Photo IJssalon Intermezzo in Tilburg, Eat & drink, Snack & inbetween - #1

IJssalon Intermezzo

Walk in to Intermezzo if you fancy a homemade ice cream sundae, milkshake or a cone with a scoop of ice cream. Delicious and freshly made.

The ice cream of Intermezzo is made fresh for you every day. You can follow the preparation from start to finish. But, of course, one's own family recipe remains secret. Fresh preparation of ice cream is paramount at Intermezzo. For example, we work with fresh fruit and also the different toppings are made by ourselves. The cocoa they use to make chocolate comes from Belgium and a large part of the raw materials they get from Italy. They regularly have new flavors in the showcase. For ice cream with a unique Italian flavor, you've come to the right place.

Eat & drink - Snack & inbetween

IJssalon Intermezzo
Heuvelring 31
5038CJ Tilburg
0135448922 0135448922
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