Discover 15 special shops in the city centre of Tilburg

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Want to discover special shops? Then dive into the centre of Tilburg with this city guide. On this guide we have added 15 stores that you can't miss during a day of shopping. From interior shops full of fun things for the home to deli shops in which you would like to lock yourself away. There's something for everyone.
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blank Photo De Refter in Tilburg, Shopping, Lifestyle & cooking

De Refter

De Refter offers religious art, books and special objects from monasteries, private collections, libraries and legacies.

blank Photo De Kaarsentempel in Tilburg, Shopping, Gift, Lifestyle, Activity

De Kaarsentempel

In this creative candle workshop you can choose from various types of handmade candles. You can also get started yourself during a workshop.

blank Photo Decennia Design in Tilburg, Shopping, Gifts & presents, Lifestyle & cooking

Decennia Design

Angelique sells retro interior accessories in this atmospheric building. In the special collection vintage you will definitely find a beautiful item for your home.

blank Photo Boekhandel Livius de Zevensprong in Tilburg, Shopping, Gifts & presents, Hobby & leisure

Boekhandel Livius de Zevensprong

Here you can find a lot of reading pleasure for everyone from young to old. Both the current offer as well as beautiful classics, regional and children's books.

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blank Photo Pleïade in Tilburg, Shopping, Gifts & presents, Hobby & leisure


Discover this spiritual and atmospheric book and gift shop and sample organic dishes made with locally grown products.

blank Photo Het Zingende Nijlpaard in Tilburg, Shopping, Gifts & presents, Hobby & leisure

Het Zingende Nijlpaard

A toy store in which old times revive but where modern children also look their eyes.

blank Photo Moniquenwerk Broderie d'art in Tilburg, Shopping, Fashion & clothing, Activities

Moniquenwerk Broderie d'art

In this cosy studio the colourful accessories, jewellery and portable artworks are created. Get started yourself during a workshop.

blank Photo Prins Heerlijk Eetwinkel in Tilburg, Shopping, Gifts & presents, Delicacies & specialties

Prins Heerlijk Eetwinkel

A shop full of scents and colors where delicacies from all corners of the world stimulate your senses. Do your eyes too good on special delicacies.

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blank Photo De Pont in Tilburg, View, Visit museum

De Pont

Museum of contemporary art located in former wool mill. The collection comes into its own in this beautiful decor.

blank Photo Velerlei in Tilburg, Shopping, Buy gifts, Buy home accessories


A sustainable warehouse where you can find products from small and start-up entrepreneurs. You will find home accessories, plants, tea, tasty pastries and more.


BLOOM! Flowers & More

A monumental building full of beautiful bouquets and trendy interior accessories. With great attention to quality, they are working here.


Kunstlicht Design

Here they have a wide range of products under the heading; accessible design. Made by designers from Tilburg and beyond.


Now is the time to support your favorite restaurant

Antenne Recordshop

Antenne Recordshop can be found in vintage store SamSam and sells music only on vinyl. Search the wide range of electronic music.



In the beautiful building of the Kaaszaak you will find shelves with huge cheeses. They also have fine wines, sausages and gift packages.



Specialty store in fruit and vegetables in the heart of Tilburg. From fruit salads to delicious juices and from delicious quiches to organic honey.

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