The 118 best places to visit during a city trip in Maastricht

Between the Limburg hills you will find Maastricht. This welcoming city on the Meuse has a special atmosphere. The Limburg dialect, the unique sights and the special and extensive shopping offer make a visit to this city a real experience. Walk through the Recht- en Stokstraat, find the cosiness on one of the many terraces or be surprised by quirky museums. There's plenty to discover in this city in the south of the country.

blank Photo Bread & Delicious in Maastricht, Shopping, Buy delicacies, Enjoy delicious

Bread & Delicious

In this authentic patisserie and boulangerie you go back in time. The old-fashioned and artisan atmosphere invites you to look and taste.

blank Photo Merle Anderson in Maastricht, Shopping, Fashion & clothing, Gifts & presents

Merle Anderson

Merle Anderson exhibits her jewellery and viewing cabinets in her 18th century house. She offers the opportunity to design a beautiful piece of jewellery together.

blank Photo Stadhuis in Maastricht, View, Sights & landmarks


The town hall is located in the middle of the Markt in the centre of Maastricht and has a rich, mostly 18th century décor.

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15 places in Maastricht you must have seen

blank Photo WePe-Mode in Maastricht, Shopping, Fashion & clothing


This cozy fashion shop can be found in one of the most beautiful streets of Maastricht-Wyck and has a colorful, separate and special collection.

blank Photo Adriaan de Smaakmaker in Maastricht, Shopping, Delicacies & specialties

Adriaan de Smaakmaker

Here they produce all the products on the spot in the store. Let yourself be seduced by the smell of jam or chutney sipping on the fire.

blank Photo Wijnhuis Raarberg in Maastricht, Shopping, Delicacies & specialties

Wijnhuis Raarberg

Friday to Sunday you can visit this authentic winery, where beautiful wines from Limburg soil are produced and sold.

blank Photo Raeven Edelsmeden in Maastricht, Shopping, Fashion & clothing

Raeven Edelsmeden

In this small, cozy workshop and shop Ludy works as a real craftsman on beautiful jewellery. Finishing, perfection and design are important.

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Recommended for an overnight stay in Maastricht

blank Photo Graanmarkt in Maastricht, View, Walk around


Between the historic buildings is the Graanmarkt. A square where you can relax while enjoying a snack and a drink.

blank Photo Maaslands in Maastricht, Shopping, Hobby & leisure


The craftsmanship of Maaslands can already be seen in the window. Inside this unique card and picture shop, the atmosphere is warm.

blank Photo Piece of cake in Maastricht, Eat & drink, Coffee, tea & cakes, Lunch

Piece of cake

The two ladies of Piece of Cake are passionate about making the most delicious cakes and pastries. Enjoy and relax in the homely atmosphere.

blank Photo Lang Grachtje en Klein Grachtje in Maastricht, View, Sights & landmarks

Lang Grachtje en Klein Grachtje

In these two streets you can clearly see the medieval ramparts. These streets have seven national monuments, all part of the city wall.

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Nice B&B's in the city center of Maastricht

blank Photo B&B Gracht 62 in Maastricht, Sleep, Spending the night

B&B Gracht 62

This hidden gem between the Vrijthof and the Markt has two luxurious suites. The modern furnished rooms have an elegant feel.

blank Photo Piekel's B&B in Maastricht, Sleep, Bed & breakfast

Piekel's B&B

Please stay in the sunny guest room with private bathroom on the first floor of a beautiful mansion just 10 minutes walk from the Vrijthof.

blank Photo Bizzare in Maastricht, Shopping, Fun shopping


The clothing you find at Bizzare is certainly not commonplace. It is an experience to see and fit the gothic, punk and cyber clothes.

blank Photo Shoes & Shirts in Maastricht, Shopping, Fashion & clothing

Shoes & Shirts

The collection consists of shoes from the most prestigious shoemakers, shirts made of the most beautiful fabrics and luxurious accessories.

blank Photo De Verrassing in Maastricht, Shopping, Fashion & clothing

De Verrassing

Spanish temperament, Maastricht cosiness and exclusive women's fashion. Customize, combine and choose while enjoying a cup of coffee.

blank Photo Kruisherenhotel in Maastricht, Sleep, Hotels & accommodations


The Kruisherenhotel is a 5-star design hotel located in a Gothic monastery where they combine spectacular design furniture and the Middle Ages.

blank Photo Leeuwenmolen in Maastricht, View, Sightseeing


The Leeuwenmolen dates from the year 1694 and used to be the oldest grain and tanning mill on the Jeker. Nowadays it's nice to take a look.

blank Photo Jouw Marktkraam Maastricht in Maastricht, Shopping, Gift, Lifestyle, Delicacy

Jouw Marktkraam Maastricht

Stroll around the gifts, art, design, vintage, brocante and local products at the nicest indoor market in Maastricht. Daily new offer!

blank Photo Sint Amorsplein in Maastricht, View, Neighborhood, square, park

Sint Amorsplein

The square is located right in the center. With its cosy atmosphere and surrounding historic buildings, you can relax here.

blank Photo Amrâth Grand Hotel de l’Empereur in Maastricht, Sleep, Hotels & accommodations

Amrâth Grand Hotel de l’Empereur

Opposite the station in the cosy Wyck district, this Grade II listed Art Nouveau hotel offers luxurious rooms with its own pool and sauna.

blank Photo Coffeelovers Dominicanen in Maastricht, Eat & drink, Drink coffee tea, Sightseeing

Coffeelovers Dominicanen

A more beautiful location to have a cup of coffee or tea and eat a pastry almost does not exist. You can experience this in espresso bar Coffeelovers.

blank Photo Maastricht Underground in Maastricht, Activity, Activities

Maastricht Underground

Dive into the kilometres of long corridors and discover the place where Maastrichtenaren hid during the war during bombing.

blank Photo Drukkunstmuseum in Maastricht, View, Museums & galleries


The museum is intimate, atmospheric and tells you all about the art of printing from the past to the present day. You will see the artistic, craft process.

blank Photo Alex Maastricht in Maastricht, Sleep, Hotels & accommodations

Alex Maastricht

Personal, welcoming and cosy boutique hotel with 12 comfortable rooms located in the trendy Wyck district. And, of course, a delicious bed.

blank Photo Hotel BE41 in Maastricht, Sleep, Hotels & accommodations

Hotel BE41

Hip and trendy stay in one of the beautiful, spacious rooms at Hotel BE41 in the city center near the cozy restaurants and shops.

blank Photo De Gouveneur in Maastricht, Eat & drink, Drink

De Gouveneur

The city's first retro Belgian specialty beer café, with a nod to the old days. You can choose from up to 250 delicious beers.

blank Photo Onze Lieve Vrouwewal in Maastricht, View, Sightseeing

Onze Lieve Vrouwewal

This street and rampart in the Jekerkwartier runs along the Stadspark Maastricht and the Maas and dates back to the 12th or 13th century.

blank Photo Helpoort in Maastricht, View, Sights & landmarks


The Helpoort, also called Jekerpoort, Hoogbruggepoort, Alde Poort op den Ancker, Powder Tower Gate or De Twee Towers, is a former city gate.

blank Photo Zilch in Maastricht, Shopping, Fashion & clothing


For special designs and affordable clothes you go to this shop which can be found in a historic building in the beautiful Rechtstraat.

blank Photo Nina's Boutique in Maastricht, Shopping, Fashion & clothing

Nina's Boutique

The special collection consists mainly of Scandinavian and Dutch brands. Two important spearheads here are fashion and quality.

blank Photo De VerwonderinG in Maastricht, Shopping, Lifestyle & cooking

De VerwonderinG

Be amazed by the colourful cabinets, carpets, mirrors, jewellery and wallets that come together here from all over the world.

blank Photo Hotel Monastère in Maastricht, Sleep, Hotels & accommodations

Hotel Monastère

Classic and trendy 4-star hotel in the Boschstraatkwartier on the north side of the city centre. Experience history in this former monastery.

blank Photo Onze Lieve Vrouwe Basiliek in Maastricht, View, Visit museum, Sightseeing

Onze Lieve Vrouwe Basiliek

This Romanesque church in the middle of the centre is also called Sterre-der-Zee. The largely medieval church is on the UNESCO list.

blank Photo De Brandweerkantine in Maastricht, Eat & drink, Lunch, Dining

De Brandweerkantine

It's a good place to stay in this former fire station. For breakfast, a delicious and organic dinner and fast and free internet.

blank Photo Boekhandel De Tribune in Maastricht, Shopping, Hobby & leisure

Boekhandel De Tribune

For more than 30 years a bookshop where passion for books, craftsmanship and service are paramount. From literature to poetry and from art to philosophy.

blank Photo Stoombierbrouwerij De Keyzer in Maastricht, View, Museum, Sight, Activity

Stoombierbrouwerij De Keyzer

Experience the brewing process and taste the delicious craft beers on a guided tour of the steam beer brewery. It's the last city brewery!

blank Photo Huize Marres in Maastricht, View, Coffee, Lunch, Diner, Museum, Activity

Huize Marres

A combination of fine food, art, culture, exhibitions and a beautiful city garden. This characterizes Huize Marres and makes a visit special.

blank Photo Basiliek van Sint Servaas in Maastricht, View, Sights & landmarks

Basiliek van Sint Servaas

This impressive basilica cherishes the greatest treasures of Maastricht. Discover special objects in the treasury that you can visit here.

blank Photo Japonais in Maastricht, Shopping, Buy home accessories


At Japonais everything breathes the refined atmosphere of the land of the rising sun and becomes tangible in the form of dolls, kimonos and art.

blank Photo Bisschopsmolen in Maastricht, View, Lunch, Sight, Activity


The Bisschopsmolen is located in the heart of Maastricht. It is the oldest revolving water mill in the Netherlands. Get to know the craft of miller.

blank Photo Boekhandel Dominicanen in Maastricht, Shopping, Gift, Hobby, Coffee, Sight

Boekhandel Dominicanen

In the beautiful, over 700 years old Dominican Church you can enjoy the most varied range of books in the city and a nice coffee.

blank Photo Pater Vincktoren in Maastricht, View, Sightseeing, Walk around

Pater Vincktoren

Originally 14th-century waltoren was part of the second medieval city wall and is located in the Faliezusterspark.

blank Photo Rob van Rijn in Maastricht, View, Museums & galleries

Rob van Rijn

An art gallery and gallery in one. Various special exhibitions and exhibitions of promising artists are organized.

blank Photo FP by Frissen Pieters in Maastricht, Shopping, Buy gifts, Buy home accessories

FP by Frissen Pieters

Since 1847, they have been waiting here with special and unique flowers and plants. A shop with a beautiful monumental city garden.

blank Photo Babashop in Maastricht, Shopping, Fun shopping


This special store in the centre of Maastricht is the place for lovers of clothing styles such as gothic, punk, metal and rockabilly-vintage.

blank Photo Onze Lieve Vrouweplein in Maastricht, View, Drink, Neighborhood, square, park

Onze Lieve Vrouweplein

Relax after a day of shopping and splash down on one of the terraces of Onze Lieve Vrouweplein. The square is located in the centre.

blank Photo Museum aan het Vrijthof in Maastricht, View, Museums & galleries

Museum aan het Vrijthof

Discover this museum in one of Maastricht's oldest buildings. Let yourself be surprised by groundbreaking exhibitions with changing themes.

blank Photo De Markt in Maastricht, View, Enjoy nice drink, Walk around

De Markt

De Markt is a large square in the city centre of Maastricht. Around the cozy, busy square is a large number of restaurants.

blank Photo Hotel Trash Deluxe in Maastricht, Sleep, Hotels & accommodations

Hotel Trash Deluxe

This unique hotel on the north side is housed in 2 historic buildings. The artful design rooms are decorated with hand-crafted furniture.

blank Photo Arteaux Art & Design in Maastricht, Shopping, Gift, Lifestyle, Sight

Arteaux Art & Design

Here they specialize in inventing, designing, creating and assembling collections of modern art & design objects.

blank Photo Bonnefantenmuseum in Maastricht, View, Visit museum


In this zinc-coated dome tower you will find a collection consisting of old, modern and contemporary art.

blank Photo Stadspark in Maastricht, View, Neighborhood, square, park


A nice place to walk around or relax. You will find this city park on the edge of the city center.

blank Photo The Art Residence in Maastricht, Sleep, Stay

The Art Residence

A stone's throw from the Vrijthof is this exceptional apartment with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, hot tub and private parking.

blank Photo Hotel les Charmes in Maastricht, Sleep, Hotels & accommodations

Hotel les Charmes

The mix of antiques and design, the hospitality and the great location in the old Jekerkwartier make this hotel a great place to stay.

Toro Interior Design

Come and find stylish ideas for your interior in this picturesque setting. For English interior, classic, country or contemporary furniture.


Townhouse Designhotel

Opposite the station you will find this unique book hotel combining modern and vintage elements in both the lounge and the rooms.

Hotel Botticelli

Set in two monumental buildings, this romantic 3-star Italian Renaissance hotel features beautiful rooms, lounge and breakfast parlour.


Opposite the NS station in the trendy Wyck district you will find Kaboom, a unique hotel with modern rooms, restaurant, coffee house and courtyard.

Hotel Au Quartier

3 star hotel with a surprising ambience in authentic 18th century mansion. Ancient beauty is combined with contemporary comfort.

Marres Kitchen

Have a cup of coffee or eat something delicious in the historic house of Marres. You can also enjoy the beautiful city garden and changing exhibitions.


Witloof from Belgium

Witloof is not about culinary delights, but about real & pure food: handmade, natural, organic, sustainable and honestly prepared.



Experience taste sensations you've never experienced before and enjoy culinary high quality dishes in this restaurant.


Le Theatre Hotel

The listed 18th century building in Art Deco style with a sunny terrace and a beautiful interior garden exudes elegance. Located on the Vrijthof.

Regalo Cadeau

The creative talent of the participants of this day's spending spot can be seen in the unique gifts. From soap and art to beautiful interior accessories.


Beau City Apartment Maastricht

This spacious apartment with seating area and 2 bedrooms in the heart of Maastricht also offers a free private parking space. The kitchen is equipped with a dishwasher.


Natuurhistorisch Museum

Learn all about human influence on the landscape, plants and animals over the last 250,000 years. Located in an atmospheric piece of Maastricht.


Semplice e Buono

For delicious dishes from your own kitchen, you should not skip this specialty shop. Fresh products prepared with passion.


Le Salonard

At this artisanal sourdough bakery you buy the most delicious loaves and tastiest cakes, biscuits, brownies and quiches.


Urban Residences

Urban Residences has spacious apartments enveloped in an interior of Alessi located on the Vrijthof near the cosy restaurants and shops.

B&B Au Lion d'Or

Enjoy this B&B in Burgundy atmosphere in both the cozy large kitchen with fireplace as well as in the spacious, atmospheric rooms and city garden.

The Student Hotel Maastricht

The use of colours and modern interiors give this hotel a unique character. It is located in a former factory north of the city centre.

The Hoppy Brothers

This is the first real Craft Beer Shop in Maastricht. The stories behind the beers and the experience are central to The Hoppy Brothers.


KOFFIE bij Joost en Maartje

Dark roast coffee, a long inviting table and delicious cakes. The perfect place to recharge.


Buitenplaats Vaeshartelt

Unique country house with a rich history. Enjoy the peace, space and park combined with a visit to historic Maastricht.

Traders Pop

When walking in, it is not immediately clear what exactly is being sold. Let yourself be surprised by the women's and men's clothing, books and bags.



M-Perception is for the man who wants to stand out. You will find a unique combination of clothing, shoes, flowers and accessories.


Hotel Britannique

Stay in the heart of Maastricht on the famous Vrijthof. The luxuriously furnished rooms feature extra-long beds and air conditioning.

Cafe Zuid

Do you want to relax after shopping with a beer, cocktail or a cup of coffee on a nice terrace with a nice snack? Then do this at Cafe Zuid.


Manu Facta

For a particularly handmade sculpture, artwork, jewelry, clothing item or other unique object, Manu Facta is the right place.


Tout a Fait

The restaurant Tout a Fait is located in the historic centre of Maastricht. Taste the seasonal products back in delicious dishes.


St. Martenslane Maastricht

The hotel has an on-site restaurant, lobby and wellness facilities. The super spacious rooms have a wonderfully long bed in addition to a design interior.

Boutique hotel Grote Gracht

Grade listed hotel in Art Nouveau and Art Deco style located in a lively area close to the Vrijthof. With cozy breakfast room and attractive garden.

Fitz Roy Urban Hotel, Bar and Garden

This hotel with garden and terrace is for guests looking for something extra. The atmosphere is urban and a stroll through the hotel is a true experience.

Crowne Plaza Maastricht

In addition to an award-winning restaurant, cosy bar, fitness and wellness, this beautiful hotel has a terrace with spectacular views over the river Meuse.

Hotel Haas op het Vrijthof

Located on the lively Vrijthof in a 19th century building, this hotel offers modern, historic rooms with a private wine board in the basement.

Mabi Hotel Centrum

Stay overnight in this luxury boutique hotel in a true experience. In a former cinema, a unique decor in flamboyant art deco style has been created.


Are you looking for something nice to put on your feet? Then let yourself be surprised by the special shoes, sneakers, pump and boots that you can fit here.


Lumière Cinema

Here you can see the latest artisary films and once again experience that one film classic on the white screen. Including atmospheric restaurant.


Sjiek Kookpunt

This store has a lot to offer. You can buy homemade products here, ask for cooking advice, participate in workshops and so on.


Alley Cat Bikes & Coffee

Go for a delicious cup of coffee in this paradise for cyclists. Park your road bike inside and choose something nice from the menu.


Maison Haas Hustinx

This hotel is conveniently located in the city centre. Spacious rooms with high ceilings combine historical details with modern design.

Hotel Bigarré Maastricht City Centre

Prachtig 4-star hotel in 4 monumental buildings with views over the river Meuse. The 41 rooms are modern, elegant and very comfortable.

Thiessen Wijnkoopers

Look out in the beautiful spaces and be surprised by the vineyard. On weekends there are guided tours in the cool wine cellars.


Derlon Hotel

Experience personal service at Derlon and enjoy contemporary cuisine in the restaurant. Also perfect base to discover the city.

Designhotel Maastricht

Design and art are of course central to this trendy hotel with unique rooms. Located in the charming Wyck district on the east side of the river Meuse.

Novotel Maastricht

4-star hotel on the outskirts of historic Maastricht with free shuttle service. Ideal for exploring both the city and the beautiful surroundings.

Ruyters & De Koning Wijninkoop

Here you will get expert advice about the wines from various countries. Also nice, every month they organize a tasting of organic wines.


Kiki Niesten

Here you can feel, fit and combine the most beautiful garments of the best brands. Attention, real clothes, real people.



Beaumont has been housed in a historic building in the lively Wyck district since 1912. Daily rich breakfast buffet with fresh products,

The Dutch

With rooms from basic and very affordable to luxury and over the top, there is something for everyone in this striking design hotel located in the Wyck.

Hot Kitchen Men's Boutique

This is no ordinary men's fashion store. In addition to clothing, you will also find wine. The clothes fit into a relaxed atmosphere, including a drink.


Le Marais Damesmode

In Le Marais you will find a very extensive collection of women's clothing and numerous accessories including bags, scarves, jewellery. For young and old.


Café 't Pothuiske

The café used to be half above the ground, but nowadays you don't have to bend over and come here for a delicious special beer.



The collection of jewellery, bags and scarves is unique, creative, pure and inspiring. Handmade with love and attention by various artists.


Galerie hotel Dis

Galerie Hotel Dis has beautiful rooms, exhibits modern contemporary art and serves breakfast in the former brewery from 1704.

Hotel Beez

Beez is a sharpened intimate hotel and the cocktail bar of Maastricht. From the Boschstraatkwartier on the north side you walk right into the center.

Boutique hotel Sint Jacob

Stay overnight in the historic Jekerkwartier in the middle of Maastricht. The listed building with garden and terrace is decorated in a classic French style.

't Stokpeerdsje

It's wonderful to poke around here. 't Stokpeerdsje is full of affordable home accessories for your own home, or for gift.


Maison Blanche Dael

They will be happy to give you information about the intricacies of brewing coffee. Watch along while the coffee is roasted and don't forget to taste it.


Jos van Hugten mannenmode

Are you looking for a business outfit or a casual look, then you've come to the right place. For good service and quality you go here.


Maison Louis

To be found in the fashion heart of the city. Since 1879, Maison Louis has been a household name in men's fashion. Tradition, quality and service are central here.


Parkeergarage O.L. Vrouweparking

This garage under the city park in the Jekerkwartier is located on the Maasboulevard near the city centre. You'll walk into the center in a few minutes.


P+R Stadspark

Located on the south side of the city centre, this car park is a cheap option. The city centre is easily accessible by public transport.


NS Station Maastricht

This train station is located to the east of the city centre on the other side of the river Meuse. Walk through the Sint Servaas Bridge to the city centre in 15 minutes.



For everything about Maastricht and surroundings you are at the right place. The helpful staff will be happy to help you with useful information.


Winkelcentrum Noorderburg

You can park at this parking lot on the north side of the city at an affordable price. From here, travel further to the city centre by public transport.


Q-Park Cabergerweg

This cheap parking facility is located on the northwest side of Maastricht. The city centre is quickly reachable by public transport.

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