The 14 most beautiful sights and museums to visit in Delft

Be amazed by the beauty of ancient Delft. The old town is full of characteristic buildings, imposing churches and canals to dream away. In the city known for Vermeer, Delft Blue, the relationship with the Royal Family and student life, you can enjoy yourself all day long. Wander around, dive into one of the many museums or explore the city from the water. Create your own city guide and experience a perfect day in Delft.

blank Photo Stadhuis in Delft, View, Sightseeing, Experience


Visit the medieval prison in this old town hall. Discover torture tools and the place where William of Orange's assassin sat.

blank Photo Royal Delft in Delft, View, Museums & galleries, Activities

Royal Delft

Learn all about the history and the authentic production process of the world famous Delft Blue in this 17th century factory.

blank Photo Markt in Delft, View, Enjoy nice drink, Walk around


A large and historic market square where you can enjoy on a terrace with the beautiful view of the Nieuwe Kerk and the town hall.

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Dinner or drink together in the city?

blank Photo Science Centre Delft in Delft, View, Museums & galleries, Activities

Science Centre Delft

In this interactive museum you can get started yourself and get a look into the kitchen of the TU Delft through various research setups.

blank Photo Expositieruimte 38CC in Delft, View, Visit museum

Expositieruimte 38CC

At Expositieruimte 38CC, be inspired and marveled by contemporary visual art, where social themes emerge.

blank Photo Gemeenlandshuis in Delft, View, Sights & landmarks


This late Gothic house was built around 1505. Behind the beautiful façade is the head office of the Hoogheemraadschap van Delfland.

blank Photo Paul Tetar van Elven in Delft, View, Museums & galleries

Paul Tetar van Elven

Let the beautiful authentic interior amaze you. In addition to the work of the painter and art collector, you will find much more special here.

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Together on a city trip in the Netherlands!

blank Photo Museum Prinsenhof in Delft, View, Museums & galleries

Museum Prinsenhof

Learn a lot about Dutch history through an extensive collection of paintings, pottery and utensils.

blank Photo Maria Van Jessekerk in Delft, View, Sights & landmarks

Maria Van Jessekerk

In this church you can admire a rich interior, consisting of beautiful murals, old framework and the Marshalkerweerdorgel.

blank Photo Oostpoort in Delft, View, Sights & landmarks


Admire the towers and the iron drawbridge of the last remaining city gate of Delft, which was built around 1400.

blank Photo Vermeer Centrum in Delft, View, Visit museum

Vermeer Centrum

In the Vermeer Centrum Delft you can explore the life, work and city of this 17th-century painter Vermeer.

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Do you guys want to take a break last minute? Let yourself be inspired.

blank Photo Beestenmarkt in Delft, View, Drink, Diner, Neighborhood


After many functions, this square is nowadays mainly a cozy place where you can eat and drink. There are plenty of terraces and restaurants.

blank Photo Nieuwe Kerk in Delft, View, Sightseeing, Experience

Nieuwe Kerk

A church with a royal allure. In this church is the royal crypt where the Oranjes find their final resting place.

blank Photo Oude Kerk in Delft, View, Sightseeing

Oude Kerk

The beautiful stained glass windows bring you back to the early Middle Ages. Discover the graves of a number of celebrities here.

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