The 21 best restaurants, lunchrooms and bars in Maastricht

The fact that Limburgers like to enjoy conviviality and delicious food and drink is good to see in Maastricht. The Burgundian city centre is full of atmospheric terraces and fine restaurant! The Markt, Vrijthof and the Onze Lieve Vrouweplein are the largest squares and ideal places to sit down for a drink. Are you looking for a place for breakfast, lunch or dinner? Then there is also plenty to discover. From a starred restaurant with a menu full of taste sensations to an espresso bar located in a centuries-old church. Collect your favorite spots on your city guide and experience the culinary side of Maastricht.

blank Photo Marres Kitchen in Maastricht, Eat & drink, Coffee, Lunch, Diner, Sight

Marres Kitchen

Drink a cup of coffee or eat something delicious in the historic house of Marres. You can also enjoy the beautiful city garden and changing exhibitions.

blank Photo Beluga in Maastricht, Eat & drink, Dining


Experience taste sensations you've never experienced before and enjoy culinary high quality cuisine in this restaurant.

blank Photo Coffeelovers Dominicanen in Maastricht, Eat & drink, Drink coffee tea, Sightseeing

Coffeelovers Dominicanen

A nicer location to drink a cup of coffee or tea and eat a pastry almost does not exist. You can experience this in espresso bar Coffeelovers.

blank Photo Le Salonard in Maastricht, Shopping, Gift, Delicacy, Snack

Le Salonard

At this artisan sourdough bakery you buy the most delicious loaves and tastiest cakes, cookies, brownies and quiches.

blank Photo Witloof from Belgium in Maastricht, Eat & drink, Enjoy lovley diner

Witloof from Belgium

Witloof is not about culinary delights, but about real and pure food: handmade, natural, organic, sustainable and fairly prepared.

blank Photo Onze Lieve Vrouweplein in Maastricht, View, Drink, Neighborhood, square, park

Onze Lieve Vrouweplein

Relax after a day of shopping and plunge down on one of the terraces of the Onze Lieve Vrouweplein. The square is located in the centre.

blank Photo De Markt in Maastricht, View, Enjoy nice drink, Walk around

De Markt

The Markt is a large square in the city centre of Maastricht. Around the cozy, busy square is a large number of catering establishments.

blank Photo Huize Marres in Maastricht, View, Coffee, Lunch, Diner, Museum, Activity

Huize Marres

A combination of fine food, art, culture, exhibitions and a beautiful city garden. This characterizes Huize Marres and makes a visit special.

blank Photo Maison Blanche Dael in Maastricht, Shopping, Delicacy, Coffee, Sight

Maison Blanche Dael

They will gladly provide you with information about the intricacies of coffee making. Watch along while the coffee is roasted and don't forget to taste it.

blank Photo Tout a Fait in Maastricht, Eat & drink, Enjoy lovley diner

Tout a Fait

The Tout a Fait restaurant is located in the historic centre of Maastricht. Taste the seasonal products back in delicious dishes.

blank Photo Alley Cat Bikes & Coffee in Maastricht, Eat & drink, Hobby & leisure	, Coffee, tea & cakes

Alley Cat Bikes & Coffee

Go for a delicious cup of coffee in this paradise for cyclists. Park your road bike inside and choose something tasty from the menu.

blank Photo Piece of cake in Maastricht, Eat & drink, Coffee, tea & cakes, Lunch

Piece of cake

The two ladies of Piece of Cake make the tastiest cakes and pastries full of enthusiasm. Enjoy and unwind in the homely atmosphere.

blank Photo De Brandweerkantine in Maastricht, Eat & drink, Lunch, Dining

De Brandweerkantine

It is good to stay in this former fire station. For breakfast, a delicious and organic dinner and fast and free internet.

blank Photo Teazone in Maastricht, Shopping, Gift, Lifestyle, Delicacy, Coffee


Here you will find a unique collection consisting of tea, coffee, furniture and home items. In the special store you can also taste a High Tea.

blank Photo Bread & Delicious in Maastricht, Shopping, Buy delicacies, Enjoy delicious

Bread & Delicious

In this authentic patisserie and boulangerie you go back in time. The old-fashioned and craft atmosphere invite you to look and taste.

blank Photo Boekhandel Dominicanen in Maastricht, Shopping, Gift, Hobby, Coffee, Sight

Boekhandel Dominicanen

In the beautiful, over 700 years old Dominican Church you can enjoy the city's most varied book assortment and a delicious coffee.

blank Photo Bisschopsmolen in Maastricht, View, Lunch, Sight, Activity


The Bisschopsmolen is located in the heart of Maastricht. It is the oldest rotating watermill in the Netherlands. Get acquainted with the craft of miller.

blank Photo Cafe Zuid in Maastricht, Eat & drink, Coffee, Lunch, Drink, Diner, Event

Cafe Zuid

Do you want to relax after shopping with a beer, cocktail or a cup of coffee on a nice terrace with a nice snack? Then do this at Cafe Zuid.

blank Photo Café 't Pothuiske in Maastricht, Eat & drink, Snack & inbetween, Drink

Café 't Pothuiske

The café used to be half above the ground, but nowadays you don't have to bend over and you come here for a delicious special beer.

blank Photo Semplice e Buono in Maastricht, Shopping, Delicacies & specialties, Snack & inbetween

Semplice e Buono

For delicious dishes from your own kitchen, do not miss this specialty shop. Fresh products prepared with passion.

blank Photo La Dolce Vita in Maastricht, Eat & drink, Coffee, tea & cakes, Lunch

La Dolce Vita

Enjoy a real Italian expresso or cappuccino and other fine Italian quality products such as wines, beers and snacks.

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