The 38 best shops to visit during a day of shopping in Maastricht

Maastricht has everything you need for a perfect day of shopping. In the nicest shopping city of the south, the offer is huge and shopping, thanks to the old stately buildings, is a real experience. This city with allure has something for everyone. So you have to be in Wyck for hip and vintage items, the Stokstraatkwartier is also the place where you can find chic things. Streets that you should not miss are the Rechtsstraat and Sint Pietersstraat, both streets are full of antiques, living, fashion and art. There is plenty to see in the rest of the monumental inner city. Discover it for yourself by saving your favorite shops on your city guide.

blank Photo Maaslands in Maastricht, Shopping, Hobby & leisure


The craftsmanship of Maaslands can already be seen in the window. Inside this unique card and picture shop, the atmosphere is warm.

blank Photo Boekhandel De Tribune in Maastricht, Shopping, Hobby & leisure

Boekhandel De Tribune

For more than 30 years a bookshop where passion for books, craftsmanship and service are paramount. From literature to poetry and from art to philosophy.

blank Photo De Verrassing in Maastricht, Shopping, Fashion & clothing

De Verrassing

Spanish temperament, Maastricht cosiness and exclusive women's fashion. Customize, combine and choose while enjoying a cup of coffee.

blank Photo Bread & Delicious in Maastricht, Shopping, Buy delicacies, Enjoy delicious

Bread & Delicious

In this authentic patisserie and boulangerie you go back in time. The old-fashioned and artisan atmosphere invites you to look and taste.

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blank Photo Bizzare in Maastricht, Shopping, Fun shopping


The clothing you find at Bizzare is certainly not commonplace. It is an experience to see and fit the gothic, punk and cyber clothes.

blank Photo WePe-Mode in Maastricht, Shopping, Fashion & clothing


This cozy fashion shop can be found in one of the most beautiful streets of Maastricht-Wyck and has a colorful, separate and special collection.

blank Photo Arteaux Art & Design in Maastricht, Shopping, Gift, Lifestyle, Sight

Arteaux Art & Design

Here they specialize in inventing, designing, creating and assembling collections of modern art & design objects.

blank Photo Nina's Boutique in Maastricht, Shopping, Fashion & clothing

Nina's Boutique

The special collection consists mainly of Scandinavian and Dutch brands. Two important spearheads here are fashion and quality.

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blank Photo Raeven Edelsmeden in Maastricht, Shopping, Fashion & clothing

Raeven Edelsmeden

In this small, cozy workshop and shop Ludy works as a real craftsman on beautiful jewellery. Finishing, perfection and design are important.

blank Photo Shoes & Shirts in Maastricht, Shopping, Fashion & clothing

Shoes & Shirts

The collection consists of shoes from the most prestigious shoemakers, shirts made of the most beautiful fabrics and luxurious accessories.

blank Photo Boekhandel Dominicanen in Maastricht, Shopping, Gift, Hobby, Coffee, Sight

Boekhandel Dominicanen

In the beautiful, over 700 years old Dominican Church you can enjoy the most varied range of books in the city and a nice coffee.

blank Photo FP by Frissen Pieters in Maastricht, Shopping, Buy gifts, Buy home accessories

FP by Frissen Pieters

Since 1847, they have been waiting here with special and unique flowers and plants. A shop with a beautiful monumental city garden.

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blank Photo Zilch in Maastricht, Shopping, Fashion & clothing


For special designs and affordable clothes you go to this shop which can be found in a historic building in the beautiful Rechtstraat.

blank Photo Japonais in Maastricht, Shopping, Buy home accessories


At Japonais everything breathes the refined atmosphere of the land of the rising sun and becomes tangible in the form of dolls, kimonos and art.

blank Photo Jouw Marktkraam Maastricht in Maastricht, Shopping, Gift, Lifestyle, Delicacy

Jouw Marktkraam Maastricht

Stroll around the gifts, art, design, vintage, brocante and local products at the nicest indoor market in Maastricht. Daily new offer!

blank Photo Merle Anderson in Maastricht, Shopping, Fashion & clothing, Gifts & presents

Merle Anderson

Merle Anderson exhibits her jewellery and viewing cabinets in her 18th century house. She offers the opportunity to design a beautiful piece of jewellery together.

blank Photo Adriaan de Smaakmaker in Maastricht, Shopping, Delicacies & specialties

Adriaan de Smaakmaker

Here they produce all the products on the spot in the store. Let yourself be seduced by the smell of jam or chutney sipping on the fire.

blank Photo Babashop in Maastricht, Shopping, Fun shopping


This special store in the centre of Maastricht is the place for lovers of clothing styles such as gothic, punk, metal and rockabilly-vintage.

blank Photo De VerwonderinG in Maastricht, Shopping, Lifestyle & cooking

De VerwonderinG

Be amazed by the colourful cabinets, carpets, mirrors, jewellery and wallets that come together here from all over the world.


Kiki Niesten

Here you can feel, fit and combine the most beautiful garments of the best brands. Attention, real clothes, real people.


Semplice e Buono

For delicious dishes from your own kitchen, you should not skip this specialty shop. Fresh products prepared with passion.


Toro Interior Design

Come and find stylish ideas for your interior in this picturesque setting. For English interior, classic, country or contemporary furniture.


Thiessen Wijnkoopers

Look out in the beautiful spaces and be surprised by the vineyard. On weekends there are guided tours in the cool wine cellars.


Le Salonard

At this artisanal sourdough bakery you buy the most delicious loaves and tastiest cakes, biscuits, brownies and quiches.


Traders Pop

When walking in, it is not immediately clear what exactly is being sold. Let yourself be surprised by the women's and men's clothing, books and bags.


The Hoppy Brothers

This is the first real Craft Beer Shop in Maastricht. The stories behind the beers and the experience are central to The Hoppy Brothers.


Hot Kitchen Men's Boutique

This is no ordinary men's fashion store. In addition to clothing, you will also find wine. The clothes fit into a relaxed atmosphere, including a drink.


Sjiek Kookpunt

This store has a lot to offer. You can buy homemade products here, ask for cooking advice, participate in workshops and so on.


't Stokpeerdsje

It's wonderful to poke around here. 't Stokpeerdsje is full of affordable home accessories for your own home, or for gift.


Maison Blanche Dael

They will be happy to give you information about the intricacies of brewing coffee. Watch along while the coffee is roasted and don't forget to taste it.


Le Marais Damesmode

In Le Marais you will find a very extensive collection of women's clothing and numerous accessories including bags, scarves, jewellery. For young and old.


Regalo Cadeau

The creative talent of the participants of this day's spending spot can be seen in the unique gifts. From soap and art to beautiful interior accessories.


Ruyters & De Koning Wijninkoop

Here you will get expert advice about the wines from various countries. Also nice, every month they organize a tasting of organic wines.


Jos van Hugten mannenmode

Are you looking for a business outfit or a casual look, then you've come to the right place. For good service and quality you go here.



The collection of jewellery, bags and scarves is unique, creative, pure and inspiring. Handmade with love and attention by various artists.


Manu Facta

For a particularly handmade sculpture, artwork, jewelry, clothing item or other unique object, Manu Facta is the right place.


Maison Louis

To be found in the fashion heart of the city. Since 1879, Maison Louis has been a household name in men's fashion. Tradition, quality and service are central here.


Alley Cat Bikes & Coffee

Go for a delicious cup of coffee in this paradise for cyclists. Park your road bike inside and choose something nice from the menu.

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