The 9 best restaurants, lunchrooms and bars in Tilburg

Due to the University Tilburg is a real student city with many pubs, cafés and restaurants. The Korte Heuvel next to the Heuvelse church is a well-known entertainment area. While shopping, the Nieuwlandstraat in the so-called Dwaalgebied is a real hotspot to have lunch or coffee together. Popular nowadays is also the Piushaven, with the cozy Pius Square as the centre, where you can relax on one of the many terraces. The Spoorzone, on the north side of the city centre, is another area in Tilburg that is rapidly emerging. Also here you will find a nice mix of special eateries. Save your favourite places and enjoy the hospitality in this Brabant city.

blank Photo Dwars Hotdogbar in Tilburg, Eat & drink, Lunch, Snack, Diner

Dwars Hotdogbar

In a former butcher's house in Tilburg there is a walhalla for lovers of Streetfood, hot dogs and good food.

blank Photo Het wapen van Tilburg in Tilburg, Eat & drink, Drink, Dining

Het wapen van Tilburg

In this cosy restaurant you can go for lunch and dinner. The warm, cosy interior makes this an atmospheric place to eat.

blank Photo IJssalon Intermezzo in Tilburg, Eat & drink, Snack & inbetween

IJssalon Intermezzo

Walk in to Intermezzo if you fancy a homemade ice cream sundae, milkshake or a cone with a scoop of ice cream. Delicious and freshly made.

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blank Photo Lunchcafé Nieuwland in Tilburg, Eat & drink, Coffee, tea & cakes, Lunch

Lunchcafé Nieuwland

For a delicious coffee with artisanal piece of cake, a relaxed breakfast or a delicious lunch in the most cosy and special neighbourhood in Tilburg.

blank Photo De Burgerij in Tilburg, Eat & drink, Enjoy lovely diner

De Burgerij

A Burgundian meeting place in French atmosphere in the heart of Tilburg. Enjoy delicious dishes here. From kale to caviar.


Studio Tilburg

At the nice Korte Heuvel you will find Studio Tilburg. It is a combination of a cosy nightlife venue, juicebar, tapas point and theather.


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Stadscafé de Spaarbank

Named after the function this national monument once had. This bustling, cozy and accessible city cafe is a place where the city meets.



Here's everything for sale that's good. Get delicious sandwiches, real espresso or orange juice. The showcase is also full of delights.


Biercafé Kandinsky

An ideal place for those who fancy a beer. Choosing is difficult thanks to the 200 different beers they serve in this beer café.

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