The 102 best places to visit during a city trip in Haarlem

Haarlem has everything you need for a fun day in the city. The old town is surrounded by canals and canals and is characterized by the many characteristic streets, monuments and one of the most beautiful squares in the Netherlands, the Grote Markt. There are plenty of special and unique shops to discover. In the field of art and culture, Haarlem also has a lot to offer, from well-known museums such as the Teylers Museum and De Hallen to hidden spots.

blank Photo Restaurant Zuidam in Haarlem, Eat & drink, Coffee, Lunch, Drink, Diner

Restaurant Zuidam

At the Schaapmakersdijk you can have lunch and dinner. Zuidam plays with time, both in the appearance of the building and in the menu.

blank Photo Fortuyn Haarlem in Haarlem, Eat & drink, Enjoy delicious lunch, Enjoy lovely diner

Fortuyn Haarlem

The Spanish authentic charcoal oven is the main thread of the menu. Let yourself be surprised by new flavors during lunch or dinner.

blank Photo ML in Haarlem in Haarlem, Sleep, Sleep

ML in Haarlem

ML is a wonderful place to dine, drink, meet and sleep. The hotel exudes the atmosphere of the past, but in a modern setting.

blank Photo Museum Het Dolhuys in Haarlem, View, Visit museum

Museum Het Dolhuys

This museum of the mind depicts man in all its facets, especially those who deviate from the applicable standard in the Netherlands.

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10 hotspots for coffee and lunch in Haarlem

blank Photo De Kloosterkeuken in Haarlem, Eat & drink, Dining

De Kloosterkeuken

From the 15th century onwards, pilgrims have been cooked here on their way to Santiago de Compostella. Taste the atmosphere and the food at this unique location.

blank Photo B&B Where Els Next Door in Haarlem, Sleep, Bed & breakfast

B&B Where Els Next Door

Stay in this nice B&B in the heart of Haarlem. Enjoy not only the prime location but also the delicious beds and the plentiful breakfast.

blank Photo Table 24 in Haarlem, Eat & drink, Dining

Table 24

Set up a delicious plateau in this small restaurant with small bites full of flavour explosions or enjoy a delicious main course with fine wine.

blank Photo Amsterdamse poort in Haarlem, View, Sights & landmarks

Amsterdamse poort

Since about 1400 this gate welcomes you in Haarlem. It's the only gate left of the original twelve gates.

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Nice B&B's in the city center of Haarlem

blank Photo Boutiquehotel Staats in Haarlem, Sleep, Sleep

Boutiquehotel Staats

the interiors of the rooms combine modern and vintage and offer richly decorated luxury with a playful wink. A fabulous environment.

blank Photo Jopenkerk in Haarlem, Eat & drink, Drink, Dining


Jopen has restored the age-old Haarlem brewing tradition. A former godhouse has been transformed into a modern city brewery and grand café.

blank Photo StadStrand de Oerkap in Haarlem, Eat & drink, Enjoy nice drink

StadStrand de Oerkap

Within walking distance of the Haarlem CS you will find the Oerkap. Enjoy homemade pizza, the nice atmosphere, a nice music and the sun at the Spaarne.

blank Photo 't Smidtje Canal Cruises in Haarlem, Activity, Activities

't Smidtje Canal Cruises

Explore Haarlem from the water on a fun tour through the historic canals. Get aboard and be guided by beautiful sights.

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Recommended for an overnight stay in Haarlem

blank Photo Kleine Houtstraat in Haarlem, View, Neighborhood, square, park

Kleine Houtstraat

Not just any street. The Kleine Houtstraat has often been chosen as the nicest shopping street in the Netherlands. This is thanks to the many special shops.

blank Photo Corrie Ten Boomhuis in Haarlem, View, Museums & galleries, Sights & landmarks

Corrie Ten Boomhuis

This house shows how Jewish people in hiding could hide behind a false wall in Corrie ten Boom's bedroom.

blank Photo Archeologisch Museum in Haarlem, View, Visit museum

Archeologisch Museum

This museum is very appropriately underground. You will get to know the history of Haarlem through finds from the soil.

blank Photo Koperboutique Yvonne in Haarlem, Shopping, Buy home accessories

Koperboutique Yvonne

For 38 years this antique shop can be found in Haarlem. It's set up with the idea that when people get tired of something, they don't have to throw it away.

blank Photo Meneer Frans in Haarlem, Eat & drink, Lunch, Dining

Meneer Frans

Sit down in the conservatory, cosy courtyard or pink room of this trendy restaurant and order a salad, soup, flammkuchen or freshly baked cake.

blank Photo Bar Boef in Haarlem, Eat & drink, Lunch, Drink, Diner

Bar Boef

Stadscafé Bar Boef, also called the living room of the city center. Take a seat on a Chesterfield couch or at the bar and have a drink or eat.

blank Photo Grote Kerk in Haarlem, View, Sights & landmarks

Grote Kerk

A landmark in the city. The medieval church is built in the Gothic style and located on the Grote Markt.

blank Photo Spaarne in Haarlem, View, Walk around, Experience


Stroll along the Spaarne past cosy restaurants, characteristic bridges and several monumental buildings.

blank Photo Spaarne Kunstroute in Haarlem, Activity, Experience

Spaarne Kunstroute

A monthly walking route along currently 15 workshops and/or galleries. On every first Sunday of the month there is an open house from 1 to 5 am.

blank Photo Grote Markt in Haarlem, View, Coffee, Drink, Neighborhood

Grote Markt

In the heart of the center of Haarlem you will find the Grote Markt. The square is the ideal location to relax thanks to its many terraces.

blank Photo Never Grow Up babyshop in Haarlem, Shopping, Fashion & clothing

Never Grow Up babyshop

Looking for an original maternity gift? Something for the nursery? Or responsible toys? Then you're good at baby specialty store Never Grow Up.

blank Photo Drogisterij A.J. Van Der Pigge in Haarlem, Shopping, Hobby & leisure

Drogisterij A.J. Van Der Pigge

In 1849 Antonie van der Pigge opened his 'affair in drying shops and spices', today the special drugstore still exists.

blank Photo Past Joys in Haarlem, Shopping, Hobby & leisure

Past Joys

A collector's shop full of youth sentiment and nostalgia. At Past Joys you'll find them all, Tintin, Snoopy, Barbapapa, Betty Boop and other heroes.

blank Photo Lunchroom Hofje zonder Zorgen in Haarlem, Eat & drink, Coffee, tea & cakes, Lunch

Lunchroom Hofje zonder Zorgen

In a 15th century monument overlooking the courtyard The Poveniershofje you can enjoy coffee, cakes, soups, sandwiches or a High Tea.

blank Photo Fishbar Monk in Haarlem, Eat & drink, Enjoy lovely diner

Fishbar Monk

The menu consists of by-catch and Dutch fish. So honest. The raw decor, oyster man and large wine list complete the experience.

blank Photo B&B Park 43 in Haarlem, Sleep, Spending the night

B&B Park 43

The renovated B&B Park 43 is beautifully located and offers apartments with private entrance, a nice terrace, good beds and a private kitchen.

blank Photo Polka Dot in Haarlem, Shopping, Fashion & clothing

Polka Dot

The staff is ready for you, the music is nostalgic, the art inspires. Here you can go for exclusive clothing, jewelry and curiosities.

blank Photo Jopo de Pojo in Haarlem, Shopping, Hobby & leisure

Jopo de Pojo

At Jopo de Pojo, you won't get tired of racks full of European comics, American comics and manga. Here they have a passion for comics.

blank Photo Frans Hals Museum - Hof in Haarlem, View, Museums & galleries

Frans Hals Museum - Hof

Frans Hals is the most famous painter in Haarlem. The museum named after him shows a selection of his most beautiful and greatest paintings.

blank Photo Taverne De Waag in Haarlem, Eat & drink, Diner, Sight, Event

Taverne De Waag

At the Spaarne is perhaps the most famous music café in Haarlem. Musicians from all over the world are still performing here every week.

blank Photo Teylers Hofje in Haarlem, View, Sights & landmarks, Neighborhood, square, park

Teylers Hofje

Thanks to the large pompous entrance, the Teylers Hofje is not really hidden. Since its inception in 1787, the courtyard has been offering living space to lonely ladies.

blank Photo MICA Coffee bar in Haarlem, Eat & drink, Drink coffee tea, Enjoy delicious lunch

MICA Coffee bar

From Wednesday to Sunday you can go to the cozy and atmospheric MICA for good coffee, but also for a delicious breakfast and delicious lunch.

blank Photo Olivia & Kate in Haarlem, Shopping, Fashion & clothing, Gifts & presents

Olivia & Kate

A boutique full of must-haves, jewelry and fun items for your wardrobe. For every budget and for every style. Feel free to ask for style advice.

blank Photo Trade Studio in Haarlem, Shopping, Fun shopping

Trade Studio

In this boutique simplicity and quality come together. They will be happy to help you find an outfit with a good dose of Scandinavian style.

blank Photo Chocolaterie Pierre in Haarlem, Shopping, Buy delicacies

Chocolaterie Pierre

In the open workshop, chocolates and other chocolate items are handmade in a traditional way. Here the taste experience is central.

blank Photo Jamón Jamón delicatessen in Haarlem, Shopping, Delicacies & specialties

Jamón Jamón delicatessen

For delicious wines and delicacies you don't have to look any further. The friendly staff will gladly tell you about the range with passion.

blank Photo Kloffie in Haarlem, Shopping, Fashion & clothing


Openness, honesty, cosiness, beautiful products and passion for the profession. Lovers meet and inspire each other at Kloffie.

blank Photo Museum Haarlem in Haarlem, View, Museums & galleries

Museum Haarlem

Discover the city's stories. In this historic city museum, speaking exhibitions will teach you all about the rich history of Haarlem and its surroundings.

blank Photo Olala Chocola in Haarlem, Shopping, Gifts & presents, Delicacies & specialties

Olala Chocola

This artisan chocolate shop is located in Zijlstraat, one of the golden streets. See how the best chocolate products come about here.

blank Photo Bijde Heren in Haarlem, Shopping, Buy home accessories

Bijde Heren

Specialty store in the field of cooking, dining, gifts and design items. For tableware, glassware, cutlery and cooking pans.

blank Photo Molen De Adriaan in Haarlem, View, Museums & galleries, Neighborhood, square, park

Molen De Adriaan

Enjoy the view, looking over the Spaarne and Haarlem. In the museum you will get acquainted with the age-old technique of converting wind into energy.

blank Photo Atelier 8 in Haarlem, Shopping, Gifts & presents, Lifestyle & cooking

Atelier 8

In an old carpentry workshop you will find Atelier 8, a place full of inspiration and creativity. You will find furniture, gifts, home accessories and much more.

blank Photo Cocktailbar Wigbolt in Haarlem, Eat & drink, Enjoy nice drink

Cocktailbar Wigbolt

Cocktailbar Wigbolt has been named the best bar in the city several times by the Haarlem audience and a professional jury. Taste for yourself why.

blank Photo Ateliers Frans de Roo in Haarlem, Shopping, Lifestyle & cooking

Ateliers Frans de Roo

In full concentration, they are working here. In a traditional way, they work on hand-carved frames and provide furniture with gold leaf.

blank Photo B&B Hotel Malts in Haarlem, Sleep, Bed & breakfast

B&B Hotel Malts

Set in a beautiful, listed building, this B&B contains many original features. The authentic rooms and top location make it ideal!

blank Photo Lokaal - Dutch Beer Bar in Haarlem, Eat & drink, Enjoy nice drink

Lokaal - Dutch Beer Bar

A beer bar with a focus on Dutch specialty beer. Taste new styles from modern craft brewers and classics from established names.

blank Photo B&B Het Hart van Haarlem in Haarlem, Sleep, Spending the night

B&B Het Hart van Haarlem

In Het Hart' of Haarlem is this fine B&B where you stay in beautiful rooms and relax in the romantic courtyard garden.

blank Photo Schreuder & Kraan in Haarlem, Shopping, Buy home accessories

Schreuder & Kraan

Here you will find everything in front and around a particularly set table. The range consists of special crockery, cutlery, glassware and table linen.

blank Photo Atelier Ruud Jansen in Haarlem, Shopping, Lifestyle & cooking

Atelier Ruud Jansen

From the pots of paint you can see that the art here is not only for sale but is also made. Lucky even the moment you walk in.

blank Photo Pand 13 in Haarlem, Eat & drink, Lunch, Dining

Pand 13

Enjoy Burgundy. That's what it's all about in Pand 13. On both drinks and food level, they are happy to give you a special experience here.

blank Photo Kunst om de hoek in Haarlem, Shopping, Lifestyle & cooking

Kunst om de hoek

A workshop, shop, art loan and Plant-inn. All nice vases, bags and insect hotels are made here by people with disabilities.

blank Photo DIGA in Haarlem, Eat & drink, Dining


You can experience the best Italian flavours in DIGA. The large open kitchen, glass wine room and modern decor make dining an experience.

blank Photo Santiago de Compostella in Haarlem, View, Sights & landmarks

Santiago de Compostella

The marking on the street may not tell you much at first glance. But the stripes are the starting point of the pilgrimage to Santiago.

blank Photo Candlelight in Haarlem, Shopping, Lifestyle & cooking


Throughout the year it's Christmas and Santa Claus here. You can go here for Christmas and Christmas decorations and homemade candles.

blank Photo Uiltje craft beer bar in Haarlem, Eat & drink, Drink

Uiltje craft beer bar

Het Uiltje is a new brewery from Haarlem. Love for specialty beer led them to brew their own beer. Taste the delicious beers in this bar.

blank Photo Restaurant Morris in Haarlem, Eat & drink, Enjoy lovely diner

Restaurant Morris

Morris goes back to base; nice pieces of meat, whole fish and tasty sides. Long tables, suitable wines, street art and plenty of conviviality.

blank Photo My Deer's store in Haarlem, Shopping, Gifts & presents, Lifestyle & cooking

My Deer's store

With attention to people, detail and quality, Maaike brings items with their own unique story. Discover plants, design, interior items and more.

blank Photo Stadhuis in Haarlem, View, Sights & landmarks


Located on the Grote Markt you will find the town hall. Admire this beautiful building with the vigilant Lady Justice watching the square.

blank Photo Roast Chicken Bar in Haarlem, Eat & drink, Dining

Roast Chicken Bar

Chicken from the charcoal grill in combination with simple but good side dishes. The chickens used are free-range chickens and come from the Veluwe.

blank Photo Teylers Museum in Haarlem, View, Museums & galleries

Teylers Museum

The oldest museum in the Netherlands where the public has been welcome since 1784 to look at objects of art and science.

blank Photo Frans Hals Museum - Hal in Haarlem, View, Museums & galleries

Frans Hals Museum - Hal

Modern and contemporary art can be found this location of the Frans Hals Museum. People and society are central to the exhibitions.

blank Photo Ekster & Jay in Haarlem, Shopping, Lifestyle & cooking

Ekster & Jay

Nice and practical. These are the items they collect at Ekster & Jay. Mostly with influences of Norwegian design but coming from all over Europe.


The Boardroom

Café and board games store in one. Hundreds of board and card games are waiting for you here. Play there while enjoying a nice snack and drink.


Hotel ML

In the heart of the lively city centre you will find the 4-star hotel ML. In addition to 17 stylish rooms, you will find a restaurant, awarded with a star in 2019.


Here you will find everything to make your home more enjoyable and original gifts. Many of the collections of Sjakie's are designed by the store itself.


De Huismuis

Let yourself be inspired and advised in this special cookery shop. In the beautiful store you will find everything in the area of cooking, baking, dining and gifts.


Bed and Breakfast Haarlem 1001 Nacht

An overnight stay at 1001 Night is a unique experience for everyone. You will find the B&B in several monumental buildings in the center of Haarlem.


Hello I'm Local Boutique Hostel

This boutique hostel offers 12 unique rooms decorated by students in training. There is also a cosy bar, living area and patio with fireplace.

Brasss Hotel Suites

Enjoy a stay at this magnificent Art Deco boutique hotel with 14 unique spacious suites. This oasis of peace is located in the bustling centre of Haarlem.

De Wereld van Jansje

The world of Jansje is a surprising gift shop and lunchroom with a beautiful collection of sustainable products from various countries.



A second-hand shop full of clothing and lifestyle. The 250 square meter warehouse is full of fashion, interior accessories and trendy furniture.


Brand Mission

This eco & fair fashion shop is built on cool brands with inspiring stories. Brands that produce sustainably and artisanally.


Boutique Hotel Koninginn

A small, sustainable hotel with 3 spacious rooms. Including a room with nice views. On the ground floor you will find the cozy breakfast room.

Art of…Tea, Herbs & Spices

Let yourself be seduced by hundreds of loose teas, inspired by the colourful spices or surprised by the nice gifts they have here.


Haarlem Hotel Suites

Just steps from shops and restaurants, the beautiful, spacious suites are stylishly decorated with luxurious bathrooms and tea and coffee making facilities.

Petit Depot

Petit Depot is a small warehouse full of love made beautiful. You will find a special mix of vintage, handmade and design.


Niu Dairy hotel

The terrain was once a dairy. In the interior you will discover various references to this. But also the Haarlem music culture is central.


At number 9 you will find, how could it be otherwise, NR9. For both men and women, they have sneakers, beautiful brands, sunglasses and more.


IJssalon Garrone

Since 1949 you can go here for the best ice cream. Much has changed over the years, but the quality of the ice has always remained the same.


Fotogalerie De Gang

The Hallway is the old entrance to the Mennonite Church. By means of exhibitions, photographers connect the outside world with the church.


Studio Koning Haarlem

A B&B in the heart of the city centre with a green garden where silence prevails. The studios are bright and decorated with a mix of modern and granny antiques.


For skateboards, snowboards and everything you need. The employees have experience and can answer all your questions.


Sipkes Edelsmeden

In the store you will find a beautiful collection of jewelry. The studio's upstairs. Still often the characteristic sounds of forging can be heard.



A real family business where the third generation currently operates. Beautiful handmade men's shoes are manufactured here in our own workshop.


Hotel Lion d'Or

With an excellent location, this contemporary boutique hotel offers well-kept rooms with seating areas and a rich breakfast buffet in the morning.

Ibis Styles Haarlem City Hotel

A warm and welcoming hotel where your room is guaranteed to be comfortable. Be surprised by the energetic design of the hotel.

H. de Vries Boeken

Experience this atmospheric, authentic bookstore with the oldest chunk of wall in the city. Dream away from the most beautiful stories in the beautiful interior.


New Amsterdam Harlem Hotel

They are proud of the 12 luxurious rooms that are equipped with all comforts. The hotel is right next to the train station. This makes a nice base.

Carlton Square Hotel

124 rooms to wake up nice and rested in. Discover the versatile Haarlem after a cup of fresh barista coffee at Bar & Kitchen Zocher.


A stylish store where you will find brands that will not come across at the big chains. In a friendly atmosphere you can look around here.


Bierlokaal in den Uiver

With 40 changing beers on the tab it is difficult to choose. Fortunately, the team knows all beers through and through and they are happy to advise you. Cheers!



Interior and utensils from Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Tunisia and Greece find their way to the beautiful shop of Ottomania.


Meneer Paprika

Playing is the most important thing and is central here. In the cafe children can have fun and you will find a beautiful and diverse range of toys.


Parkeergarage De Appelaar

Spacious and very centrally located new municipal parking garage. From this location you can easily reach the city centre of Haarlem.


Parkeergarage Stationsplein

This municipal car park on the north side of the city center is located near the station. The city centre can be reached quickly from here.


Parkeergarage Houtplein

On the south side near the Frederikspark is this large somewhat older car park. There is always a place to find here for your visit to Haarlem.


NS Station Haarlem

This train station is located north of the city centre. Take the exit towards the bus station and walk to the city centre in over 10 minutes.


Parkeergarage Raaks

The largest municipal car park on the west side of the city center is located next to Pathé Bioscoop and within walking distance of pop center De Patronaat.


Parkeergarage Cronjé

This is a cheap parking location in Haarlem, but is located fairly north of the city centre. So you have to have a longer walk for it.



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