The 17 most beautiful sights and museums to visit in Haarlem

Be amazed by the beautiful Haarlem during a day in the city. Stroll through an inner city full of history and discover traces of the Eighty Years' War and Golden Age. Sit among more than 4,000 monuments, visit one of the many courtyards and see many sights. Haarlem is also rich in museums. Surround yourself with contemporary art, see treasures of science and let yourself be toured by paintings by famous grandmasters. We are happy to tell you which places you can't miss. Save your favorites on your city guide and explore.

blank Photo Molen De Adriaan in Haarlem, View, Museums & galleries, Neighborhood, square, park

Molen De Adriaan

Enjoy the view, looking over the Spaarne and Haarlem. In the museum you will get acquainted with the age-old technique of converting wind into energy.

blank Photo Kleine Houtstraat in Haarlem, View, Neighborhood, square, park

Kleine Houtstraat

Not just any street. The Kleine Houtstraat has often been chosen as the nicest shopping street in the Netherlands. This is thanks to the many special shops.

blank Photo Teylers Museum in Haarlem, View, Museums & galleries

Teylers Museum

The oldest museum in the Netherlands where the public has been welcome since 1784 to look at objects of art and science.

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blank Photo De Hallen in Haarlem, View, Museums & galleries

De Hallen

Modern and contemporary art can be found in De Hallen Haarlem. In the collection, artists take a critical look at modern society.

blank Photo Corrie Ten Boomhuis in Haarlem, View, Museums & galleries, Sights & landmarks

Corrie Ten Boomhuis

This house shows how Jewish people in hiding could hide behind a false wall in Corrie ten Boom's bedroom.

blank Photo Santiago de Compostella in Haarlem, View, Sights & landmarks

Santiago de Compostella

The marking on the street may not tell you much at first glance. But the stripes are the starting point of the pilgrimage to Santiago.

blank Photo Grote Kerk in Haarlem, View, Sights & landmarks

Grote Kerk

A landmark in the city. The medieval church is built in the Gothic style and located on the Grote Markt.

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blank Photo Frans Hals Museum in Haarlem, View, Museums & galleries

Frans Hals Museum

Frans Hals is the most famous painter in Haarlem. The museum named after him shows a selection of his most beautiful and greatest paintings.

blank Photo Spaarne in Haarlem, View, Walk around, Experience


Stroll along the Spaarne past cosy restaurants, characteristic bridges and several monumental buildings.

blank Photo Archeologisch Museum in Haarlem, View, Visit museum

Archeologisch Museum

This museum is very appropriately underground. You will get to know the history of Haarlem through finds from the soil.

blank Photo Stadhuis in Haarlem, View, Sights & landmarks


Located on the Grote Markt you will find the town hall. Admire this beautiful building with the vigilant Lady Justice watching the square.

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blank Photo Grote Markt in Haarlem, View, Coffee, Drink, Neighborhood

Grote Markt

In the heart of the center of Haarlem you will find the Grote Markt. The square is the ideal location to relax thanks to its many terraces.

blank Photo Taverne De Waag in Haarlem, Eat & drink, Diner, Sight, Event

Taverne De Waag

At the Spaarne is perhaps the most famous music café in Haarlem. Musicians from all over the world are still performing here every week.

blank Photo Teylers Hofje in Haarlem, View, Sights & landmarks, Neighborhood, square, park

Teylers Hofje

Thanks to the large pompous entrance, the Teylers Hofje is not really hidden. Since its inception in 1787, the courtyard has been offering living space to lonely ladies.

blank Photo Amsterdamse poort in Haarlem, View, Sights & landmarks

Amsterdamse poort

Since about 1400 this gate welcomes you in Haarlem. It's the only gate left of the original twelve gates.

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blank Photo Museum Het Dolhuys in Haarlem, View, Visit museum

Museum Het Dolhuys

This museum of the mind depicts man in all its facets, especially those who deviate from the applicable standard in the Netherlands.


Fotogalerie De Gang

The Hallway is the old entrance to the Mennonite Church. By means of exhibitions, photographers connect the outside world with the church.

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