Photo Brasss Hotel Suites in Haarlem, Sleep, Sleep - #1
Photo Brasss Hotel Suites in Haarlem, Sleep, Sleep - #2

Brasss Hotel Suites

Enjoy a stay at this magnificent Art Deco boutique hotel with 14 unique spacious suites. This oasis of peace is located in the bustling centre of Haarlem.

How about a steam room, jacuzzi, spa bath or sauna in your suite? A stay at Boutique Hotel Brasss is pure indulgence!

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Brasss Hotel Suites
Korte Veerstraat 3
2011CL Haarlem
0235427804 0235427804
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Monday   24 hours open
Tuesday   24 hours open
Wednesday   24 hours open
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Friday   24 hours open
Saturday   24 hours open
Sunday   24 hours open
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