In this eatery with an authentic look, located in 2 monumental buildings, you can go for lunch, drinks, various finger food and dinner.

blank Photo Stads-koffyhuis in Delft, Eat & drink, Coffee, tea & cakes, Lunch


During your visit to Delft, rest at the Stads-Koffyhuis. An atmospheric place where you are kindly provided with more than just coffee.

blank Photo Bakkerij De Diamanten Ring in Delft, Shopping, Buy delicacies, Enjoy delicious

Bakkerij De Diamanten Ring

Here, the smell of freshly baked bread immediately caters to you. Every day they bake bread and pastry in a traditional way. And since 1796.

blank Photo Bakker Suikerbuik in Delft, Shopping, Delicacy, Coffee, Lunch

Bakker Suikerbuik

Konditorei and pastry shop where tasting is central. Fresh pastries daily, delicious Italian coffee. Try the High Tea.

blank Photo 't Postkantoor in Delft, Eat & drink, Coffee, Lunch, Drink, Diner

't Postkantoor

In this former post office they now deliver you the best drinks, lunch and dinner dishes. All this in a unique ambience.

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