Photo MICA Coffee bar in Haarlem, Eat & drink, Drink coffee tea, Enjoy delicious lunch - #1
Photo MICA Coffee bar in Haarlem, Eat & drink, Drink coffee tea, Enjoy delicious lunch - #2

MICA Coffee bar

From Wednesday to Sunday you can go to the cozy and atmospheric MICA for good coffee, but also for a delicious breakfast and delicious lunch.

You can find MICA in De Kleine Houstraat. A cozy coffee bar that feels like a living room. If you sit down, you can choose for a good cup of coffee but also for various types of tea. At MICA you can have breakfast and lunch. Do you choose banana bread, yogurt with fresh fruit or soup of the day? In addition to all this delicacies, MICA also has some small items that you can buy. Mostly designed and made by the owners of the coffee bar.

Eat & drink - Coffee, tea & cakes , Lunch

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MICA Coffee bar
Kleine Houtstraat 103
2011DK Haarlem
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Opening hours
Monday   08:00–18:00
Tuesday   08:00–18:00
Wednesday   08:00–18:00
Thursday   08:00–18:00
Friday   08:00–18:00
Saturday   08:00–18:00
Sunday   08:00–18:00
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